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is it possible to make a pure crafter?

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#1 toolazytoplay


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Posted 27 April 2014 - 02:45 AM

i was just wondering ever since i played rose and saw alot of dealers become artisan but still i dont have the courage to ask this ingame so i thought i might be able to get a good explanation or advice if i ask this here in the forums, this could benefit other new/old players...

is it possible to just be a pure crafter? no skills for battling monsters, just all crafting skills, and if one would want to be a pure crafter, what is a good stats build? i know that it will be boring crafting but if you just want to do it for fun or maybe have alot of loots that intead of selling them, you can craft and sell them for much higher price

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#2 thetrangdamvn


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Posted 27 April 2014 - 03:23 AM

Simply get all the craft skills you want and exclude those offensive skills, even at level 230 with all the craft skill you still have some skill points left.
As to me, in order to level, I either as my friend to make a Spear champ or a Mage along to level my artisan, and the artisan would either leech, loot or lure; That should work well until you max.

About stats on crafter, you can go either Sen Crafter or Con crafter, more information about stats, skills,,,etc can be found in this section.

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#3 Nifa


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Posted 27 April 2014 - 06:30 PM

To level, you can leech/loot/lure in a party, or you can go battle artisan and then reset later on. Just get the passives, and you'll have some skill points left over to learn some crafting skills while you're still leveling.


You can go:

400 sen, some con, some cha

400 sen, rest into con

400 con, rest into sen

400 con, rest into cha

half con, half sen


Sen crafter is for getting good substats on crafted items. You'll mainly want to make accessories, reinforced/endowed, back items, masks, good substat on weapons

Con crafter is for getting high durability and success rate. This is for making gems, CG, carts, high dura hardened/darkened/etc. weapons.


I think after having both of my crafters get all of the crafting skills, I still have 20+ skill points leftover.

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#4 MaxMan


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Posted 28 April 2014 - 01:15 PM

i have both max con arti and sen arti and i have all skills for crafting  but as i have seen it kinda dont mater what of thos stats you have i get like abaout same rate of stats on my craft ether way of what artisan i use so for me it dont really mater as long i can craft it all am happy and so yea you can go pure crafter and craft and lvl that way but ofcorse everyone have there own way to do things :) for me i kinda solo artisans up to max :P right now am lvl my 3rd artisan and is curently at lvl 144 :) so happy llving from me :D

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