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Skill Descriptions for Warrior, Berserker and Warlord

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Posted 07 May 2014 - 12:19 PM

Job NameJob GradeSkill TypeSkill NameSkill DescriptionMinimum Character Level
Warrior1stNormal SkillReturnYou can only save your Return Point through Ioxenic Registrars near Warp Gates.0
Warrior1stNormal SkillFighting WillTemporarily increase your Attack Success Rate.1
Warrior1stNormal SkillPower AttackConcentrate your power into a weapon to strike the target with mighty force, inflicting massive damage.1
Warrior1stNormal SkillFinal WrathIncrease your Physical Attack Power.10
Warrior1stNormal SkillTitan's StrikeExert your full strength in an attack with a heavy sword to strike the target.10
Warrior1stNormal SkillChargeCharge into an enemy to inflict great damage.20
Warrior1stNormal SkillArmor BreakerAttack the target to inflict additional damage and decrease its short range defense power for a set duration.20
Warrior1stNormal SkillCourageIncrease your physical attack strength for set duration.30
Warrior1stNormal SkillSlayerA heavy attack that brings the full force of the Warrior unto their opponent.40
Warrior1stNormal SkillTerrorStrike an enemy with terror to throw him into confusion for a set duration.40
Warrior1stDNA SkillExtended Fighting WillIncreases duration of Fighting Will.1
Warrior1stDNA SkillStrengthened Fighting WillIncreases Attack Success Rate of Fighting Will.1
Warrior1stDNA SkillTitan's Strike IntensificationIncrease Attack strength, when using Titan's Striker10
Warrior1stDNA SkillStrengthened Final WrathIncreases Melee Attack Power of Final Wrath.10
Warrior1stDNA SkillPotens DashReduces Down Time for Dash.20
Warrior1stDNA SkillArmor Breaker IntensificationIncrease Attack strength, when using Armor Breaker20
Warrior1stDNA SkillStrengthened DashIncreases Physical Attack Power of Dash.20
Warrior1stDNA SkillStrengthened CourageIncreases Melee Attack Power of Courage.30
Warrior1stDNA SkillExtended CourageIncreases duration of Courage.30
Warrior1stDNA SkillStrengthened SlayerIncreases Attack Power of Slayer.40
Warrior1stDNA SkillAccuracy of TerrorIncrease your Terror Success Rate40
Berserker2ndNormal SkillReckless AttackTemporarily increase your Attack Speed at the cost of decreasing Physical Defense Power.50
Berserker2ndNormal SkillShackleThrow a grapple at the target's ankle to temporarily decrease its Movement Speed.50
Berserker2ndNormal SkillBurning DashSet yourself ablaze, and then rush at the target to inflict damage to it and other enemies in its vicinity.50
Berserker2ndNormal SkillSkull CrasherSmash the target's head to shock it with the chance of paralyzing it.50
Berserker2ndNormal SkillTwo-Handed Weapon MasteryHone your skills in wielding Two-Handed Weapons to permanently increase your Attack Power when using them.50
Berserker2ndNormal SkillWrath Awakening Bolster your fighting will to increase Critical Attack Rate at the cost of decreasing Evasion Rate. 60
Berserker2ndNormal SkillLethal Death BlowPerform an unavoidable blow at the target's vital point to inflict damage and disable Evasion.60
Berserker2ndNormal SkillSoul of BerserkerGo berserk to increase your Attack Power for a set duration.60
Berserker2ndNormal SkillHyper ModeIncreases short range Attack Power by changing to hyper mode for a set duration.70
Berserker2ndNormal SkillCounterattackCounterattack against all skills of enemies according to certain rate with shielding yourself.80
Berserker2ndDNA SkillLong Range ShackleIncrease effective range of Shackle50
Berserker2ndDNA SkillArmor Breaker Intensification IIDecrease more defense while using Armor Breaker50
Berserker2ndDNA SkillBurning Dash IntensificationIncrease Attack Power while using Burning Rush50
Berserker2ndDNA SkillExtended Reckless AttackIncrease duration of Reckless Attack50
Berserker2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Two-Handed Weapon MasteryIncreases Attack Power of Two-Handed Weapon Mastery.50
Berserker2ndDNA SkillExtended Skull CrasherIncrease duration of Skull Crasher50
Berserker2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Lethal Death BlowIncreases Attack Power of Lethal Death Blow.60
Berserker2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Soul of BerserkerIncrease Short range physical attack power of Soul of Berserker60
Berserker2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Wrath AwakeningIncrease Critical rate of Wrath Awakening60
Berserker2ndDNA SkillPotens Hyper ModeReduce Down Time of Hyper Mode70
Warlord2ndNormal SkillDeflectHold a giant Two-Handed Weapon in a guard stance to block long range attacks for a set duration. 50
Warlord2ndNormal SkillMental MitigationFocus your thoughts to a meditative state to cancel negative combat effects cast on you.50
Warlord2ndNormal SkillBear-like StaminaIncrease your Party Members' Maximum HP for a set duration.50
Warlord2ndNormal SkillBugle of CarnageTemporarily increase surrounding Party Members' Attack Power.50
Warlord2ndNormal SkillLateral SlashPerform a spinning slash with a sword, striking all surrounding enemies in one attack.50
Warlord2ndNormal SkillFull Swing SlashFully swing a heavy weapon to attack surrounding enemies in one blow. All affected enemies will then concentrate their attacks on you if they survive.60
Warlord2ndNormal SkillFeast of BloodMercilessly attack the target and enemies in its vicinity to increase their hostility toward you.60
Warlord2ndNormal SkillTerrified ScreamStrike surrounding enemies with terror to throw them into utter confusion for a set duration.60
Warlord2ndNormal SkillShout of Ferocious Tiger Yell out a battle cry to decrease surrounding enemies' short range Physical Defense Power.60
Warlord2ndNormal SkillLand TremorInflict damages upon Surrounding Enemies with massively striking the ground. Get the attacked target paralyzed.70
Warlord2ndNormal SkillOverbearing ClamorMake surrounding enemies slow & disable magic skills with loud cry.80
Warlord2ndNormal SkillShocking CryGet surrounding enemies paralyzed for a certain period with great fear, when shouting a loud cry.80
Warlord2ndDNA SkillDeflect IntensificationIncrease Long Range Defense Strength, when using Deflect50
Warlord2ndDNA SkillDeflect IntensificationIncrease Long Range Physical Defense Strength, when using Deflect53
Warlord2ndDNA SkillBear-like Stamina IntensificationIncrease your Maximum HP, when using Bear-like Stamina50
Warlord2ndDNA SkillPotens Lateral SlashReduces Down Time of Lateral Slash.50
Warlord2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Lateral SlashIncreases Short Range Attack Power of Lateral Slash.50
Warlord2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Bugle of CarnageIncrease patry's Short range physical protection of Bugle of Carnage50
Warlord2ndDNA SkillAOE Full Swing SlashIncrease effective range of Full Swing Slash60
Warlord2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Shout of Ferocious Tiger Increase defense decreasing of Shout of Ferocious Tiger60
Warlord2ndDNA SkillAOE Terrified ScreamIncrease effective range of Terrified Scream60
Warlord2ndDNA SkillLand Tremor IntensificationIncrease Attack Power of Earth Shock70
Warlord2ndDNA SkillAOE Earth ShockIncrease effective range of Earth Shock70

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