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Skill Descriptions for Shaman, Forsaker and Mystic

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Posted 07 May 2014 - 12:21 PM

Job NameJob GradeSkill TypeSkill NameSkill DescriptionMinimum Character Level
Shaman1stNormal SkillReturnYou can only save your Return Point through Ioxenic Registrars near Warp Gates.0
Shaman1stNormal SkillFire BallShoot a flaming ball at the target to inflict [Fire] damage.1
Shaman1stNormal SkillWound CareTreat the target's wound to slowly restore its HP.1
Shaman1stNormal SkillVindictive MindIncrease your fire property attack strength.1
Shaman1stNormal SkillFlame ThrowerAttack the target with a flaming eruption that will also inflict splashed [Fire] damage to enemies surrounding it.10
Shaman1stNormal SkillMana AmuletTemporarily increase your MP Recovery.10
Shaman1stNormal SkillFirst AidGive yourself first-aid treatment, and slowly restore your HP.20
Shaman1stNormal SkillFlame ArrowShooting a burning arrow at the target that will explode upon impact, inflicting [Fire] damage to it and other enemies in its vicinity.20
Shaman1stNormal SkillDura AmuletChant an incantation that increases your maximum HP for a set duration, but also slightly decreases your evasion rate.30
Shaman1stNormal SkillSoul ExplosionSummon a fire tornado around you to inflict [Fire] damage to the target,\nand cause splashed [Fire] damage to surrounding enemies.30
Shaman1stNormal SkillFire GuardShield the target with the power of Fire to increase its resistance power to fire property.40
Shaman1stNormal SkillBurning HellAttack the target with a fire ball that inflicts [Fire] damage to the target\n and continuous splashed damage to enemies surrounding the target.40
Shaman1stNormal SkillFlame WaveSummon a blazing wave to inflict [Fire] damage to the target.40
Shaman1stDNA SkillStrengthened Vindictive MindVincdictive Mind fire damage is increased1
Shaman1stDNA SkillStrengthened Fire BallIncreases Attack Power of Fire Ball.1
Shaman1stDNA SkillStrengthened Flame ThrowerIncreases Attack Power of Flame Thrower.10
Shaman1stDNA SkillStrengthened Mana AmuletIncreases MP Recovery of Mana Amulet.10
Shaman1stDNA SkillSwift Flame ThrowerReduces Casting Time of Flame Thrower.10
Shaman1stDNA SkillStrengthened Flame ArrowIncreases Attack Power of Flame Arrow.20
Shaman1stDNA SkillStrengthened Soul ExplosionIncreases Attack Power of Soul Explosion.30
Shaman1stDNA SkillStrengthened Dura AmuletIncreases Max Strength of Dura Amulet.30
Shaman1stDNA SkillStrengthened Burning HellIncreases Magic Attack Power of Burning Hell.40
Shaman1stDNA SkillLong Range Burning HellIncreases range of Burning Hell.40
Shaman1stDNA SkillFlame Wave IntensificationIncrease Attack Power of Flame Wave40
Forsaker2ndNormal SkillLoa's CurseSummon Spirit Loa from the ground to decrease the target's Movement and Attack Speed.50
Forsaker2ndNormal SkillMagic Weapon MasteryHone your Magic Weapon handling skills to permanently increase your Magic Attack Power.50
Forsaker2ndNormal SkillBlazing WindCast a powerful magic spell that greatly weakens the target's tolerance against [Fire] attacks.50
Forsaker2ndNormal SkillPlague CharmDecrease the target's Melee Attack Power for a set duration.50
Forsaker2ndNormal SkillFire TotemSummon a fire totem from the ground that will inflict continuous [Fire] damage to enemies that approach it.50
Forsaker2ndNormal SkillChaos TotemSummon a totem from the ground that will inflict the Confusion effect to nearby enemies by a certain chance.60
Forsaker2ndNormal SkillMaster of FirePermanently increase your Fire skill damage.60
Forsaker2ndNormal SkillMana BurnDecrease surrounding enemies' present MP.80
Forsaker2ndDNA SkillMagic Weapon Mastery IntensificationIncrease Magic Attack Power when getting Magic Weapon Mastery50
Forsaker2ndDNA SkillAOE Blazing WindIncrease effective range of Blazing Wind50
Forsaker2ndDNA SkillExtended Loa's CurseIncrease duration of Loa's Curse50
Forsaker2ndDNA SkillExtended Plague CharmIncrease duration of Plague Charm50
Forsaker2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Blazing WindIncrease fire property resist of Blazing Wind50
Forsaker2ndDNA SkillSwift Fire TotemReduces Casting Time of Fire Totem.50
Forsaker2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Loa's CurseIncrease Attack speed decreasing of Loa's Curse50
Forsaker2ndDNA SkillFire Totem IntensificationIncrease fire property damage, when using Fire Totem50
Forsaker2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Plague CharmIncreases Attack Power reduction effect of Disease Amulet.50
Forsaker2ndDNA SkillMaster Of Fire IntensificationIncrease Magic Attack Power when getting Master of Fire60
Mystic2ndNormal SkillFire Fairy's ProtectionSummon a Fire Spirit that Increase your Critical Attack Rate for a set duration.50
Mystic2ndNormal SkillFire RainSummon a small fire ball from the sky to strike a selected spot and inflict [Fire] damage.50
Mystic2ndNormal SkillElec NeutralizationInstantly cancels any Electric Shock and/or Slow effects cast on you.50
Mystic2ndNormal SkillBloodlustTemporarily increase surrounding Party Members' Attack Power and [Fire] Attack Power.50
Mystic2ndNormal SkillSummon Healing FairySummon a Healing Spirit that continuously restores HP for Party Members within this skill's range for this skill's duration.50
Mystic2ndNormal SkillHealing TotemSummon a totem from the ground that continuously restores HP \nfor friendly targets within the totem's range. And remove the continuous damage by random chance.50
Mystic2ndNormal SkillBurning MeteorSummons a burning meteor that pierces through the target to hit the enemies lined up behind it; and has a chance of Stunning the enemy.52
Mystic2ndNormal SkillProtection TotemSummon a totem from the ground that will increase the Defense Power of friendly targets within its range.60
Mystic2ndNormal SkillHellfireSummon hellfire on the targeted area to inflict [Fire] damage to enemies within the hellfire's range for a set duration. Affected enemies will temporarily suffer from the Burn effect.60
Mystic2ndNormal SkillBurning MindDecrease surrounding enemies' maximum MP.80
Mystic2ndDNA SkillExtended Healing TotemIncrease duration of Healing Totem50
Mystic2ndDNA SkillSwift Summon Healing FairyShorten the casting time of Summon Healing Fairy50
Mystic2ndDNA SkillBloodlust IntensificationIncrease Party Members' Attack Power while using Bloodlust50
Mystic2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Fire RainIncrease fire property damage when flame shower is used50
Mystic2ndDNA SkillSwift Fire RainReduces Casting Time of Fire Rain.50
Mystic2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Healing TotemIncrease HP recovery amount of Healing Totem50
Mystic2ndDNA SkillAccuracy of Burning MeteorIncrease Success Rate of Burning Meteor52
Mystic2ndDNA SkillExtended Protection TotemIncrease duration of Protection Totem60
Mystic2ndDNA SkillExtended HellfireIncrease AOE duration of Hellfire60
Mystic2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Protection TotemIncrease Physical protection of Protection Totem60

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