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Skill Descriptions for Hunter, Avenger and Ranger

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Posted 07 May 2014 - 12:24 PM

Job NameJob GradeSkill TypeSkill NameSkill DescriptionMinimum Character Level
Hunter1stNormal SkillReturnYou can only save your Return Point through Ioxenic Registrars near Warp Gates.0
Hunter1stNormal SkillHigh ConcentrationRaise attack success chance via concentration for a set duration.1
Hunter1stNormal SkillSighting ShotAttack target's fatal spot. \nBleeding damage is imposed for a set duration.1
Hunter1stNormal SkillQuick FiringGive additional damage to a target with swift firing.1
Hunter1stNormal SkillCapturing Low Level MonsterCapture a wild beast type monster to help you. \nYou can own only one. 10
Hunter1stNormal SkillDouble ShotAttack a target twice with launcher.10
Hunter1stNormal SkillTear Bomb FiringFiring tear bomb to decrease the target's attack accuracy.10
Hunter1stNormal SkillSniper's CoolnessIncrease attack speed for a set duration via coolness.20
Hunter1stNormal SkillExplosion TrapSet a trap to damage a target who steps on it.\nYou can set only one Explosion Trap.20
Hunter1stNormal SkillHealing MonsterRecover captured monster's HP & MP for certain quantity.25
Hunter1stNormal SkillPiercing StrikePierce through enemies via launcher attack.30
Hunter1stNormal SkillEscapingEscaping crisis by making use of the launcher.30
Hunter1stNormal SkillDiversionary FiringDecrease target's moving speed by growing branches with ion.30
Hunter1stNormal SkillMulti-FiringFiring a revenge bullet with launcher to make range damage.40
Hunter1stNormal SkillSmoke Shell FiringFiring smoke shell to decrease the attack range of target and nearby enemies.40
Hunter1stNormal SkillUppercutUppercut with launcher to stun and damage an enemy.40
Hunter1stNormal SkillGuided TrapSet a trap that damages a target by chasing it.\nOnly one Guided Trap is available.40
Hunter1stNormal SkillWeapon UpgradeIncrease the Physical Critical Attack(%) for a while by modifying the Weapon.40
Hunter1stDNA SkillHigh Concentration IntensificationAccuracy increases when using High Concentration.1
Hunter1stDNA SkillSighting Shot IntensificationDamage increases when using Sighting Shot.1
Hunter1stDNA SkillQuick Firing IntensificationDamage increases when using Quick Firing.1
Hunter1stDNA SkillCapturing Low Level Monster IntensificationYou can capture higher level monsters when using Capturing Low Level Monster10
Hunter1stDNA SkillDouble Shot IntensificationDamage increases when using Double Shot.10
Hunter1stDNA SkillPotens Explosion TrapReduce re-casting time of Explosion Trap.20
Hunter1stDNA SkillLengthened Sniper's CoolnessDuration increases when using Sniper's Coolness.20
Hunter1stDNA SkillRapid Diversionary FiringWhen using Diversionary Firing, the skill downtime is reduced.30
Hunter1stDNA SkillLengthened Diversionary FiringDuration increases when using Diversionary Firing.30
Hunter1stDNA SkillPotens Guided TrapReduce re-casting time of Guided Trap.40
Hunter1stDNA SkillStrengthened Weapon UpgradeCritical rate increases when using Weapon Upgrade.40
Avenger2ndNormal SkillDetecting TrapDetect a trap set in the field.50
Avenger2ndNormal SkillDefense UpIncrease the defense power permanently.50
Avenger2ndNormal SkillSpreading ChillFiring a chill bullet to slow the movement of a target.\nTarget's defense power decreases for a set duration.50
Avenger2ndNormal SkillInducing HoneybeeSummon honeybees by making use of honey. The target gets constant poison damage.50
Avenger2ndNormal SkillCapturing Middle Level Monster You can capture other types of monsters, including low level ones, to help you.\nYou can own only one.50
Avenger2ndNormal SkillParalysis Trap Paralyze a target in trap.\nOnly one trap is available.50
Avenger2ndNormal SkillBomb TrapSet a trap that pops up and explodes when someone steps on it. It gives range damage.\nOnly one bomb trap is available to set up.60
Avenger2ndNormal SkillChemical Bomb FiringFire chemical bomb against the target to inlict and lower Evasion Rate.60
Avenger2ndNormal SkillEliminating TrapEliminate a trap set in the field.60
Avenger2ndNormal SkillCapturing High Level MonstersCapture middle and high level monsters to help you. \nYou can own only one.70
Avenger2ndNormal SkillMonster RevivalSummon the recent Captured Monster.80
Avenger2ndDNA SkillExtended Inducing HoneybeeIncrease duration of Inducing Honeybee.50
Avenger2ndDNA SkillExtended Range of Paralysis Trap Increase AOE area and target number of Paralysis Trap.50
Avenger2ndDNA SkillCapturing Middle Level Monster IntensificationYou can capture higher level monsters when using Capturing Middle Level Monster50
Avenger2ndDNA SkillExtended Spreading ChillIncrease duration of Spreading Chill.50
Avenger2ndDNA SkillWide Range Detecting Trap Increase the range of Detecting Trap.50
Avenger2ndDNA SkillDefense Strength Up IntensificationDefense strength increases when using Defense Up50
Avenger2ndDNA SkillExtended Chemical Bomb FiringIncrease duration of Chemical Bomb Firing.60
Avenger2ndDNA SkillPotens Eliminating TrapRecast time accelerates when Eliminating Trap is used60
Avenger2ndDNA SkillPotens Bomb TrapRecast time accelerates when Bomb Trap is used60
Avenger2ndDNA SkillCapturing High Level Monsters IntensificationYou can capture higher level monsters when using Capturing High Level Monster70
Ranger2ndNormal SkillLauncher Weapon MasteryRaise launcher skill to permanently increase the attack strength.50
Ranger2ndNormal SkillPoison Bomb FiringFiring posion bomb to decrease the target's defense power while increasing attack strength.50
Ranger2ndNormal SkillRange ExtensionExtend launcher range for a set duration at the cost of decreasing your Attack Speed.50
Ranger2ndNormal SkillBombingFiring bomb to damage a target and nearby enemies.50
Ranger2ndNormal SkillFixed FiringChange pose for a long range attack. Range increases, but only walking is available and the available attack angle gets smaller.60
Ranger2ndNormal SkillRepairing LauncherRepairing launcher to raise the attack strength for a set duration.60
Ranger2ndNormal SkillHigh-Angle FiringConstantly damaging the target and nearby enemies for a set duration with high-angle firing.60
Ranger2ndNormal SkillStealth DetectionAvailable to detect a target in a stealth mode.60
Ranger2ndNormal SkillShock FiringFiring shock bullets to damage a target.\nTaget gets stunned for a set chance.60
Ranger2ndNormal SkillHead ShotDecrease the present HP with sniping long distance targets.80
Ranger2ndDNA SkillPotens BombingReduces recast Cooldown Time of Bombing50
Ranger2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Poison Bomb FiringIncrease physical attack, and decrease defense of target, when using Poison Bomb Firing.50
Ranger2ndDNA SkillLengthened Range ExtensionDuration increases when using Range Extension.50
Ranger2ndDNA SkillSwift Poison Bomb FiringShorten the casting time of Poison Bomb Firing.50
Ranger2ndDNA SkillLauncher Weapon Mastery IntensificationDamage increases when using Launcher Weapon Mastery. 50
Ranger2ndDNA SkillExtended Stealth DetectionIncrease duration of Stealth Detection.60
Ranger2ndDNA SkillSwift High-Angle FiringReduces Casting Time of High-Angle Firing60
Ranger2ndDNA SkillAccuracy of Shock FiringIncrease success rate of Shock Firing.60
Ranger2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Stealth DetectionIncrease detecting level of Stealth Detection.60
Ranger2ndDNA SkillUpgraded Repairing LauncherDamage increases when using Repairing Launcher.60

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