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Skill Descriptions for Battlemagician, Druid and Elementalist

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Posted 07 May 2014 - 12:29 PM

Job NameJob GradeSkill TypeSkill NameSkill DescriptionMinimum Character Level
Battle Magician1stNormal SkillReturnYou can only save your Return Point through Ioxenic Registrars near Warp Gates.0
Battle Magician1stNormal SkillFairy's ProtectionIncrease defense power for a set duration with the help of a natural fairy spirit.1
Battle Magician1stNormal SkillLightning Chill SlashDamage a target by adding lightning and chill on a magic weapon. \nTarget's movement speed is reduced.1
Battle Magician1stNormal SkillNatural HealingRecover the HP of a party member in range constantly with a natural method.1
Battle Magician1stNormal SkillLightning Chill Throw Making a middle range damage attack by throwing lightning and chill.10
Battle Magician1stNormal SkillAbsorbing EnergyAdd magic on magic weapon for attacks. Some amount of HP recovers when critical attack succeeds.10
Battle Magician1stNormal SkillAbsorbing EnergyRestore the target's HP with holy power.10
Battle Magician1stNormal SkillContract with VilovyTransform into Vilovy with high movement speed.10
Battle Magician1stNormal SkillFlame Curse StrikeEnchant a Magic Weapon with the power of fire; damages and stuns target for a while.20
Battle Magician1stNormal SkillHydrochloric Acid ThrowThrow hydrochloric acid to damage target and nearby enemies for a set duration.20
Battle Magician1stNormal SkillInstant HealingInstantly recover the target's HP.20
Battle Magician1stNormal SkillThrown VineThornbushes grow surrounding the target. It decreases the target's movement speed while effecting damage.30
Battle Magician1stNormal SkillRaging StrikeAdd magic on a magic weapon to attack. Attack strength increases when succeeding a critical attack.30
Battle Magician1stNormal SkillRaging StrikeIncrease your short range attack strength for a set duration.30
Battle Magician1stNormal SkillInvisible ArrowFires an invisible arrow to give additional damage to a target, as well as stun.40
Battle Magician1stNormal SkillMysterious StormFire a revenge transparent arrow to damage a target and nearby enemies.40
Battle Magician1stNormal SkillWave of HealingRecovering yours and target's HP by encouraging.40
Battle Magician1stNormal SkillThrowing WastewaterThrow wastewater against the target to inflict with poisonous damage for a certain period.40
Battle Magician1stNormal SkillWave of PurificationDecrease Continuous Damage cast on you and your target. The higher the level of the skill, the more the continuous damage decreases.40
Battle Magician1stDNA SkillStrengthened Fairy's ProtectionDefense strength increases when using Fairy's Protection. 1
Battle Magician1stDNA SkillStrengthened Lightning Chill SlashDamage increases when using Lightning Chill Slash.1
Battle Magician1stDNA SkillStrengthened Natural HealingHealing effect is improved when using Natural Healing.1
Battle Magician1stDNA SkillAccuracy of Absorbing EnergySuccess rate to recover is increased when Absorbing Energy is used.10
Battle Magician1stDNA SkillStrengthened Lightning Chill Throw Damage increases when using Lightning Chill Throw. 10
Battle Magician1stDNA SkillStrengthened Instant HealingIt heals more when Instant Healing is used.20
Battle Magician1stDNA SkillPotens Hydrochloric Acid Throw Downtime for Hydrochloric Acid Throw is reduced.20
Battle Magician1stDNA SkillPotens ThornbushDowntime is reduced when Thornbush is used.30
Battle Magician1stDNA SkillStrengthened Raging StrikeMagic attack power is increased when Raging Strike is used.30
Battle Magician1stDNA SkillMysterious Storm IntensificationIncreases damage of Mysterious Storm40
Battle Magician1stDNA SkillThrowing Wastewater IntensificationIncreases continuous damage of Throwing Wastewater40
Druid2ndNormal SkillDouble SlashPerform a rapid series of attacks with your weapon to inflict devastating damage.50
Druid2ndNormal SkillTaunting CryTaunt the target to increase its hostility toward you.50
Druid2ndNormal SkillApproachRush forward at high speed.50
Druid2ndNormal SkillSwift ArmAccelerate your Attack Speed for a set duration.50
Druid2ndNormal SkillArmor MasteryPermanently increase defense power.50
Druid2ndNormal SkillContract with InfernoTransform into Inferno, with high attack strength. Mentally immune to Terror.50
Druid2ndNormal SkillRage of BugsGather bugs around the target to damage it for a set duration.50
Druid2ndNormal SkillContract with DoomguardTransform into Doomguard, with high defense power. Immune to Stun.50
Druid2ndNormal SkillStrengthened Skin Toughen your skin for a set duration to increase defense power.50
Druid2ndNormal SkillGiantizingIncrease your Maximum HP for a set duration.52
Druid2ndNormal SkillAdvanceRush forward at high speed.52
Druid2ndNormal SkillSpace ActivationTeleport anywhere within certain range.52
Druid2ndNormal SkillBleedingMaking a constant bleeding damage with certain chance. 52
Druid2ndNormal SkillHeavy BlowPunch an enemy, giving additional damage and stun.54
Druid2ndNormal SkillSwift LegIncrease moving speed for a certain period.54
Druid2ndNormal SkillStorm SlashPerform a spinning slash to enemies nearby, giving damage and stun effect.56
Druid2ndNormal SkillHealing Power UpRecover HP slowly by activating a healing power.56
Druid2ndNormal SkillRevenge TelekinesisAdd magic on magic weapon for attacks. \nAdd a chance of generating a physical attack reflection shield.60
Druid2ndNormal SkillRobbing WillingnessAdd magic on a magic weapon.\nWhen critical attacks succeed, defense power increases for a set duration.60
Druid2ndNormal SkillPromise of TrustCreate a protection shield for you and another target that decreases damage for a set duration.60
Druid2ndNormal SkillCry of WillIncrease Physical & Skill Critical Rate of target & yourself for a certain period.70
Druid2ndNormal SkillGravity UpIncrease magic skill casting time of a target and surrounding enemies.70
Druid2ndNormal SkillStaggering ShoutMake surrounding enemies' paralyzed with shocking cry.80
Druid2ndDNA SkillRage of Bugs IntensificationIncreases continuous damage of Throwing Wastewater50
Druid2ndDNA SkillArmor Mastery IntensificationIncrease Long Range and Short Range Defense Power when using Armor Mastery50
Druid2ndDNA SkillPotens ApproachReduce re-casting time when using Approach.50
Druid2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Revenge TelekinesisReflection rate is increased when Revenge Telekinesis is used.60
Druid2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Robbing WillingnessDefense to short and long range attacks is improved when Robbing Willingness is used.60
Elementalist2ndNormal SkillFairy's CurseBuff that weakens target's properties.50
Elementalist2ndNormal SkillMagic MasteryIncrease your magic attack strength.50
Elementalist2ndNormal SkillSnow BurstInflict strong water property magic damage against a target.50
Elementalist2ndNormal SkillClairvoyanceAble to detect targets in stealth condition within a range.50
Elementalist2ndNormal SkillHoly BlissIncrease yours and target's Max HP for a set duration.50
Elementalist2ndNormal SkillFairy's JudgeInflict strong magic property damage.60
Elementalist2ndNormal SkillMagic CounterattackAttack an ememy by enchanting magic weapon.\nAdd a chance of generating a magic reflection shield.60
Elementalist2ndNormal SkillBliss of FairyStrengthen the magic attack strength of a target for a set duration.60
Elementalist2ndNormal SkillHigh ConcentrationRaise magic strength via concentration for a set duration.70
Elementalist2ndNormal SkillFairy King's ProtectionBuff that strengthens a target's properties.70
Elementalist2ndNormal SkillMind EnhancementRelease Overbearing Clamor and disabled magic skill debuff and increase your spirit[MND].80
Elementalist2ndDNA SkillMagic Mastery IntensificationIncreases damage of Magic Mastery50
Elementalist2ndDNA SkillSwift Snow BurstReduces Casting Time of Vampiric Touch50
Elementalist2ndDNA SkillHoly Bliss IntensificationIncreases Max Strength of Holy Bliss50
Elementalist2ndDNA SkillPotens Fairy's JudgeRecast time accelerates when Vampiric Touch is used60
Elementalist2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Magic CounterattackMagic reflection rate is increased when Magic Counterattack is used.60

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