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Recommendation for Bourg (Stat/Build - Farm/PVM - Gunner/Launcher)

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#1 hancyon


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Posted 27 May 2014 - 07:21 PM

Leave your comment...
Which is best "Stat Build" for Bourg in "Farm" using "Gunner and Launcher" ?

1 - Gunner (Farm PVM) ?

2 - Launcher (Farm PVM)?

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#2 Nifa


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Posted 28 May 2014 - 01:02 PM

Depends what level your farmer is...


Gun bourg: High con, good dex, decent sen. 

Eq: Courage armor and weapon, or rein 25/50 and epic; acc set can just be whatever, valor p7 set or d7, arua p7/d7

Depending on your Eq, you can have less sen and more con/dex for higher AP. Keep your crit rating at at least 50%, if not a bit past that.


Basically you just want high AP and you want to crit as much as possible. Necessary skills: 100% aspd buff, stockpile, all passives. Depending on how many sp you have leftover and if you will have a buffer, the hunters do some nice damage, reflect attack hits kings almost as much as you hit them, and poison skill in bourg tab is pretty good. 


It is a good idea to have a balance between aspd and ap since you will have the 100% aspd buff that you can keep up 100% of the time if you get the unique skill (illusion reflection?). Better to have good ap and good aspd than just pure aspd.


Similar thing with Launcher bourg: you want high AP and high crit chance (keep in mind that crit chance caps at 50%, but the defensive crit on the mob might lower what you think is 50% crit chance to something lower). Secondary stat of launcher bourg is str, so you want high con, nice str, decent sen, and maybe some cha. The cha would be for your debuffs.

EQ: Courage or rein 25/50 and d7. Since launcher attacks are so slow and the skills are very powerful, you want lots of AP/dmg from skills over aspd.

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#3 UziDude


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Posted 28 May 2014 - 11:38 PM

My main farmer bourg is AxeMann, he does pretty good at farming dungeons and Kings atm.


Max Con.

Enough Str. to hold max launchers = 180.

rest to Sen.


That's pretty much it really.  ;)

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