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[Closed] Mspeed on shoes. Bug or intended?

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#1 Graziano


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Posted 03 June 2014 - 05:24 AM

Noticed that the movement speed on shoes not effect the mspeed the way u will think it would do.


For example:


On knight (one handed) i have 765 mspeed without shoes, with shoes (mspeed 36) it will magicly downgrade to 743

On Champion (spear) i have 1033 mspeed without shoes, with shoes (base mspeed 36) it will downgrade to 1011


On Raider (katar) i have 645 mspeed without shoes,with shoes (mspeed) it will go up to 672

On Scout (bow) i have 805 mspeed without shoes, with shoes (mspeed 45) it will go up till 832


These are the classes i tested it on, is this intended?

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#2 jerremy


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Posted 03 June 2014 - 05:27 AM

The movement speed on shoes is kind of .. oddly showed. It is intended, but can be very confusing.

Shoes with a 40mspd bonus is the same as without shoes, this is normally the base value.

Shoes with a 36mspd bonus (this is the standard for all soldier shoes) are base movement speed - 20 (can be changed by the 10% movement speed passive). Soldiers are by design intended to be slower, and as such have slower boots. Makes somewhat sense as well, as you shouldn't be able to run faster by equipping giant steel boots.

Hawker shoes on the other hand are lightweight and improve running speed, as by design intent are the agile class.

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