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NEW UPDATE!, Charm EFFECT Finally Solved (Parody)

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Posted 06 June 2014 - 10:41 AM



New Charm Stat Effects,


Be the Envy of your Friends with this New Charm Stat Update.

Charms People and put them at your Command, you Become their Queen, Get Charm STAT NOW!!..


















The Story how This Happened,


It Started with Character ShadowX, Out of Nowhere he appeared at Zant without any clothes on (Except the White Thing)

and wielding just a Dual Short Sword, He was Like Drunk guy that just came out of a mental Hospital doing crazy things like, looking People in the eye Close range and saying, "Look me in the Eye and tell me you Love me!", and Bragging how awesome his Dual short Sword is saying, "My Sword is So Epic and Legendary, It is not Meant for Mortal Eyes to see, It's so Powerful you'll get K.O just by Looking at It"


Then some weird Dude also took off his Clothes and Used a Short Sword, Now ShadowX was Mad saying, "I challenge you!, There can only be One who Wields this Legendary Weapon and that is me!"


Then Out of Coincidence They Lined up exactly at the same position.

Then there was Silence for a long Time, then Another One Joined!.

Then ShadowX said, "ok Guys don't move, We are one step away from being International Rose GQ Magazine Cover Model"


Then Out of Nowhere an Angel Appeared in front of them (First Angel)

(Story Skipped),

The Angel Left.


Then Another One came, Then one of them said, "This is the Real Angel."


Then ShadowX said "Chicks are Coming I can feel it"


And the Charm Stat had it's effects, Stories Have spread of a Beautiful and Angelic Girl at Zant and they Made her their New Queen.



(Lol Imagine what Dual Short Swords can Do)

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