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Returning Back to Ro2

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#1 SmartAlec


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Posted 15 June 2014 - 04:27 AM

So,basically,i had a lvl 50 rogue when i left for IRL stuff and i guess he had Bapho N gears.So i left in about November(i guess,after the Noel Patch came in) and well,i was thinking of returning back to Ro2.

Instead of seeing the previous forum posts,i guess that someone could answer my questions,i'd be oblidged.

1) Seeing a few posts,i read that raiding Progression is no longer present,like the way we used to do Bapho/PvE N --> Bapho/PvE H --> AOD ---> CoA. Is this correct that this progression is completely obsolete?

2) Seeing some of the Rogue Subforum posts,it seems that we have been nerfed to oblivion after AoV.Now,after i read the Stat balance patch,what is a viable build for my rogue now?

3)Just a general question, Has the Moonlight Dance animation been corrected now?Cuz i remember being animation-locked everytime i did it


4) What is the raid progression as of now or is there none?


5) Now,where is the Rogue in the DPS tier? Because when i remember,we were probably on top or 2nd of the tier.



Thanks In Advance  :thx:



EDIT : Just logged on now to play.What is it with the new interface.Hurts my eyes.

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#2 PandeeChio


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Posted 15 June 2014 - 05:14 AM

1) its totally 100% Grinding game so if y ou dont like to grind e_e dont even try unless you wanna be super duper PvP player altho for best gears you gotta grind


2)Moonlight animation isnt any animation lock and its like a 0,5sec Swirly blades which deals the Dirrect dmg in 1 hit


3)Dps Tier you could say Rogue is at Place 2-5.


But players need classes which can solo easily + Isnt squishy + And can Solo grind easily so Assasin is much better for that since they got OP buffed while giving rogue traits to it


4) The class itself isnt suggested to play since


A) PvP is about oneshotting in 3sec after match start


B)Low damage until you get the best chance you can get in 1 of 100 times and that is screwed when players have too high (Through P2W system) Def + Dmg so your basically steamrolled before you can do anything


C) Rogues stun needs a charge when others already stunned you 10 times before you can use it any your then dead anyways e_e


5) Stat build will be between Agi/STR (Max stats obtainable = 275 > lvl 1-50 = 75 stats + Master level 1-20 (Aka you get better levels to get more stats) = +100 = 175 total + Grindable 100Stats through MAster level system also +20 Skill points (Btw some of your skills like Moonlight,Dual Stab,Mark of Death, Rolling cutter,Smoke bomb has been given double the Skill ranks so they can be much more meanier and more deadly if used correctly)


6) Rogue is a good support to have and is basically 100% relied on getting Crit + Combo Mastery proc to be able to do anything altho there is gonna come a Skill rebalance once at a time so stuff may change heavily but we dont know how,when and Why so thats a big ??


7) Try it yourself but be prepared to lag & stuff since there just been a update to increase level cap to ML30 = aka Lvl 80 also adding 50+ stats to your 275 (If farmed them so thats 325 stats of total to be distributed)

8) e_e srsly try it yourself. Rogues arent considered as tehe best since of the fail system Ro2 is having right now. you can basically think Rogues are Extinct for now :/

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#3 Sirceye


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Posted 15 June 2014 - 02:58 PM

bad time to comeback right now, game so laggy 

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#4 SmartAlec


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Posted 19 June 2014 - 09:04 AM

Well,sorry for the late reply,but yes,i tried it out again and TBH,it was better pre-AoV.Atleast people wanted/could do raids and the server pop has plummeted down to a negligible amount in the past year.
There's only one thing to do now.

*Goes on Hiatus*
*Rants about the Ro2 Staff*
*Goes back to playing Ro1,Total War and AoE*

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#5 chronojxf007


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Posted 16 August 2014 - 04:55 PM

1.) Yeap R.I.P. raiding sequence  :yawn:  :heh:  missed those days at bapho while im still low geared  :p_sleep: 

2.) Got my ML30 rogue in Vanir server, i go for full STR bonus stats, that means i got STR bonus stats of 325? or somewhere like that

3.) Moonlight Dance now better, and it shud be better as "Moonlight Burst" instead of a dance ahh  :heh: why stupid devs still considers it as a dance even thou it is a one-shot atk now  :heh: more deadly if used properly (Combo Mastery appeared while dps-ing >>> Smoke Bomb >>> 130000-150000 damage to poring  :heh:  )

4,) At raiding progession, if u wanna farm GreenSeed Runes in Chaos Dungeon, you are forced to do quests starting from Brygan quests; Raid Party @ farming Cazar weapons at Himmelmez Chamber, 5-man party at Silent Corridor and Assassins Sanctum ~ farm Cazar equips there (drop rate is quiet disappointing, it shud be increased more and/or better make it weapon token system   )

5.) No comment about dps capability, because im not p2w player ~ cant see the potential of a better and refined dual dagger (referring to +20 dual dagger), and we got a pt for Himmelmez Chamber, i got the lowest threat to Himmelmez  :p_omg:  :heh:

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