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Posted 17 June 2014 - 02:23 PM

Download Pegasus Below~



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Posted 17 June 2014 - 04:27 PM

More information about testing on Pegasus, what to look out for and how to report bugs and issues:

New Features

Storage System Overhaul

See here for full details on the new storage system.

Item Binding Behaviors & Trade Restriction Changes

See here for more details about the introduction of new item binding behaviors and changes to a number of item trade restrictions.

Weapon Costuming

Weapon and off-hand items may now be equipped as costume pieces in the costume section of the inventory. A costumed weapon/offhand will only appear when a compatible weapon has been equipped in the equipment section.

For example, equipping a Dual Sword in the costume tab, and equipping a Dual Sword in the equipment tab will cause the costumed Dual Sword to appear visually on the character instead of the equipment Dual Sword. Equipping a Dual Sword in the costume tab, and equipping a Staff in the equipment tab will cause the Staff to be displayed visually on the character, as the costumed Dual Sword is not a compatible weapon type.

Item Refine Glow Painting

The color of an item's refine glow color may now be changed using new Refine Glow Painter items. Colors available to choose from are:

  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Light Blue
  • Green
  • Orange

Refining an item will no longer affect the basic color of the item's glow, but will instead increase the intensity/brightness of the refine glow.

Items that are created in the game after the update comes into effect will now have a white glow color by default. Items that existed before the update will continue to use their original colors until painted a different color using a Refine Glow Painter item.


What To Do While On Pegasus

Test anything and everything that involves interacting with items in some way, directly or indirectly, and report bugs and potential issues as you encounter them, paying special attention to scenarios that cause unexpected loss or gain of items. Note that a character will not be affected by the database update until that character has been logged into at least once. After a character is logged in, items will be updated to use the new item management system, and that's where the significant parts of testing (and potential for bugs) will begin.

Reporting Bugs Found During Testing

Please use the Bug Reporting section of the forums to let us know about any issues or bugs you come across during testing.  Don't forget to put the word "Pegasus" somewhere in the title of your thread so we know that the issue is related to Pegasus rather than the live servers.


What To Look Out For While Testing

Logging into the game:

  • Create Character
    • Ensure character's starting items (Visitor Look, Wooden Sword, etc) are created, and that character outfit displays correctly in character selection list.
  • Delete Character
    • Ensure character is removed from character list as intended without errors after the 24 hour waiting period.
  • Character Selection
    • Ensure equipment and costume combinations display correctly
      • ...before selecting a character for the first time.
      • ...after selecting a character.

After logging into the game and selecting a character:

  • Character Visuals
    • Ensure character equipment and costume combinations display correctly.
    • Ensure costumed weapon appears only when a compatible equipment weapon is equipped.
  • Inventory
    • Drop Item
    • Pick Up Item
    • Consume Item
    • Equip/Unequip Equipment Items
    • Equip/Unequip Costume Items
    • Mount/Dismount Using Mount Item
    • Open Box/Chest Items
    • Ensure items stack correctly when picking up or obtaining stackable items.
    • Ensure items are added, removed and updated correctly from inventory in any case where it is expected.
    • Ensure weight matches up with inventory changes.
    • Ensure items can't be used in restricted zones.
    • Ensure items are dropped to ground correctly when inventory is full, and be allowed to pick up item when inventory has space.
  • Equipment
    • Equip/Unequip Equipment Items.
    • Equip/Unequip Costume Items.
    • Equip/Unequip PAT Items.
    • Equip/Unequip/Stack Ammo Items.
    • Ensure player stats match up with equipment changes.
  • PAT System
    • Ensure fuel is consumed while driving.
    • Drive Cart.
    • Drive Castle Gear.
    • Ensure correct combinations of PAT items can be used, and invalid combinations can't be used.
  • Repair
    • Check NPC repair function.
    • Check Repair Hammer items.
    • Ensure target item lifespan is increased correctly.
  • Appraisal
    • Check NPC appraisal function.
    • Check Re-Roll Hammer Item.
    • Ensure target item appraisal stat displays and updates correctly.
    • Ensure monster drops receive appraisal stats.
  • Dropped Items
    • Ensure that monsters drop items as intended.
    • Ensure monster dropped items can be picked up
      • yourself.
      • your party members.
      • ...not by other players.
    • Ensure player dropped items can be picked up by anyone.
    • Ensure that items disappear when left on the ground for too long.
  • Combat
    • Check armor lifespan reduction when taking damage.
    • Check weapon lifespan reduction when inflicting damage.
    • Use Soul Crystal Item to revive yourself.
    • Ensure ammo is consumed while attacking.
    • Ensure ammo automatically reloads when ammo runs out.
    • Ensure skills that rely on specific types of equipment can be cast (for active skills) or apply to character stats (for passive skills).
  • Disassembly
    • Ensure target item is destroyed as intended.
    • Ensure material items are created as intended.
  • Crafting
    • Ensure item is created on success.
    • Ensure material items are consumed as intended.
  • Refining
    • Ensure item grade increases on success.
    • Ensure item grade decrases on failure.
    • Ensure material items are consumed as intended.
  • Storage
    • Deposit Item
    • Withdraw Item
    • Combine Item Stacks
    • Split Item Stacks
    • Move Item Around Inside Current Storage Page
    • Deposit Money
    • Withdraw Money
    • Ensure Item Mall page limit expands and contracts as needed.
    • Ensure Premium Account can withdraw from Premium storage.
    • Ensure Premium Account can access Premium Storage main menu option.
  • Item Sockets / Gemming
    • Use Drill Items to add a socket to item.
    • Ensure gem is destroyed or separated from item as intended using Destruction/Separation Drills.
    • Add gem to item socket.
  • NPC Vendor Stores
    • Buy single items
    • Buy multiple items
    • Sell single items
    • Sell multiple items
    • Ensure bought items appear as described in NPC store.
  • Player Vending
    • Buy item
    • Sell item
    • Add item to buy list.
    • Remove item from buy list.
    • Ensure item sold to a store cannot be worse than the item being requested.
    • Ensure bought and sold items are as described.
  • Trading
    • Ensure items are added and removed on each player as intended.
  • Questing
    • Ensure items are added and removed from quests based on quest description.
    • Ensure that quest rewards are added to inventory correctly.
  • Game Arena dungeons
    • Ensure item rewards obtained by defeating bosses are added to inventory correctly.
    • Ensure that dropped items can be picked up by group members.
  • Item Expiry
    • Ensure that timed items (e.g. temporary mounts) expire once their timer runs out and cannot be used once expired.
    • Ensure that items are eventually removed after expiring.
  • Item Mall / Premium Account
    • Buy item
    • Gift item
    • Redeem Daily Box Item
  • Lucky Spin
    • Ensure Lucky Spin Coins are consumed when purchasing spins.
    • Ensure items are awarded after spinning.
    • Ensure items shuffle as intended.

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