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Dat Monster Guide

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Posted 07 July 2014 - 01:17 PM

Ok so I'm gonna do a breakdown on Mobs in ROSE.


What are mobs?

Get out.


What should I know? 

The follow chart is the monsters in ROSE in regards to classes. Monsters are set to a class, meaning that certain Character classes perform better against others. For example a Mage Mob will take less damage from a Muse class, then a Soldier.


  • MobSymbol_Basic.gif - BasicNormal attributes.
  • MobSymbol_Guard.gif - GuardHigh defense and hit rate. Weak attack and dodge.
  • MobSymbol_Fighter.gif - FighterHigh magic resistance and dodge rate. Weak defense.
  • MobSymbol_Warrior.gif - WarriorStrong attack, defense and hit rate. Weak magic resistance and dodge rate.
  • MobSymbol_Ranger.gif - RangerHigh magic resistance and dodge rate. Weak attack and defense. Long-ranged.
  • MobSymbol_Hunter.gif - HunterHigh attack speed. Weak magic resistance and defense. Long-ranged.
  • MobSymbol_Magician.gif - MagicianMagic attacks. High magic resistance. Weak defense.
  • MobSymbol_Leader.gif - LeaderHighly aggressive. Weak magic resistance.
  • MobSymbol_Captain.gif - CaptainHighly aggressive. Weak defense.
  • MobSymbol_SubBoss.gif - Sub-BossHighly aggressive.
  • MobSymbol_King.gif - King / BossHighly aggressive. High HP.
  • MobSymbol_Elite.png - ElitesHigh Accuracy. High Dodge



The best known farming method so far is Obviously AoE specs. 

Things to remember when farming with the new system, is you can farm any level mob without the need of medals now. While medals offer a great advantage to drop amounts, they're not a requirement anymore.


Preparing your spot and character.

Do some recon on the mobs you're fighting. 

What type are they?

Do they possess any special functions [like stealth]

Spawn rate?

Is the spawn area Dynamic? If you continue killing, does the class of monster change, like Sikuku ruins spiders changing from Guard to Basic etc.

What items are you farming for and does that monster drop them?


Answer those questions, and prep a good build that fully counters the mob class, and does so in a fast effective method, and your farming will be rewarding.


Other factors come into play later on, but not yet.

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