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High Level Summons Suggestion

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#1 Kazara


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Posted 23 July 2014 - 12:09 AM

Summons are pretty weak at level 90, so I made a suggestion to make them stronger at high levels.  :p_smile:

Summon Kazara change to "Summon Low Class Kazara" (same stats) :




Summon Middle Class Kazara (higher damage) :




New skill at level 90 "Summon High Class Kazara",Kazara is the DPS summon so it should have more damage, like a NM mob (1000-1500 phy attack):



Summon Nastech : Dominator_Summon_Nastech.gif


New skill at level 90 "Summon High Class Nastech", give it a powerful AOE attack :


Change the "summon control bars", I can't see my char with more than 5 summons Lol.

Also, change ennon to level 60 instead of 50.

Waiting for feedback! 

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#2 ThreeTimes6


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Posted 23 July 2014 - 11:35 AM

well a bit more dmg to the pets would be nice, indeed - what I dont get (Ennon from 50 lvl to 60 ???) - for sure is 1 thing a 90 lvl domi with an 77 lvl Ennon (maxed) is just meh. Ennon dies very fast, should be improved....


but to get deeper into the pets abilities : Kazara = slow/phys dmg (fine as it is imo since it have the slow)

                                                                Nastech = magic dmg/self heal (would be nice if it could get some property dmg, maybe fire or curse like its master)

                                                                Lenatore = long range attack/runaway sucker that likes to pull whole rooms that way and likes to lure bosses in the walls  (well does nice dmg from

                                                                                  distance but could get sth else, sth annoying too ^^)

                                                                Ennon = magic dmg/healer for the master (as mentioned above, needs lvl adjustment and should heal the whole bunch maybe)

                                                                Humbaba = phys dmg/stun (should get an update in its appearance - give it a bludgeon to look more powerful ^^) the other ability aside, lazy sin ppl shouldnt know everything about domis ^^ (force them to study that class)


Nastech with a powerful AoE sounds funny but would lead into OPness too, remember the pets are only supporters for the master, not to do the whole job while "sitting-bull domis" can relax on their mounts spamming the pets over and over instead of jumping into the fight




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