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Requiem: Resurrection

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#1 explicid17


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Posted 28 July 2014 - 05:33 PM



End Game Content


  • Arena 5v5
    • change to larger map ~ Armageddon Valley (map is already in-game, just switch it!)
    • only strongest gear allowed
  • Classic Capture the Flag  (person carries flag to their base)
  • SvS  (improve the traitor system so that Trifri players can fight for Nova)
  • Single life Elimination

Pve Mini Games

  • Protect Erunil from a mass horde of mobs and destroy a Mob spawner to win the match.
  • Mount Racing
  • 500m Dash ~ Stuns and slows are allowed
  • Mass PvE raid on a battlefield map with nightmare monsters

Player Houses

  • Create a small Map called Housing where people go and type in a Player's Name to go to their house. You have to gather a bunch of crafting items to make stuff in your house.
  • Make houses horror themed, burning / broken down / bloody
  • crafting items from reducing lvl 67+ gear

(excess armor from daily raid quests will be used for housing and will not affect economy)


Raid Search Feature

(This will greatly help new players obtain gear and lant to start reinforcing, so they can PvP)

  • Ruinhorn ~ 1kk lant + armor / wep box
  • Biskra ~ 1kk lant + armor / wep box
  • Doom Cheras ~ 1kk lant + wep box
  • Lord Werinuman ~ 2kk lant + wep box
  • Jacob Shrine ~ 1kk per boss + wep /armor box from each boss
  • Erunil Tower ~ 1kk per boss + armor piece 5kk from killing Erunil + wep box
  • Altar of Sacrifice ~ 3kk per boss + 1 wep box for killing all bosses

Honor System Vendor

  • Trade in honor points for mall items

Premium Service Revamp

  • +200% Lant from mobs
  • +200% Drop bonus
  • +50% Battlefield points
  • FREE repair costs
  • -90% reinforcement costs
  • free 30 day costume
  • free pet extension



  • Armor recoloring of 85 and 89 Sets
  • Compound armor into costumes
  • Permanent costumes from PvE minigames
  • Capes


Game Mechanics

Daily Quest Revamp

  • Create option to talk to NPCs and turn in quests using keyboard "F" button
  • Allow to pick up quest items using "F" instead of right clicking
  • Faster trigger activation time for quest items, it not fun gameplay sitting in one spot for 10 mins
  • Add 1 more Decayed Body to the level 70 dungeon since there is only 19/20 inside
  • Add teleport to Nova Lux item to the level 70 enchant seller
  • Level 85 quest "Request for More Temperions" you have to relog to turn in

Nightmare time Revamp

  • Rain blood in cities
  • Environmental Disasters ~ Thunderstorms, Tornados, Tsunamis, Earthquakes ect
  • Nightmare time expansion 00:00 ~ 6:00
  • Terrifying Nightmare mobs invade all major cities during NM mode, and drop NM compounds for jewels


Forge Revamp

  • Get rid of Break rate and deterioration rate
  • Get rid of forge events
  • For level 65+ gear;+0 to +10 100% success chance +10 to +20 50% success chance +20 to +30 25% success chance


UI Interface Revamp

  • Black bag spaces like it was in S1;
  • Cleaner look for Skill bar and HP bar (make it see through, or create a bones/blood splatter theme)
  • Redo the Summons/Mercenary Command bar, make it smaller and see through
  • Redo Laucher Screen, make it horror themed
  • Grapics Update(Upgrade to Hero's engine)?
  • More character customization - skin, hair, tattoos ect
  • add character customization in item mall


Easy Fixes


  • Guild Leader Change option
  • Guild bank / house 
  • Create an icon on the map for open world bosses such as Mare Gall
  • spawn Mare Gall every 2 hours in Alban to start guild wars "Avatar of War"
  • skills resets should be free at any time, (especially level 50 when you change jobs)
  • show as "busy" on friends list or guild list while in a battlefield
  • Upgrade the Happy Hour quest rates: 100% exp, 200% lant, 100% BF rewards, 200% drops

  • in game clock that are synced PST time so players can see when a Battlefield starts

  • Pets bound to account, not character
  • Pet option ~ loot only lant
  • Free in game Pets as battlefield rewards
  • create a bag to hold strongest gear
  • Rex Mount upgrades -> free flying mount
  • Make Erunil 2nd form easier to kill
  • Only bind to ET if you kill 2nd form of Erunil (in case of dc while killing 2nd form,very common)
  • Reduction tool should be a permanent feature obtainable through a quest (not a mall item)

Bug Fixes

  • Skill bugs

Item Mall

  • add in-game mount previews for the permanent mounts
  • add permanent Costumes
  • More Cosmetic items ~ Bandanas, Facemasks, Capes ect
  • Remove Reinforce / Enchantment / Compounding items and put into an in-game vendor for lant or PVE or PvP battlefield points

Future Concept Art


  • Add Requiem to Steam! 

How to make a welcoming experience for New Players

  • Make region chat FREE, after revamping premium bonuses

           (so that players in Turba know they aren't playing a single player game!!)

  • create a world chat across the server

  • create a search for guild option, so new players can join a guild right away and start learning basics
  • make all transporters linked to Nova Lux
  • Personal shops only available in  Nova Lux, this will allow low levels to meet experienced players
  • lower the difficulty of RH and Biskra so level 60s can attempt it,

           (currently only 80+ people with high gear can kill it and they have no use for level 67 armor)




After you do these things, re-release it as Season 3 Requiem: Resurrection, to all major MMO sites

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#2 iLoveHelloKitty


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Posted 28 July 2014 - 05:49 PM

good suggestion :) but i think rain blood is not neccessary, just an idea :)

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#3 RoxCore


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Posted 28 July 2014 - 09:56 PM

Some good stuff in it

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#4 BioElesis


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Posted 18 August 2014 - 08:43 PM

agree with dopple ganger... very nice skill but useless by default.

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#5 explicid17


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Posted 13 December 2014 - 12:42 AM

feel free to add suggestions about what cosmetic items you would like to see, or mini-game

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#6 Apollonia93


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Posted 17 January 2015 - 12:48 PM

i love these

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#7 cwilbur


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Posted 11 March 2015 - 11:17 AM

i agree 900% this would make the game BAWSS

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#8 Rafa0109


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Posted 12 March 2015 - 09:10 AM

we have some serious -_-t over here, nice ideas, and if they ever turned true, game would have ppl again, that would break the mith of P2W on requiem, but once again... that might also break the $$$ that gravity wants so bad... or maybe not, with those premium bonus, i risk to say that most of ppl would pay for premium every month.

but hope is something that players have lost a long time ago, at least most players.

but still, the ideas are great, and that would bring the game back to life in no time, im sure of it

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#9 Apollonia93


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Posted 13 March 2015 - 08:10 AM

This will never ever happen.

Any and all suggestions the players provide are ignored, and the complete opposite is usual put in place.

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#10 DeeMike


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Posted 13 March 2015 - 09:03 AM

Game dont work ......

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#11 DeeMike


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Posted 13 March 2015 - 10:03 AM

The development team is now aware on the patching errors and is now conducting further investigations to fix the said problem. For the meantime, there is an alternative way on how to manually patch the game client. In order to do so, please follow the instructions provided below:
2 ways to fix this issue:
Repatching the client:
1. Delete all files on /Requiem/Patches
2. Launch the updater (Run as admin)
*if this process doesn't fix the issue, proceed to...
Manual Force Patch:
1. Delete all files on /Requiem/Patches
2. Extract downloaded files from 
3. Open notepad, then drag the version.dat to it.
4. Change it to:
*NOTE* UserGameVersion=00000678; this may vary on the previous patch update. If it is 00000676.dat, UserGameVersion=00000676
then SAVE.
5. Launch the updater (Run as admin)
Game Fails..

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#12 Sandyman


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Posted 10 May 2015 - 11:46 PM

This Game is indeed in need for "Content"  


But i would not restrict it to the "End Game" or create it special for the Capped Player aka Carus Cow feeding.


Since Ethergia is in need for new Players.


Dev`s did the most things simply wrong. In Regards of a Mysterious Game where you should have the needs to go out for Answers.


Finding your Place in the World of Ethergia should feel important.


Free PB, free Rex a Intro, focusing on OP Enchants,  this is not Requiem. This is generalizing. Dev`s have no Vision or red line for the Game so they

simple dilute it by taking Content concepts from other Games (Mercenaries from Maestia now evolved into Cash Shop Atmas ) did we not had Quest-able Mercenaries already?! your good at sweetening Players only for the sake of CS!


What is a Temperion? for whom he is fighting besides himself? 


Is Etheriga alive? it feels pretty dead even after 7 Years.  What happens when Temperions stop doing Quests for the remaining survivors?


Did we not see Invasions in the Past? Bosses at Nova / Monster Events?


Ya you only need to make a Timer for those to give Temperions back a feeling to be "needed" to give his Existence a simple meaning.


It`s just not logic that Temperions just fight against each other (battlefields) all the Time, at a Post apocalyptic Scene there should be a awareness that all Resources and Life are precious.


But do we see any form of Quest line that has a meaning? what about the Second Job? do we only need a Cash Shop Item to celebrate this Happening?!


Developer think the Game is better than ever. More Fun more Quests more Rewards.


But into my Eyes it`s missing more authenticity than ever


Content that fit`s into the Game without being Cash Shop only - don`t have to be a contradiction.


Example: Daily Quests (restrict only to your PB charge) like: "The Refugees" where you have to guard old Man Laon where we need 


to bring NPC`s from A->B , or transport Equip and Items from A->B. Let us use our Strength to guard and protect or simply deliver Tech from Dangerous Routes. Include Nightmare Areas here...this has Potential to attract new Player and keep em busy. Not your Carus Compound and Enchant Circle of Madness.


How hard can it be to come up with fitting Content?! - We provided  you with Sides that fits Requiem Color.


Requiem is a surviving Game. 


Become aware of your origins stop delivering crap.


Thanks!  :chomok01:

Edited by Sandyman, 11 May 2015 - 01:45 AM.

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#13 ZatoYo


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Posted 11 May 2015 - 11:40 AM

U did have make great job posting your suggestions i wish they became true or atleast some of them:)

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#14 mjwx5


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Posted 05 June 2015 - 06:24 PM

i do not really want to be the one to p^%S on peoples parade here but what we need is balance in class's new servers that do not lagg so horribly more mechanics to fights and more definition between each class.

we need direct pathing for minions and projectiles we need a flag for pvp system so people can go in a building and repair and upgrade without getting raped in the bunghole by campers since triffi is now the only server with a population. ...on the subject of campers we need wider safety zones around grave yards this game needs some major refinement and some of this has been needed since bloodymare these are just a few of the things i have been mentioning for years but nothing was ever done adding all these nice new things is fine but the game needs more core repairs and less adding to the game until it is more playable and people do not disconnect on the last phase of a raid boss that took 2 hours to get to or walk in a battleground and lag out so bad you stop moving.

pimp out your car all you want if the engine wont start or stay running it is really pointless and we need upper management to stop sucking the almighty dollar out of each and every player and start putting into the game what it needs you want feedback on the game but people dont really care because they are not taken into consideration and the game is swirling down the toilet .

take from this what you will troll to your hearts content but these are things that are sorely needed to make this game even half of what it was at its prime

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