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[Guide] How to Earn,Save,Invest Zulies for Newbies.

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Posted 11 August 2014 - 04:53 AM


This will be my first time writing a guide for Rose Online. I've never felt motivated to contribute to the community in this form of effort, however watching my good friend Zurn working on his Hero Quest Guide lately, and plus the questions on this particular topic I've received recently, I felt inspired to do my best to help out. So here I go

*** Note, I am no financial guru so please forgive any inaccuracy of Info and my attempt to this guide is solely based on my personal experience. I've come and trialed many ways of earning Zulies in order to bring up my beloved clan, they have worked well for me so far and I hope these knowledge would serve you well too. Today my clan is self sustainable in many ways and we founded the largest vending clan in Draconis, the AshtenEmpire. ***

How to obtain your own capital, save or invest Zulies? [ For Newbies ] 

There are a few crucial areas that anyone in Rose should consider whenever they are building their wealth. There are no easy ways really, unless you want to depend on Item Mall points conversion to Zulie. ( I will touch on this later on ). For now I will stick to the conventional "Non IM related" method. 

Word of Wisdom : Wealth. Your wealth in Rose Online is not determined by how much Zulies you now own. They take into consideration your Zulies, Assets and Current Income. Someone may give you 1billion now since you are a newbie, but without the other 2 elements, you are by no means wealthy. Therefore always remember this simple equation , Zulies = Assets = Current Income. 

Before I go further into the 3 elements and how to achieve them, here is a list of keywords and their functions that you should embed in mind. Please understand that it takes time and patient to do it, this is how we all came about. 


      7 Fundamental things for a newbie becoming a vendor. 

  1. Discipline. Don't be an idiot, you should not even think about spending the money that you barely have now. Do not be tempted by Nice Costumes and please do not hypnotize your self by saying that "I got it now so that I can resell them later". Keep thinking like that and you are gone. Be practical, and be patient, Zulies will come real soon but not just yet. 
  2. Ability. This is here you have to be wise and think about what you are able to do now to earn Zulies. Always plan within your means of earning Zulies. If you are not ready to farm in Dungeons yet then don't think about it. Focus on how you can earn Zulies by picking up drops and farm on specific materials. ( What the hell are those specific materials?!)  I shall explain below. 
  3. Study/Research. All financially successful players in Rose today have one common trait. They are all well equipped with the knowledge of past and current market rates and therefore be able to make sound prediction for future investment. We have all achieved this through keen study and research on the the prices Selling and Buying by fellow vendors. You should start picking up this habit by hunting for specific materials within your means of farming that are now being actively listed on these vendor's "Buy" tab.
  4. Goal. As a newbie, your only goal now is to have enough capital to start your own vending activity, once you get your business up and going, you can sit back and enjoy the adventures Rose Online have to offer you. Set a goal on your start up capital, I would recommend a minimum of 200-400m zulies. 
  5. Character. Now now, you may want to create an Artisan class and specialize it with CON build. One of the reasons are, you get a discount skill from it. It would help you save as much as you can whenever you purchase from an NPC. In the future, this will be your trampoline to success when you start crafting potions and gems from it.  
  6. Reputation with Vendors. How do we veteran vendors look at you now ? Nothing, you are no one, we don't know you. But how does we knowing you makes any different?  It does. How your friendship is with other active vendors may determine how close or far you are from being wealthy. If you see an active vendor buying something that you are actively farming for now, please don't just go to him or her and blindly sell it to them. Use this chance to leave them a friendly message, give thanks that they are buying it now and helps you make money. Tell them you will be back with more and you would love to supply your goods to them. The word "Supply" beats the crap out of the word "Sell", it shows your confidence and it shows to the buyer that you are interested to form a business relation. 

    Remember that everything you sell to them now are being used to craft better items. Keeping a healthy relation with them now will help you secure a lower price with these specific product when you need them in the future.
  7. Reputation with Players. Players here generally mean potential customers. As you may already know, reasonable price of your items is a must. However, being able to attend to their whispers as quickly as possible also help boost their confidence to you. Always accept their approach in a friendly manner, even if they buy it or not, always end your part of conversation with "Thanks, have a good day". It makes a huge difference , trust me.   

    Whenever you are vending, always make it a habit to station your vendor in the same spot always. Making an easy to remember name for your character helps you more than you think it would. No one likes to remember a lllr0cknr0llz name. You must understand that in the trading world, you want them to remember you ! Buying or not is one thing, you definitely want your name to come up in their mind whenever they think about buying something of your range. I personally have had many encounters where customers came back to buy from me despite someone selling it cheaper just because of this healthy relation with them.

    Conclusion here, you want them to know who you are, where you are and what you are selling.  

    "Don't just leave an Impression , leave a positive Impact."





Once you understood the above mentioned, lets move on to the 3 elements Zulies, Assets and Income I mentioned just now.  

Zulies  ( Without using IM )

Remember now young padawan, we all love Zuls as much as you do and with that said, many would do whatever they can to help themselves secure a good deal try to save more from discounts. Here are a few ways to help you kick start on how to earn/save more zulies. 

1) I hope you have realized by now that without relying on Item Mall, the only reliable way is for your to farm and host those offers of yours through a vendor. So do get prepared and make an Artisan like I mentioned above. Give it a simple but friendly name to remember.  Remember to hit a high level as soon as you can and get yourself done with the Orlo Quest. 

2) I'd recommend you start checking Vendors who sell Gems, these vendors usually have a healthy flow of Materials in their "Buy" list. You would want to select the highest price among them and start farming/collecting the Chemicals, Jewel Chest, Dirty Stones, Dirty Crystals, etc to sell to these vendors. This is by far the best way of you earning some steady and quick money. Patience is important here, I wish you luck. 

3) Sell all your useless Loots to the NPC, but before doing so I'd advise you take a walk around Junon and get familiarize with what are people now Buying. Just so that you make the best out of our loot sales! If you think you found something kinda rare but dont know how much it is worth, do ask any of your veteran friends. ( This is why I said maintain a good relation with other vendors, they can help you in cases like this ) . If you think that you want to give it a try, then give it a try. Vend it and see if something good will happen. It takes some time, dont worry about it not selling immediately and dont jump around changing its prices 10 times in a day . This is normal, we all wait as you have to wait. 

4) Once you made enough Zulies as a start up capital, I hereby advise you to take out half of it and try to arm your Artisan with medium range CON gears. If you saved 200m zulies, you should still have a balance from the 100m allocated for the Gears. Now the other 100m, use it to craft Potions ( Red and Blue ) and purchase some Goulash from Muris. You should have a medium sized shop now with some space in your vendor to host some loots for sales still.  Once you are in this stage, remember you still have to continue selling those chems/materials to the other Vendors to earn the most Zulies. This vendor is a passive way of earning money for you in small numbers, but as small as it is, its still your own business. Study the competitor's prices and arrange yours to be the same as theirs. 

5) When you are ready for some serious hunting, do consider farming on Boss class monsters, they give relatively good drops and you stand a higher chance of selling those drops. I assume that at this stage now you should have made good friends in Rose. Try to get them to farm Dungeons with you, if you can find those Dungeon veterans and get them to take you under their wing then you have got people who put money into your Pocket. The experience you gained in Dungeons are priceless and the drops in there are awesome as well. From skill books to chems , weapons, medals, etc. These are all items you could sell for millions. 

6) Be an Event Item Supplier! Yes you heard me right ! Every Month, Rose Online has its own special Event that happens throughout the game. You should take note of this on the Forum announcement or the Rose Online Facebook Page. [CM]ShazamO will announce those. These events give you awesome items in which you could choose to keep on to yourself or sell them off for some money. 

7) Weekly Challenges ! This is another fun thing to do <3 [CM]ShazamO usually host these weekly challenges, you can find more info on the Rose Forum. There are great Prizes to be won ! You should also check out the Creative Contraptions section of the Rose Forum, we have a weekly screenshot competition there. Upload your favorite screen shot and stand a chance to win a prize ! Guess what? These prizes are a steady way of getting you IM items in which you can also sell on your vendor.

Asset Management
Come on, we all know that we don't wanna be spending our money faster than we earned them. We also want to be able to land some great deals and not get ripped off. Here are several tips for you ! 

1) Get yourself to follow up with the latest IM Points to Zuly conversion rate. Example, how much is 100 IM Points selling for in Zulies now ? This is to avoid yourself accidentally buying an IM item overpriced and this knowledge will also help you make your prices more competitive next time. To find out roughly how much 100 IM now cost in Zuly, do walk around and check the prices of ReRoll Hammers. The IM prices are usually determined by how much a hammer is selling now. 200 IM points get you 10 ReRoll Hammers. So if 1 ReRoll now cost 40m in average ( Just compare the highest ReRoll price and the lowest ReRoll price you saw in Junon and mark the middle of it to determine its average ), we know that the price of IM is now 

  •      10 ReRoll Hammers = 200 IM Points  and 1 Hammer = 40million Zulies.
  •       if 10 Hammers = 400million Zulies 
  •       Therefore 400million Zulies / 2  = 200million for 100 IM Points.  


2) Get yourself familiarize with the different Tiers of status in Rose Online. What are they you ask ? They are the substats you see in gears. Knowing what stats belong to which tier will enable you to invest wisely. Example, if you intend to buy an Item to ReRoll it and then resell it again, you should be well armed with this knowledge. 

Example, I know that the max stat for INT is 20 and I want to get an Oro's Present with this substat on it. Lets take a walk around Junon now and you saw that the INT +20 Substats Oro's Present is being sold at 4b. But the shop beside is selling one with INT 15 in it at 1.5b. If I were you, I'd get that INT 15 and spend some ReRolls on it, because I know it stand a high chance that I'd get INT 20 very soon at a probably lower cost than buying it at 4b. Of course though, the ReRoll hammers speak of luck sometimes, but hey...welcome to the world of Finance, you gotta gamble sometimes, but do so with sound expertise and reasonable confidence. 

Do walk around Junon and look at the Accessories , Masks, Armors, Weapons, Backpacks and take note of their substats. Soon you will be able to recognize their max stats and what comes close to that. You do not have to memorize every single status in every Tier, you should only memorize "What is the max for this stat?" and try to land your money on those close enough if those with max stats are not affordable. 


Basically this section is pretty much the same as the Zulies part. But while I emphasized on how to build your first capital and earn more Zulies in that section, I shall bring it further down to Investment here in Income section.  

Investment ! 

Now what the heck is an Investment ? It sounds cool and you feel cool saying "Well made some 4b from my Investment haha" . Well trust me when I say very few get it done right. More often than not most people are stuck with that item they invested wrongly and had to sell it off at a loss .  

1) Please remember the keywords and the things I have repeatedly emphasized. You must do your research and study on the prices. Only when you are equipped with the right knowledge can you make a sound prediction of the future. 

2) Always keep yourself up to date on the Lucky Spin Costumes. Try to remember what came out in the previous 3-5 months time. Don't buy anything that just came out this month and hope to resell it higher because you probably just bought it at an overpriced rate as well. If you seriously intend to collect some costumes for sale in the future, I recommend you keep those Costumes that comes in Item Mall Boxes and not the Lucky Spins. The Lucky Spin parts will be all over Junon and most people are keeping them for reselling so don't get caught in the same trend. Furthermore the Lucky Spin rotation relies heavily on player's vote and you have no control over their mood swing. Costumes on boxes however are released based on WP's selection and most of the time they are done so according to seasons. So try to find out what costumes are associated with what season/festival/event before planning further. If today is November the 20th, I would call you an Idiot for buying from others a Christmas related set and hope to resell it. Common sense people! Let the millionaire instinct in you comes to life ! :D 

3) Buy & Re Sell. Sounds easy, happens everyday and everyone recommends it. What is this actually ? Its basically buying something at a lower price and then resell it at a higher price. Some vendors are desperately trying to earn some Zulies and sometimes they tend to sell stuffs way below market price in order to make some quick bucks. If you have been following my advise and took up the habit of checking on prices, you would have found something like this from time to time. This is your chance of earning some good Zulies, however, please be extra careful and make sure you are extremely sure about its market price first before determining if its a worthy shot.  

4) Always keep divide your Zulies and keep some of them in the Storage. These are your savings and try not to use beyond what you have on your inventory before you earn enough to cover it. Keep adding some of your earnings into your storage and soon you will see that you've got more than you wished for. 

I can only manage so far, might add in more later on. I believe though, this guide should be more than sufficient for any newbies to have a better ideas on what to do or not. And remember, 

                   "There are no poor people in Rose Online, only lazy people."

How to Invest Zulies [ Advanced Level for Veterans (Without using IM) :D ]  *Added on 10/9/2014


Now guys, please note that this section is only encouraged for players with a saving of at least 4-10 billion zulies, thats 4,000,000,000 zulies. You may try even if you have lesser Zulies than I recommended, the minimum of 4b onward is only for your own precaution.  

Determine your own area of expertise in the market.  There are a few types of market available as your playground now.  

1) Gems  ( Involve Crafting **Only for players with 10-15b of Zulies AT LEAST**  ) 

Approach with extreme caution. Unless you have gathered sufficient number of materials on your own without the need to buy them to start business, I advise you to walk away. This is currently a Rich people's playground. Make sure if you have a very very high CON character, equipped with the best CON gears before you even think about crafting gems. One failure could result in hundreds of millions loss. 

Start by counting how many stocks you have like Jewel Chest of different tiers, Chemicals and Dirty Hearts. Some players uses Dirty Crystals to produce little Gem [1] but this is highly risky unless you have a substantial amount of them gained from farming. Here is a reference for you for a better idea. 
I opened up 1.3k of Jewel Chest 5 and only gained enough Diamond [5] to produce 13 Diamond [7]. Its a sad number but yeah thats the risk we are all taking. For a better reality check, I've spent 20b+ on those 1.3k Jewel Chest 5 alone. 

You may proceed to get into this field if you feel you are ready enough, but I still advise you take extra precaution and not to ignore the risk. Get your own stockpile ready and monitor the Gem market. If you indeed gathered most of the Materials on your own then you are able to sell them a little cheaper than the market price and make some good zulies for yourself. If you have to start a vendor to BUY those materials, remember to do a calculation on how many of each materials you need first and do not buy beyond your needs. 

You can either use everything you saved up to date and make a ONE shot money from it or you can continue to farm + buying materials to keep your Gem shop running 24/7. Although the 2nd part can be very difficult because trust me, you will not be able to farm fast enough to keep a shop running and no one wants to buy from a Shop that only has Zircon [7] in it. You'll understand what I said after you try it. 

2) Item Malls ( Buy n Re-Sell ) 

This is a fun section. Although there are also risk involved but many people have used this and have been successful in their building their fortune. Try to look around other vendors, there are some of them who specialize in buying these IM Items for the purpose of reselling them later on. 

Please take note though, not every item receive the same level of demand as the others. I'd advise you keep away from Buying ( Fortune , Trainee , Tele tickets, JellyBeans, Boosters ) for re-selling. The reason is simple, these are the most common reward given from Item Mall Gift Boxes. These Gift Boxes cost around 200IM averagely and contain lots of other items. Players usually buy them in large numbers hoping to get what they need. Example now would be the  "Back-To-School Box" . There are too many of them in the street now, they are almost worthless. Items like Gender change, Testimonials, Job skill resets, saloon coupons, Re-Roll hammers are a good bet. 

Monitor how much are the other vendors Buying them for , then set your Buy List according to your budget. Most of them are buying in huge amount but you do not have to follow them in that. Just buy slightly higher than their price but keep your buy Amount significantly lower than theirs. This is enough for them to ignore you when they see that you are only buying 1/4 or 1/3 of their buying portion. Avoid competition at this stage. 

Try not to Buy and then Re-Sell the same items on the same vendor. You wan't as less attention as possible now, trust me. Buy them in one vendor, then Re-Sell them in another. When you Re-Sell these items, keep your prices a little lower than those whom are also selling it. While you do it though, remember to keep your selling amount lower as well. Let them feel that you are only selling 1/3 or 1/4 of their total amount and your business is no threat to them in the long run. Again, avoid attention, you just want those who sell and buy from you feel that they have a good deal.

Example - : 

Your Vendor BUYING  -
Job Skill Reset : 3 Numbers
Price : 230m 

Other Vendor BUYING 
Job Skill Reset : 10-15 Numbers

Price : 220m


Your Vendor RE-SELLING - 
Job Skill Reset : 3 Numbers
Price 350m 

Other Vendor RE-SELLING - 
Job Skill Reset : 10-15 Numbers
Price 370m

3) Scavenging ( My favorite type, shall explain later, involves Buy n Re-Sell ) 
This one is fun to do <3 and my personal favorite. Although to get into this type you must already own quite an amount of wealth. Now how much is enough ? There is no figure to say how much is enough it is really determined by you and how much you feel is enough. 

In this part, all you need to do is to love shopping. Walk around the Vending streets 2-3 times a day and check every vendor. Ask yourself what are some of the things you like and go look for these items from the vendors. Compare its prices when you find things that you like and try to make out a simple math of their average price in the market now. Please do not buy them immediately, you should at least spend a few more days to understand the market flow and some vendors may sell them even cheaper but they could be offline now, so please wait a few days more.  

Once you get your statistics ready after a good few days of monitoring, proceed to buy them ( Only do so if you have a very high confidence that these items could worth more in the future when you re-sell ) . To get such confidence tho, I did not mean hypnotizing yourself and foolishly convince yourself. I meant you should have already done the studies of when was these items last released and if there is any chance that the GM have announced or hinted that they will be returning soon in the future. Once you are comfortable with the level of info you have, then yeappp proceed to buy them. Wear them around for fun if they are not "Lock on equip" and Re-Sell them again many months later to make some money. 

Note that this is not a quick process where you will see zulies soon but its a fun way if you already have enough zulies to go by comfortably in Rose Online. 

4) Barter System ( Trades ) 

Thats it from me for now guys, I hope it helps you !  

  Valakas / Vhen [ CM of AshtenEmpire
  Published by AshtenEmpire Clan of Draconis.


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Posted 11 August 2014 - 05:03 AM

Cool guide val :) Darn helpful!

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Posted 11 August 2014 - 06:06 AM

nice, well done  :p_idea: 

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Posted 11 August 2014 - 08:17 AM

Bump for good guide :)

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Posted 11 August 2014 - 09:48 AM

Very nicely done! I would mention that certain quests, such as the Krawfy Quest on Kenji beach, pay pretty good, and are repeatable. Also, pick up those zulie boxes, you might not get a lot of zulie in each box, but they add up. If nothing else, they can pay for your needs, keeping your profit margin up.

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Posted 11 August 2014 - 10:21 AM

Great guide! The only other thing I would mention is for vendors to be familiar with the new trade restrictions, especially the upcoming last stage where IM and event costumes will be affected. If they plan to buy items solely to sell them it won't be an issue, but if they decide to try them on first, they will have to unbind them before selling.  


I think this guide should be pinned so new and/or poor people can find it easily and get some tips for making zulie.

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Posted 11 August 2014 - 07:41 PM

Very nicely done! I would mention that certain quests, such as the Krawfy Quest on Kenji beach, pay pretty good, and are repeatable. Also, pick up those zulie boxes, you might not get a lot of zulie in each box, but they add up. If nothing else, they can pay for your needs, keeping your profit margin up.

I had thought about this one, but didn't have the energy to continue. I will find more time to insert more into it though, thanks for bringing this up anyway  :p_smile: 

To all of ya, thanks for the support ! <3 Hope this gets pinned up for others to find it easily next time. 

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 10:14 PM

I really had a nice read there.


Thanks for the work, I admit I really agree on basically the whole guide here... (ok you don't need my approvation ahaha... but oh well, being an oldie I wanted to say...)

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Posted 24 April 2015 - 01:32 AM

I feel like I should read this. 

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Posted 24 April 2015 - 08:03 AM

I feel like I should read this. 

You can if you want. Although this guide is not up to date, but I took into account that the market changes from time to time. So everything you read above are pretty much fundamental stuffs which are applicable still. GL.

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Posted 01 September 2015 - 08:58 PM

This point was probably addressed, If you overprice your items too much, people might make a note of your shop and start to ignore you. I hate wasting time looking at overpriced items.

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Posted 04 December 2015 - 04:30 AM

I'm always tempted to buy cute costumes ughhh :(

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Posted 04 December 2015 - 05:13 AM

@achibea LOL  :heh:

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Posted 15 January 2016 - 12:47 PM

I love this guide! It's so hard to get into the zullie earning if you're a new player. The inflation is crazy and the amount of billions you need for certain things is crazy as well.

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