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Legend of Combo with Marksman

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#1 ProtoSlayer


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Posted 29 August 2014 - 02:10 PM

Hey guys,
how can i get Legend of Combo? At which place can i get it the best and with what skills=


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#2 Kissbora


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Posted 05 September 2014 - 07:05 AM


Depends a bit of what lvl you are, I was lvl 52 when I achieved my medal in God's Sanctuary.


I used lvl 20 weap but broken, so I can get as low atk as possible, don't use any items which gives you atk.


The reason why I used lvl 20 weap and not lvl 1 it's mostly because I'm a big fan of Two Action Shot skill which gives you

a high range of contact against the enemies and there is a probability of 80% that you can get not 1 but 3 combos per shot if your Two Action Shot is a higer lvl, so keep that in mind + the damage is okay.


One important thing is to NOT USE chain combo, press K>Chain combo>Unmark the 'Extended chain combo'.


You might lose your combo since the chain its hard to control especially when you try to move.


Also Rising Arrow it's a must have, launch the enemies in the air then hold the Spacebar button from your keyboard as much as you can,

so you will get more combos, watch out for the enemies, most of them can shot projectiles which can ruin your combo if you're not fast enough to bring it back.


Another important skill is Gatling Rush which can go up to 11 combos per enemy, so if you are hitting 3 enemies for example the combo

will increase with 33, more mobs more combos.


This is what you mostly need, I'm also using H.E Grenade and Multishot just to mix up things a little bit but you dont have to follow me.


In case of emergency!


The most common emergency: out of potions.


Or maybe a bit of lag.


Use Autoshot System, it is good to keep the combo up event if you are not attacking the enemies.


So you can message someone to mail you some potions because a trade would take too much, I think it's possible but you have to be fast and your Autoshot System will have to be a higer level as well for a longer duration.


I've also benefited of the Adrenaline skill which gives you a higer attack speed, very useful.

Also Adrenaline Booster(Guild skill only).


But as a marksman you don't really need it, only if you want to rush the things a little bit, but be patient, 10.000 combos requires time.


I suggest a decent lvl because not all the maps are good for a combo place.


If you are lvl 20 only, go up to 25 at least and try in Bearded Whale Coast.

If you are lvl 30 or almost there try Steven Trading Port.


I won't give another examples simply because I am not a mind reader and I have no idea what do you prefer, this is just my opinion.


Try to find a map that fits to you, you have to enjoy the map and what are you doing.


So one more time:


Low Attack, NO chain combo, air spam as much as possible.


In the end I want to wish you good luck and have fun playing! ;)



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