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Breakable BG Weapons

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#1 AlmrOfAtlas


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Posted 26 September 2014 - 01:33 AM

I'd like to entertain the idea of removing the "indestructible" flag from battlegrounds weapons.


Destructible weapons are an integral part of player vs player combat in RO. The fact that weapons can be damaged and rendered unusable adds a nice little layer of complexity to fighting another human, not knowing whether the enemy has at their disposal a way to render you helpless and force switching to another weapon, possibly less suited to the fight's circumstances.


Prior to the implementation of these weapons, making your stuff indestructible required a trade-off; whether it be the materials required for FCP, using up a card slot, using axes (which all suck and 2h means no shield) or maces (most of which just generally suck) you couldn't 100% ensure your weapon's safety without paying for it somehow, which made the use of such things more thoughtful. In today's player vs player shenanigans, there is no "trade-off". Battlegrounds weapons are extremely easy to acquire due to Flavius farming (only 2 players actually need to be active to farm it), and not only do they provide indestructibility, they're also some of the best PvP/GvG weapons in the game (due to their large demihuman bonuses they're also default weapons for certain PvM areas)... and they're FREE! You don't need to burn supplies, kill dangerous enemies, or even play for an extended period of time. It's quite possible to accrue 100 badges, and your indestructible, endlessly farmable, cheap to refine BG (they're Lv3 so probability dictates that around 3 out of 5 weapons you refine will hit +7) weapon, in 20mins of "work" with a good team. As you would expect, the server is absolutely saturated with them, and GvG alts given to weekend warriors are 99% of the time geared ONLY with BG stuff due to how stupidly easy it is to get them, and the fact that they're account bound and so can't be pinched.


Don't get me wrong. The indestructibility used to be understandable. BG Weapons used to be difficult to get due to BG itself actually being competitive (theoretically) and rewards being much lower per completed run. This is no longer the case.


Besides, RO isn't all about killing. Rendering a player helpless, unable to deal significant damage, make use of weapon bonuses, or even use weapon-specific skills is as much "death" in a heated guild fight as killing them, but this aspect of combat has been taken away and with it the viability of many other gears, cards and skills designed to break -_-.


If no consumables, no external buffs PvP ever became a thing (and why shouldn't it be since players can't be trusted to adhere to rules), destructible BG weapons would make it a hell of a lot more interesting too~


Please discuss!


Also feel free to discuss how god damn cheap and plentiful glistening coats are.

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#2 Viri


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Posted 26 September 2014 - 09:02 AM

It would be impossible to keep up with no external buffs. I was always too lazy and would hide my buff slaves in the pvp room. They'd die every 30 minutes or so even with people looking for them.

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