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New Gem King Drop List - Work in Progress

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Posted 27 September 2014 - 10:25 PM



Crowned Asper King:

Glaring Hyalite Trilliant (Heal power Shield)
Glaring Sassolite Briolette (Mute resist Face)


Grand Master Devourer:

Glaring Mesolite Round (MSPD BackShield)
Glaring Palladium Baguette (Pierce Magic Arms)
Glaring Hyalite Pear (Heal Power Head)
Glaring Mesolite Oval (Mspd Accessory)


Poisontail Scorpion King:

Glaring Platinum Baguette (Pierce Defense Arms)
Glaring Gypsum Round (Summon Gauge Shield)
Glaring Melonite Round (Increase MP Receive Back)
Glimmering Melonite Round (Increase mp Receive Back)
Glaring Studite Brilette (Stun Resistance Face)
Glaring Hopeite Cushion (Received HP Effectiveness Body)


Archaic Mastyx King:

Glaring Hopeite Cushion (Received HP Effectiveness Body)

Glimmering Hopeite Cushion (Received HP Effectiveness Body)

Glaring Mesolite Asscher (MSPD Foot)


Giant Fiery Snapper:
Glaring Melonite Round (Received MP Effectiveness Back)


Desert Scavenger King:
Glaring Citrine Marquise (Critical Damage Weapon)


Terrasaurusrex King




-Work in progress, Ill move onto Xita when I feel Orlo is finished. Anyone who wishes to contribute to this on going list, the help would be greatly appreciated to Rose.

9/28/2014 last update

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