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New "Card" item (like in Ragnarok Online)

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Posted 03 October 2014 - 03:06 PM

The idea is pretty simple : each monster have its own card, wich would drop at 0.01%. Cards dropped in the beggining of the game would be weaker than the ones found later in game. Effects could be anything, atk +1, def+1, casting speed+1% etc. Boss monsters would have stronger effects such as : atk +50, immune to stun, all proprety resist +30%. Boss monsters could have *godlike* cards, wich would be so hard to get anyway (at 0.01% drop, needing to wait 1 week for unbound or using reset). Cards could also give skills, like : lvl 3 heal, lvl 1 shadow runner, lvl 3 Lightning chill slash etc.


I think it would be a good idea for several reasons :


-Higher level characters (and everyone as well) would farm everywhere in the whole game, to get cards. The population will be scattered everywhere.


-The cash shop could benifit from this system, like : uncard xeon, card drop bonus, etc.


-There would be a lot of new build possibilities if cards are added, and if done properly, rogues could use magic, templar could use melee !


I'm pretty sure there's tons of points I'm missing, any thoughts ?



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