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Shield problem & Stun <<<<<<

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Posted 21 October 2014 - 01:05 AM

Hi ... sorry for my english very bad
I've got some suggestion


1).. some time in combat is realy hard for everybody to change weapon from sword and shield to two-hand-weapon or other

a problem here is shield ...everybody need Press + C + click to shield + move mouse and remove it ... and now they can chose weapon want to change
it make 3-4s .. but 3-4s in combat is every long time ... but some time they need to change back to shield and sword is waste 3-4s more
we need make it more easy for the game is more type for build class and more plan in pvp or pve


2)...  most class in game is have a stun skills with high Success , some of that realy more time ...never have a chance for weak player or 2 vs 1 because they stun all of the time

we can make it better... if someone attack the player getting stun the stun time will reduce . if they attack as much the stun time will reduce as fast
they will use skill with a plan ... not just spam at all

they can use stun skill for -kill- for -run- for -hide- for waiting strong skill ready to use or help party member and guard support.. by stun or fear skills


if we fix that the game is more balance noone is best class ... and player get stun or player stun is got the chance ... they die because more damage to get not for stun all time

this just a  suggestion ... this game is great for me
Thanks and Regards

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