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Character transfer from Trifri to Nova, does it exist?

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#1 adanedel


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Posted 23 November 2014 - 07:09 AM

Hi all


I recently came back to Requiem after almost 2 years brake. The first thing I found out is that my existing characters are on a new server where PK is allowed. As far as I can remember I was playing on a non PK server 2 years ago. So it seems the game had a few things changed.... There's that, but who in his right mind does server merges between PK and non PK servers with existing database of players and doesn't even offer the choice to the player on what type of server he wants to be moved..????? Whatever... it seems that I have to be grateful that Requiem even exists nowadays, after reading tons of posts in the forums. So here I am with 2 characters lvl 69, freshly overhauled with whatever warpportal found needed (not a bad choice I have to say), with no idea what to do next, do I pickup from where I left, which skills work, are there still skill bugs, what about dungeons and raids?? there was nice PvE when I was actively playing 2 years ago... maybe I should go check the lvl 45 dungeons first.. get to know my characters again...oh wtf is that... ah my character is dead, onehited by a rogue...ofc I am now on a PK server and max lvl is 80 - 90 ... something like that. Ok lets revive and try again.. after all I was just moving out of town... nope rogue was waiting for me at the respawn place to just onehit me a few more times. OK seems people on this server like to mindlessly kill each other for whatever reason... I guess I will have to look it up if I can transfer my characters to the "new" PvE server. Back to the forums - ok it seems they have the same service still, transfer characters between game accounts, peace of cake. But what do I see - the servers are still the old ones, no Trifri or Nova... and the transfer costs a good 10 euro or so. Ok I'm willing to pay, just to be able to play my characters normally again... but how do I do that???


So here is finally the question:


Can I transfer my existing characters from Trifri to Nova and how do I do that???

Couse the Valued Services is screwed up, and the support page stays frozen every time I try to login for support...


Dear Warpportal please help me solve this issue, I am willing to pay for....


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#2 Apollonia93


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Posted 23 November 2014 - 07:29 AM

No you cannot transfer any more. Feel free to make a new toon on the pve server, though it is currently a ghost town
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