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Monk and Wizard which is better? PvE?

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#1 Happiness2k15


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Posted 11 March 2015 - 02:13 PM

So I don't really know what 2nd class to go for Magician. I only saw some posts that told, Monk is majority of Healing, and Wizard has more attacking skills(no heal). So in your opinion which class is:

-more fun to play?

-good at PvE?

-best suited with OR without party?


Thank you

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#2 Nobbye


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Posted 11 March 2015 - 02:31 PM

My main character is sorcerer (wizard). Wizard indeed has more attacking skills, but also have 2 healing skills; slow heal and self heal (not so useful at high lvls). So

  • more fun to play: sorcerer (just my opinion ofc :Emo_12:), because
    • more skills to use, monk (invoker) makes dmg mainly with x-atk 
  • good at PvE: both
    • both classes can solo pretty much everything (except Elga as sorcerer)
  • best suited (in PvE)
    • with party: Im going to say monk here, because of its heals and high single-mob dmg (like bosses)
    • without party: both, because both classes can heal and have high survivability
  • boss: monk (invoker), because
    • monk has one of the highest single mob-dmg with x-atk
    • wizard is good with many mobs because it has alot of AoE skills


Only my opinions, other people may have differ point of views. Hope you get started with this  :thumb2:


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