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Needing help with working Build for SINS!

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Posted 24 March 2015 - 08:48 PM

Hellow everyone,


Im a old player of this game, and im backing for to play again and i tryied to find some new builds or skill calculator for this new version of the game, but couldn't to find. 


So guys, im here asking for new opinions and new visions for this assassins class. If you can give me a hand with new working builds, plz, do it, you gonna helping me a lot. All that i need is informations about build and equips.


Best regards and thanks a lot.

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Posted 25 March 2015 - 02:18 PM

Hi and welcome back in ReQQ ! :no1:


first : i reply to this topic in order , i hope, to help you a bit but i am more specialist about fighting sins than playing it :p_devil:


there are links for a skill calculator in theses forums, but as i am quite a noob at using it in an optimal way , i can't assure you where to find it even with the search options. hope some will be more helping about that.


about the build , as you may remember sins are the " heavy dps one by one" type ( AA- Auto Attack)...unless you play more SS ( Skill Spamming) what is said "noobish"  by many. ( mixed is near being considered the same way. :p_swt: )

most of the sins IG play AA , and use slow skill second job (sorry don't have the name in mind right here), stealing weapon, soccer kick , brutal scud , home trust, dash skill and retreat skill , stealth of course. buffs are the quick attack and the deadly cry added to fortitude. i would say max all theses skills for AA and you will still have some points to dispatch i think but as i said , i am not a real sin player even if i tried it a bit and fought it a lot :heh:

for the gear , trinity weapons (duals sword and Xbow) have OP damages, and the set nightmare 89 for sin can be very OP i think (dropped on a boss called Mare-Gall).


i would have a lot more to say , even as a non specialist and i use a lot of shortcuts here . in fact , what i even start to write was turning to be very "bigger" , but :


-i had a big day work ,

-you would end tired and bored to read all i would have to write

- some specialist would give after more specific infos on the numbers of DNA/skills points where and why...same with gear, making my post a redundant ,less helping one.


hope to have help you at last even a bit ( at not feeling alone at last :heh: )


don't hesitate to join some active guild and ask assistance and answers in game too. and sorry for my fluctuant english :p_laugh:


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