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Soulmaker DPS? Hybrid? Stat/Skill?

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#1 Aviirus


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Posted 25 March 2015 - 10:41 AM

I really planless right now. I found this Guide: Soulspanker. But now i don't know where i have to put my points on. Full Vit?, Full Agi?, Full Int? or Half/half like, Int/Agi, Agi/Vit, Int/Vit

Soulspanker Build:

So which skills i have to MAX (from Noel to Soulmaker) i want good dps with good damage output (for a basically support class)... really hard to explain :D sorry

Little INFO: I'm not interested to PVP, i prefer more PVE Grinding making MONEY and Raids/Party <--- Thats my play Style

Edit: http://webjunkiesblo...ragnarok_7.html <--- Should i go Hybrid or Full support?

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#2 HokaHoka


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Posted 25 March 2015 - 07:13 PM

My two-cent:


1. Choose only one DPS skill: Mental Breakdown or Soul Extortion. I recommend Mental Breakdown since it lets you fully control the skill unlike Soul Extortion which is uncontrollable.

2. Max the OP Cure. This is the key.

3. Max all party buffs, but isn't it obvious?

4. Max Sacrifice, SM's transformation (I keep forgetting the name), and Immunity.

5. Max all Soul Links. If skill point is the issue, max only Devotion and Concentration. However the links themselves should be maxed imo. What's a soulmaker without links?


How to play as a Soulmaker:

Basically just link and Cure your party members while helping in DPS. When you inflict a critical strike, it activates the buffs from Soul Links.


If you're up for a challenge:  try DPS-ing while making sure your Cure is always active! Now that's what I call a true Soulmaker, not a mere Cure slave.


Have fun and good luck, Virus~.

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#3 Ihrin


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Posted 03 January 2018 - 02:36 PM

muahha im trying to build up a DPS-SM too! il post inhere whatever i reach with it xD! think ill just max out int, it only gives 2MP, but... the other option was agi runes, whch only gives +1 critical each one, so,  jsut decded go full int u.u, on honing i think ill try to get the vit + int, maybe in a way of luck, some crit too, doe restoration lands as critical? well i have to test it!

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