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pvp build for monk 2015 ^_^

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#1 SherlockHolmes01


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Posted 12 April 2015 - 01:25 AM

anyone have suggestion for a pvp monk?  thanks

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#2 Greven79


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Posted 20 April 2015 - 10:53 AM

Yes, simply choose another class.



Honestly, I mean it.



I'll guarantee you that you won't get happy with this class.





I argued with many players who complained about how broken monks are, but you can just look at the general class statistics to see that none of them sticked to it for that long. Now, if you really want to play one and didn't just read the wrong pages claiming this class to be powerful, I can give you some advises:


Skill build


Iron Skin is useless once you refined your gear and since your focus will be on an occational G-Fist, you don't realy need the Raging Blow. If you want to, you could skip the AoE and use these skillpoints elsewhere. I leveled Taunt to still be able to lure.


In regard of stats & runes, it's not that easy. Personally, I prefer AGI. Having more VIT is surely helpful sometimes, but neither the additional HPs nor the additional defense will help you that often. Assassins & Knights can one-shot you anyway, Priests can stun you, Crecentias will DoT you and run away and Soulmakers probably maxed their PvP damage reduction that they can't be one-shotted and be quite invulnerable thanks to their Cure. And in most of the cases, it will be unfair fight anyways. So I rather hope to dodge a few attacks. And the additional hit helps to lower the frustration about a G-Fist miss.


For hones, I prefer PVP damage increase and Vigor. Despite their defense, monks are more a kill-stealer class, best played from the second row. You'll usually wait for your G-Fist to cool down, building up charges with Throw Spirit Sphere and then attempt a G-Fist or double G-Fist against singled-out targets. If that attack isn't deadly, you better start looking for a different game.


And once again:

A G-Fist isn't that great as it sounds. Opponents see you coming from miles away and you still have to be uninterrupted for at least 5sec~8sec to finish your combo (and you have to hit of course). So it's really, really not a common case in PvP. You'll be probably stunned or DoT'ed in between or you'll simply have a lag. And no matter if you were successful or not, you won't get another chance in the next 40sec (single G-Fist) or 80sec (double G-Fist).


So I can only repeat myself once more. If you haven't leveled your character that far, start another class.

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#3 Tenderloin


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Posted 21 April 2015 - 07:02 PM



Monk is the strongest , never lost againts another class , you need overpower buff pot/food/vip/SG/nornsbless/ and lvl 35 with full vit , 40khp++ max def and powerful one hit finisher, assasin and rogue is dangerous if using SG and Ymir make sure they not going to final



priest overpower stun & dot kill you, crossimpact/grimtooth + ymir can kill you one hit , bash full eddga knit with Power 30++x2 can kill one hit , maybe if dot ,bt, and penetration nerfed monk is the strongest PvP class



Monk is useless , siege slave until the end


Skill Build



IronSkin max for Colloseum , not useless skill i think


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