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Help with gear/skills/stats for once my Knight is max lvl

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#1 MaxTheDragon


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Posted 10 July 2015 - 05:51 AM

Hi there. Now that I've returned to ROSE, my main character who is currently a Lvl 172 Knight is going to be trained to max lvl (230).


Once he is that level, I'd like some advice on what stats, gear, and skills I should pick. It's been quite a few years since I've played and back then I never got into optimising stats much, so forgive my noobness. :P


I tried to look up some guides here and elsewhere online, but it seems they're either outdated (most from anywhere between 2010 and 2014) and other builds don't seem to exactly match what I'm looking for.


Here's some of my preferences:


- I'm not really into PvP, so the build should be focused on PvM as much as possible.

- I like playing a Knight wielding a 1H sword and shield. I realise that there might be better builds utilising other weapons, but it's a personal preference thing and I don't mind my character to be a little sub-optimal for this reason.

- Try to include all the latest gear/items. IM stuff is a possibility provided it's not going to cost me a fortune. :P

- I'd love to try out the new group/dungeon system, but I also like playing solo.

- I like wearing a helmet, armor, gauntlets and boots that are part of a set. Again, an appearance/personal preference thing.


I've seen some people sell this Exalted Legionnaire Sentinel items which seem to provide a little more offensive stats. Is that something I can go for? You obtain them in the new dungeons, yes?


Also if you have some tips on how I get lvl 230 quickly from 172, that'd be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance for helping me with this. :)

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#2 yamz


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Posted 10 July 2015 - 12:58 PM

On gears, Courage 220 Set or Brave 220 Set would be your best choice. They are pretty good in terms of pvm.


On stats, keep your str between 330-360 since having more will just be a waste of stats points rather put on other to be utilize properly. 200-225 dex would be nice for block rate and btw dex is your 2nd stats that gives more attack power, you dont need much con for pvm so keeping it 100-150 will be just enough to hit every mob youll see. 180-200 Sen for more criticals.


On skills, it depends on what you focus mainly. If boss hunt go for the attackspeed build but the downfall of this is you wont be able to get the active skills specially the aoes since you rely more on normal attack. The other is aoe build which is for all around but kinda slow in killing bosses.



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