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[Breezy Hills] Breezy Cuisine

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#1 MaxTheDragon


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Posted 15 July 2015 - 06:07 AM

Breezy Cuisine

You've done a great service to the townfolk of Breezy Hills by bringing them medical supplies, but it seems that another problem is threatening their wellbeing: people are hungry and nutricious food is becoming ever more scarce. Breezy Hills is known for its delicious fish. But with Pomic forces roaming around the rivers and the coasts, a relaxing fishing trip seems to be out of the question. Once again, the townfolk put their trust in you to bring them some of the finest fish Breezy Hills has to offer. Are you strong enough to keep the Pomics at bay and patient enough to reel in the fish? The prove yourself once more and bring the townfolk some desperately needed dinner.

  • Level 15
  • Having completed "Plants VS Visitors" quest
(character level requirements) | (quest completion requirements)


Gather 12 Breezy Trouts from the riverside and 8 Breezy Bass from the seaside in Breezy Hills using your fishing rod, and bring these to Belz in order to claim your reward.

Starting NPC

[Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz at the Breezy Hills settlement.

Finishing NPC

[Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz at the Breezy Hills settlement.

Quest Rewards
  • 22,747 experience points
  • Belz' Fishing Rod
(experience points reward) | (item reward)

Quest Script
  • Player visits and speaks with [Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz. (after quest requirements are fulfilled)
  • Player dialogue option among default options:
    o "How are townfolk doing now?"
  • Belz responds:
    "We're doing fine now that you've helped us out with those medical supplies! Thanks again!"
  • Player dialogue options:
    o "You're welcome, Belz. I hope the people around here are feeling better now."
    o "Well it never hurts to help! In fact, I think there are other people who need my help too. Bye!" (exits conversation)
  • Belz responds:
    "Well there is actually another thing that's been troubling us. Our people work hard and they're hungry, so we're running out of food quickly. We're worried about the children too... Take Mile here for example, he's still young so he needs to eat well!"
  • Player dialogue option:
    o "Well, I've got some nice and delicious apples here..."
  • Belz responds:
    "Thanks, you're very generous, but we've brought enough fruit with us. However, fruit isn't enough to provide us with a varied diet, unfortunately..."
  • Player dialogue options:
    o "Is there no other food around here to gather?"
    o "If you're being picky, I'm leaving!" (exits conversation)
  • Belz responds:
    "There is. In fact, these hills are known for their delicious fish. I used to be able to enjoy a relaxing fishing trip around here, until..."
  • Player dialogue option:
    o "Until what?"
  • Belz responds:
    "Well, as you know, the Pomics around here have been a constant threat to our safety. We're barely holding our defenses here in this town, let alone being able to withstand their attacks while venturing outside."
  • Player dialogue option:
    o "I see."
  • Belz responds:
    "It's not just that they want to kill us. They seem to have taken interest in catching these fish themselves. They're pretty clueless, though. I've seen one of the cadets repeatedly stab his spear into the water. It's absurd. These fish can only be caught with a fishing rod."
  • Player dialogue option:
    o "I think it would be safe enough for me, though."
  • Belz responds:
    "Really? Would you be willing to help us out again? I've got no right to ask you this, since you've already helped us out a lot with those medical supplies, but this is something that benefits all of us, not just those in need of medical attention."
  • Player dialogue options:
    o "I see. I think it would be safe enough for me, though." (go to step 19)
    o "On second thought, fishing sounds absolutely dull to me. I'd rather slay some more clueless Pomics."
  • Belz responds:
    "Right. Suit yourself."
  • Player dialogue option:
    o "See ya!" (exits conversation)
  • Belz responds:
    "Excellent. I'll give you my fishing rod. It's not a fancy piece of equipment but it's the right tool for the job. I want you to bring back 12 Breezy Trout and 8 Breezy Bass."
  • Player dialogue options:
    o "Allright. I'll be sure to catch these fish in no time!" (exits conversation and triggers quest start)
    o "Actually, that sounds like it would take longer than growing some potatoes and other vegetables..." (exits conversation)
  • During quest Player can speak with [Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz again.
  • Player dialogue option among default options:
    o "Umm, so where can I find these fish?"
  • Belz responds:
    "Breezy Trouts are freshwater fish. You'll find those along the river branches in Breezy Hills. Breezy Bass, however, are saltwater fish, which you can find along the coast to the east."
  • Player dialogue option:
    o "Wow, you seem to know a lot about this. Thanks!" (exits conversation)
  • After obtaining the required items, Play can speak with [Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz again to complete the quest.
  • Player dialogue option among default options:
    o "I've brought you these fish!"
  • Belz responds:
    "Hurray! Thank you so much! We shall have a great dinner tonight! Thanks to you!"
  • Player dialogue option:
    o "You're welcome. It was a task that tested my patience, but you're right. It's very relaxing."
  • Belz responds:
    "Say, why don't you keep that fishing rod as a reward for your efforts? With it, you can fish as much as you like here in Breezy Hills! You can eat it yourself, or sell us some more if you like."
  • Player dialogue option:
    o "Thank you! This will definately come in handy!"
  • After completing the quest, if the Player no longer owns Belz' Fishing Rod they can speak with [Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz again to obtain a replacement fishing rod.
  • Player dialogue option among default options:
    o "It seems I've lost the fishing rod you gave me..."
  • Belz responds:
    "Sigh. I decided to make another one for myself so I could go fishing again too, but I guess I'm too grateful for what you've done for us to keep it myself. Here, it's yours."
  • Player dialogue option:
    o "Thank you so much! I just can't stop fishing here in the Breezy Hills!"
  • Belz responds:
    "It fills me with joy to see that people are enjoying themselves again here."
  • Player dialogue option:
    o "Good to hear. Bye!" (exits conversation)
Quest Mechanics

After the conversation that starts the quest, the Player receives Belz' Fishing Rod as a quest item and is expected to go to various locations around the map where fishing spots are located. Fishing spots are identified by a sparkling effect in the water close to the edge. Upon standing close enough to them, a message is displayed that informs the Player that their fishing rod is cast into the water. After a random delay between 10 and 30 seconds, the Player has the chance to accumulate one of the following items:
  • Breezy Trout or Breezy Bass depending on fishing spot type (60% chance) (accumulated as a quest item)
  • Old Boot (10% chance) (junk item)
  • Animal Leg Bone (10% chance)
  • Animal Backbone (7,5% chance)
  • Dirty Stone (5% chance)
  • Dirty Ore (5% chance)
  • Dirty Crystal (2,5% chance)
During the delay, the Player can be interupted by nearby monsters such as Pomics, by being engaged into battle. If this happens, a message should be displayed notifying the Player that his fishing attempt was interrupted. After combat, the Player will ideally automatically reattempt fishing or is otherwise required to move out and back in range of the fishing spot to try again. The delay is randomized each time for consecutive attempts like this.

Upon successfully accumulating an item, the fishing spot becomes unusable by that Player for a random delay between 30 seconds and 1 minute. This presents the Player with two options: They either stay at the fishing spot and take the extra delay for granted, or they move to different spots to speed up their fishing process.

Fishing spots where the freshwater type Breezy Trouts can be obtained should be placed along the edges of the river branches in Breezy Hills, with a slight majority of them positioned along the edges of the center island. In total, there should be 8 to 10 of such freshwater fishing spots, requiring the Player to revisit some of them while still being able to move to different spots to gather fish faster.

Fishing spots where the saltwater type Breezy Bass can be obtained should be placed along the coastline on the east side of the area, with a slight majority of them positioned along the eastern edges of the center-right island. In total, there should be 4 to 6 of such saltwater fishing spots.

Upon accumulating all required fish (12 Breezy Trout and 8 Breezy Bass), the Player can return to Belz to complete the quest and receive the rewards.

[Belz' Fishing Rod]
Spear (2H)
Requires level 15 to equip
Allows you to catch fish in Breezy Hills

After completing the quest, the Player can revisit the fishing spots. If they equip the Belz' Fishing Rod, they are able to attempt to catch fish again, including some of the other possible items mentioned above. The fish will not accumulate as quest items this time, but as consumable food items which can provide stat recovery and very small buffs to aid the Player's adventure in this area:

[Breezy Trout]
Requires level 15 to consume
Restores 250 HP over 10 seconds (25 HP per second)
Increases Attack Speed by 20% for 1 minute

[Breezy Bass]
Requires level 15 to consume
Restores 250 MP over 10 seconds (25 MP per second)
Increases Movement Speed by 20% for 1 minute

Due to the short buff durations, the Player is likely to only benefit from them in just one or a few battles.

Upon losing Belz' Fishing Rod, the player can speak with [Ferrell Guild Staff] Belz again to reclaim their lost fishing rod.

The Dirty items being available in the fishing spots allow Players to revisit this area to try to farm them. As a possible addition to this, upon refining Belz' Fishing Rod to higher grades, you could slightly increase the odds of getting these dirty items, which could be explained as the fishing rod having ancient remnants of magical power, unbeknownst to Belz who made the rod from a wooden branch he cut off a magical tree. The magical powers seem to cause the rod to attract other magical objects and refining the rod seems to increase the potency of these properties.

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#2 angeltje


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Posted 15 July 2015 - 06:18 AM

this quest seems fun :p_love:

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#3 Fliederduft78


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Posted 15 July 2015 - 12:30 PM

I like it very much. It's great to see a newbie quest submission.

Plus this quest is really nicely done. Support. :p_smile:  

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#4 pdfisher


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Posted 24 July 2015 - 04:44 AM

I like this too! However I think the level requirement should be a tad higher.

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#5 Banrukai


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Posted 24 July 2015 - 09:26 PM

I like this too! However I think the level requirement should be a tad higher.

I agree with the level being a little low. Breezy Hills is level 25+ right? Maybe adjust the quest accordingly.

I also must say this quest was very well thought out, and the format in which it was presented is excellent.

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