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Overlord with Attack Speed

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#1 ChungEm


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Posted 27 July 2015 - 08:59 PM


Can anyone show me some good chain combos that Overlord can use at high Attack Speed, which also have to be powerful  :p_laugh:

And some decent gear that Overlord ( Attack Speed Build ) can use between 60-80 level, but not consume too much gold and IM.


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#2 Coolsam


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Posted 29 July 2015 - 07:19 AM

There's really two you can put into a combo that the enemy will have difficulty escaping; PvP wise that is.


X>X>X>X : Perform it after a stun or a flinch like gust slash. Immediately follow with another stun or flinch.


X>X>Z>Z : The 4th hit stuns. So it can be very useful if you can pull it off quickly.


Overlord requires a lot of attack speed however to use Chain Combos. Most of your sets that are recommended between level 60-80 will give decent attack speed at a few pieces and gloves like Hero BD, Hero Secmathian and Black Dragon Lord will have attack speed as individual bonuses. Acceleration at 5/5 give a huge attack speed bonus that lasts a fairly long time.


You will also need good fps with the attack speed to pull off chain combos quick enough so the opponent can't escape. Even at the 320% attack speed I can reach without Devil's Agility or Best Unity if I have some graphical issues it won't seem as fast.

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#3 Bustincaps


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Posted 29 July 2015 - 07:21 AM

The only chaincombo worth using in PvP for Overlord is X X Z Z (and sometimes X X Z Z X). This chaincombo stuns, and if you have enough attack speed, you can effectively catch with it. However, it requires around 230% attack speed without buffs - preferably more - for it to be fast enough for the enemy not to escape/counter in between your attacks. X X Z Z X can be used in PvP for catching in combination with Stumblebum, since the last X attack shoots your player forward very fast and allows casting of a skill while your player is still moving. Use this to surprise players from off-screen with an in-your-face Stumblebum. I have a lvl 75 cap and a lvl 60 cap on the server that I play which both have enough attack speed to use this chaincombo for catching and mid-combo; they are both running an a.speed/m.speed hybrid build.

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#4 Agitodesu


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Posted 30 July 2015 - 06:11 AM

I have around 403-450% attack speed on my overlord and the chain combos all around are good.


X X X X Z combo is good(Solid Knockdown)

X X Z Z is really good(Stun)

X Z Z (Z) is a decent knock up I use it before I use wyvern

X X X Z is a good knock back(not a knock down) If you need space pull this combo out and push em a decent distance away from you


I could tell you really good combos with overlord if you build attack speed but I'm lazy :c

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