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What do you think of my Hyb Sorc Build?

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#1 Karmalogy


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Posted 05 August 2015 - 04:09 AM

Hey :wave:


Im kinda new to Ragnarok 2 and i never played Ragnarok Online either, but a friend of mine suggested me to try RO2. My favourite class is ofc the Sorc. :D

As in the Title im trying to make a Hybrid Sorcerer and i wanted to ask u all, how my build is and what would you change on it?


My stats are going to be: 27 Int

                                        51 Agi

                                        3   Vit


I skilled like this in the Simulator.



Thanks :p_smile:

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#2 Arbalist


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Posted 05 August 2015 - 08:39 AM

Welcome! The skill simulator you're using is not up-to-date, ideally you'd want to use something like this one:

-You'll notice you'll have 72 points to spend (well 69 since 3 are automatically allocated). The last 20 need to be purchased, so keep that in mind that you won't be able to spend those right away when you plan your build. These points can only be purchased as you progress through Master Levels.
-You'll also notice some skills go up to 6 or 10, when in game you'll notice they only go to 3 or 5 respectively. The increased skill cap will be available after you reach Master Level. As such, when you're playing in game, you can decide to save up skill points in preparation for Master Level.
-The Skill Ymir Child: Nightmare is also unlocked when you reach Master Level.

I'm not an expert on Sorcerers, but ideally due to the grindy nature of the game you'll want to minimize the amount of single target skills you have. You'll definitely find picking up and maxing an AOE, in this case Lord of Vermillion, to be helpful. If you highly prefer solo grinding, I'd recommend Fireball as your single target skill of choice, since it can one-hit KO monsters up to Master Level 13-ish (basically level 63) if you add in the burn damage it has. Since most of the game is party play, maxing Earth Shield is desirable, but not necessary. Summon Aqua is not very reliable in my opinion.

Anyways, those are just a few things for you to consider for now, you should definitely wait for a Sorcerer veteran to reply and provide more insight :P Good luck.

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#3 Karmalogy


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Posted 05 August 2015 - 12:48 PM

Hey, :D

Oh i didnt know it was outdated thx for telling me that, and are where can i buy those additional skill points when i reach master?

Yes im going to look for some other build so i can correct the one i have now and thx for your help. :D



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#4 Arbalist


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Posted 05 August 2015 - 01:24 PM

The additional skill points are essentially purchased with experience points so it's entirely obtainable in-game (no real money required). Most people spend quite a bit of time farming them because they're very useful to have (especially for Hybrid builds). They will be sold by Dapara - you'll learn more about him when you reach the appropriate levels - but just in case you forget, he'll be in Morroc, next to Gilgamesh, the Master Level NPC.

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#5 KuroiKoneko


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Posted 05 August 2015 - 04:08 PM

Well, since ro2base.com broken and roguard.net bugged for me I'll upload screenshots from phone app


First three screenshots is build that you need to have on 1ml, so keep 9 skill points before getting ml

Three last screenshots is my current build which good enough for colo\oneshot low-lvl mobs (Lightning Bolt) but you may have a bit another like maxing Meditation\Rejuvenation\Healing Wave\Deluge\Cold Bolt instead

Better to have full VIT build since you can get ton INT from op +50 runes
AGI is almost useless cause we're getting enough AGI from gears (can easily get 33-35% crit rate with last gears to level and higher agi won't make big difference)

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#6 Karmalogy


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Posted 06 August 2015 - 12:59 AM

Hey thx for the informative build! :) So, i already skilled my mage skills: Cold bolt, frost diver, lightning bolt and windemblem. It wont be a problem if i replace cold bolt instead of fireball as you wrote? Im going to skill thunderstorm too. Thx for your help! :D The only problem i have is to save the 9 points so i dont know which one would be more important than the other. :S

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#7 KuroiKoneko


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Posted 06 August 2015 - 05:42 PM

Well, you will get skill and stat reset scrolls on 35lvl from starter pack and automatic skill and stat reset after changing class (25lvl)
pre-ml just spamming lightning bolt would be enough to kill mobs pretty fast so it's not necessary to use all skill points
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#8 Shinyusuke


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Posted 06 August 2015 - 10:21 PM

Not to mention that if you max a skill pre ml or when you are too low level you will encounter an uncontrollable mp consumption 0_0
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#9 Kekzi


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Posted 09 August 2015 - 03:18 PM

Hellows o/

I play sorc since a long time now and I thought of saying some stuff : D

Pre ml:

Mana consumption can be hard, I saw many max out water emblem. Thats ok for pre ml, but I wouldnt suggest it for ml+.

If can try get blue/purple potion in addition.

Try get a good balance of attack skills and heal, so you're able to solo most stuff.

Id suggest one of the single target dmg skills max.


Master level test:

This can be quite tricky, be sure to have red pots.

There are two tatics I know. Which with luck you can do without a SoulMakers help.

Before you enter you use the consumable items.


Hit and Run tactic:

Max Lightning Bolt

Wind Elixir

High Red pots

Nirvana Dayr Desert Soup (works like a SM heal)


I used this when I did my ml test. You go for Rosary (the assasin) first, then Id say Priest or Sorc (cause stun/transform) then the rest. Basically you run like a crazy madman and kill them after one another.


Aoe tactic:

Max Land of Recovery

Max Lord of Vermillion

High Red pots

Nirvana Dayr Soup


What you do here is, you cast LoR and Aoe them with LoV. And hope that you get all of them fast.


With both tactics it can happen that you get stunned, tranfsormed etc. and you die. If you really really have the feeling you cant do it. (pls try first)

You can ask Pub chat nicely (but dont spamm or ppl will slap you with bacon).


Past ml1:

Getting equips.

Desert Scorpion Coat, which you can get in Dayr Desert. (idk the monster atm e.e)

Careful they hit hard, but its worth getting the equipment. Go for green parts.


You can either try and solo, ask someone for help (dont spamm them lol) or if you have the money buy from AH.


Id suggest gearing up before grinding but its up to you. If you think you're ready you can go for a grinding pt at Condors.

(wannabe chocobos)




I went myself pure vit, since at higher level you can get +50 int runes.

Vit is nice since you dont die as fast if you get hit. And your equipment already provides a good amount of int.


Agi got outdated after AoV patch. Not many go for it, well I dont really know one.

Int is still viable, but most go Vit. Comparison: A sorc gets 3 magic power per int, a crescentia 6. The double.

What I want to say is that for a Cres its more useful to go pure int.

But its up to you honestly.



Ml1 Desert Scorpion Coat (farmable/ah)

Ml7 Desert Storm Coat (farmable/ah)

Menace ml1 and Joser ml11 are blue gears that can be crafted. Can be a drag to get, you can get them but you dont have to.

Ml20 Osiris Coat, really try to get it you will stay in it for a long time (craftable/ah)


;ignore refining equipment till osiris gear, its not really worth before it, so no worries

;you dont have to +20 your armor, but a +20 wepaon is really nice to have - boosts dmg and heal, but dont go crazy if you cant get one



As for Hybrid all time must have skills for me personally are:

Earth Shield (max) - 20% def up is nice

Earth Emblem (max) - you will also heal as hybrid, 100% heal boost is ♥

Land of Recovery (max) - a lovely nice looking aoe heal, can be casted on yourself or pt member or random guy you want to see sparkle lol


Skills to avoid:

Summon Aqua: its quite useless, aqua attacks 1 monster until its dead then stands there and does nothing lol better to use you points somewhere else

Most Fire Skills: Fireball is nice maxed out, but ignore the rest

Water Emblem: You wont really need it ml+, you will have enough mp with dayr desert eq and potions will be enough

Soul Cleanse: I dont use it personally, and i havent seen any other sorc use it


My Build:

Its maxed out (stats/skills). I hope it helps you to get an idea.

All the dmg skills/heal skills are optional and you can change it however you prefer it.




Cold Bolt: i only use it as an wind emblem trigger (for the passive), the 4 pts are useful somewhere else even though you may use it often for 1on1 - so lvl1

Frost Driver(optional): its a nice ''cant touch this'' skill, also helpful for 1on1 purposes, sadly doesnt work on boss, good for pvp - lvl 3

Water Emblem,SummonAqua: like i said before - lvl 1 ea

Healing Wave/Meditation(personal preference): healing wave is a quicker skill than reju, but once you hit ml20 with osi gear id prefer reju it heals more and gets casted faster - so lvl 1 // Mediation: I met a sorc that uses it with healing wave as a combination, I personally use the points somewhere else - lvl 1

Deluge(optinal): im a huge fan of this skill, it looks awesome has a seksi mermaid and is a life - saver, if you party is about to die cast it, it heals and raises a good amount of hp especially later on, you may use the points for a different skill though


FireBall: very nice dot and 1on1 skill, depending on eq and lvl it can go up high, ''meh'' part if a wiz is in your pt let him use his, its better. good for pvp - i maxed it - lvl6

EarthEmblem: look above

SoulBind: left it at one, which is ok - if on cd res party member with leaves - lvl1

Rejuvenation: like mentioned before it may take a while to cast at lower lvls, but personally i prefer it, can crit high - lvl5

EarthShield: look above

LandOfRecovery: look above

YmirChild:Nightmare: its a nice skill maxed out but lvl1 does the job for me, if you like it you may max it out, gives a nice boost


LightningBolt: I had it max before, it was okay but i prfer other skills maxed - lvl1 tipp: leave it 1 or max it inbetween its 'meh'

Thunderstorm: a good aoe skills that gives you a cool passive which boosts up your electric skills, which will do more dmg, ''meh'' part you actually have to click where you want it to hit

it triggers nicely with the pet Embus Of Ruins (one of its names lol) because ice+electric=ouch xD -lvl6

WindEmblem: cold bolt makes its passive trigger which gives another dmg boost for your electric skills, use it while boss fighting and when you dont have to heal (instead of earth emblem) - lvl5

JupitelThunder: maxed a high 1on1 dmg skill, works with windemblem and thunderstorm passive - lvl6

JupitelThunderPassive: lvl 4 is compeletely enough

Memorize: a nice skill for pvp, can be useful for pve. i left it at lvl 1

LordOfVermillion: actually a nice skill for pre DarkWhisper (you will get to know about dw later when the time is right xD)

example: dayr desert grind sor osi. i used to have it, if you want you still can max it out its a nice combo with thunderstorm

but i decided to go for some other skills ^^ - so lvl1

VareytSpear: good dmg, can stun, quickcast. i prefer to have it max, its a nice dmg spike inbetween jupitel thunder - lvl5


Basically play around with the builds (if you can),pick what sounds good to you. Its fun to find our own build that you like to use.


Last but not least


It is always nice to have 99 pets (dna fragments - monster drops). 99 pets because it pushes down your pet cool down a lot, it makes them spammable especially with good vigor later on.

Do it if you want to and if you have time, it can be a drag but its worth it if you can spawn a nice healing pet or dmg pet.

But dont worry about it too much. Id say do it when you have time, if you are (really) bored or have nothing else to do.


Well yeah long post... xD I hope it helps if you have any questions feel free to quote me or pm me ingame

Ign: Flanell or shout for me in pub (i ish a pubwhor---....*cough* ugh huehue)


o v o/

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