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[R] Episode 14.3 The Battle for Midgard

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Posted 13 August 2015 - 03:00 PM



This latest episode update brings the story of Rune Midgard's battle against Satan Morroc to a dramatic climax as the forces of Rune Midgard and Ash Vacuum band together to pursue the demon to his lair. Willing adventurers can contribute to the rebuilding of the desert city of Morroc, or join the expedition to the demon realm where Satan Morroc is gathering power. 


The Flame Basin: A pocket dimension on the other side of the Dimensional Gap where Satan Morroc took up residence after escaping from Rune Midgard. 


Obsessed with creating a world of his own to dominate, Satan Morroc laid himself down on the new land to corrupt it with his own essence. 


His blood pooled into waterfalls and rivers, his bones piled into dark rocky mountains. His scales crumbled to form bleak forests. 


The Flame basin used to be a dead land where nothing could thrive, but Satan Morroc turned it into a breeding ground for vile demon creatures. 


New Quests


Quest 1: The Burning Land

This quest takes you from the partially reconstructed Morroc to the Dimensional Gap to the Flame Basin

To begin the quest, investigate the Piled Rags behind the hay bale at 139, 240 in Morroc


Quest 2: Rebuilding Morroc

Years after being destoyed by the emergence of the Great Demon, Morroc is slowly being rebuilt. Construction workers are slowly reconstructing the city and need your help to finish construction on the central castle. Making bricks, gathering lumber and rope, as well as escorting workers will all earn Morroc Contribution Certificates. These can be redeemed for various rewards, including exp and consumable items. 


Quest 3: Purging the land

The HR Centurion in Morroc (47, 193) gives missions to clear out Incarnations of Morroc to make the region safer for rebuilding efforts to take place. Killing these monsters will also earn you Morroc Contribution Certificates. 


New Instances


Morse's Cave

Pursue Satan Morroc into his sanctuary and find a way to unravel his plans before it's too late! 


Bios Island -level 160+

In this mission you have the task of clearing out the maze-like Bios Island before time runs out. The server announcements will let you know how many monsters are still remaining. Clear out the different zones on the map to open up the final confrontation with the instances' boss!


Demon God Subjugation-level 160+

For adventurers who have defeated the Morse's Cave instance you can get the quest .  Speak to Commander Hiva Agip at the Flame Basin base camp (108, 88)to begin this adventure. 


Nightmare Jitterbug-level 120+

Similar to Endless Tower, you have to defeat all monsters in a room before you can move on to the next.  You follow the members of Newoz's White Wings guild as they explore a strange space within the dimensional gap. They can be found in the back room of the Eden group, so speak to Loel to begin the questline. Make sure to pick up 'Tooth of Jitterbug' when you find it in the instance as Mingmin will take these in exchange for equipment at the end of the instance. 


Once you have completed the quest and exited the instance, talk to Loel in the Eden group back room again to claim your experience reward. 


For a walkthrough of the new 14.3 content, check out the fan made guide here!

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Posted 13 August 2015 - 03:11 PM

first; woots

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Posted 13 August 2015 - 03:43 PM

congratulations you won the internet

so Oda, does this mean you guys don't have anyone maintaining the website anymore?

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Posted 15 August 2015 - 10:40 PM

so Oda, does this mean you guys don't have anyone maintaining the website anymore?


So the Website is defunct ... no updates on it and if then only sporadic.

More subpar is the launcher (read: outdated!).


Juno Spotligt, Coldman's Groovy Cooler?  these entrys are 2 months old at least.

The patch notes Link links here: http://forums.warppo...th-maintenance/

the 6th of may.


It's a shame that you guys let RO down - and it's so obvious and not a huge task or a time consuming one.

It's seems like you don't care.

On the behalf of caring ... bot hunting? fighting RMT that blooms on FB? Tackling the MVP cards that are created illegal?


I'm dissapointed ... wish there would be a Gordan Ramsey for Video Game support ... you need it.




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