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Pure Tank Knight Gem & Accessory? Cape?

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#1 ChuChuu


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Posted 22 August 2015 - 12:20 AM

I see some knight in COU, getting hit & "Immune" pop out. Is his defense too high that the spider mob cant even land a damage on him? If so then it is awesome, but I dont know which accessory & gem set is the best to get the highest defense. This is what I come out with so far but unsure.


Armor - damage reduction gem 4.5% +110

Shield - damage reduction gem 4.5%

Foot - damage reduction gem 25

Face - defense 5% + 150

weapon - opal7


Is Hunter set the best tanking accessory? If yes, O7 or R7 ? or substat?


What is the best backshield/cape for tanking? Does the lv220 damage reduction Cape reduce more damage than lv200 backshield?



Thank you for helping.

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#2 thetrangdamvn


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Posted 22 August 2015 - 02:45 AM

I'm not good at these but personally I'm using Gloopy Mask, but I'm confused about gems and other so I used substat on it (str/mspd), since Gloopy Mask -50mspd


Regarding accessory I would go for Luna accessory thanks to their bonus 10% PvM Offense and Resistance which outperform any other acce to a knight (Or maybe I haven't experienced enough).


Hunter accessory set adds somewhere around 80 Dex which is equivalent to some certain amount of Physical Block

And the extra def (Around 600?) makes up for 1-3% damage reduction

→I'm not aiming at good tanking so I have never tested this set.


My knight is for Cave of Ulverick only, so I use the set up like yours, plus Luna A7 & Block Rate % gem on shield & I'm doing fine. Whether with or without cleric.


About back item, I'm not really sure, but I will choose Aurum, because my knight doesn't have high defense due to low refined armors.

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