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PVM knight build difference from sticked knight guide? Skill reqs?

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Posted 30 August 2015 - 03:51 PM

I'll ask this question first so it won't be ignored as likely.

What are the skill reqs for the knight attack skills? (one hand and sheild)

I ask this as I wonder where I can save sp.


I'm looking to make a combat knight who's focus is on stunning, doing good damage, and to kill kings well.

The guide gives two builds, Crit Type/Tank and AP/Hp Recovery Type. Though both builds can both do PVM well probably, which build is more recommended? Simply saying both is a useless answer to me. I'm thinking of trying a Stun/Crit/Hp Recovery type.


What differences should my build make from the builds this guide gives? Both builds max all attack skills except some of the shield attack skills.


Skills and naked stats:

I have extra STR as I wanted to meet the reqs of a unique weapon. (common ones are 10m low)


I'm thinking to max the 2nd shield passive, then the defense passive, then the vampire attack.

I'll maybe put points into the atk and def debuff. Repose for later.

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