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High Priest, but still a newbie - Need help with FS-Skilltree

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#1 Grinsekatze1988


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Posted 21 September 2015 - 04:14 AM


I play this game now for a while, but I'm still a newbie and have some problems.
I play a Full-Support-Priest since Level 1, but now (I'm ML 23) I think it was the wrong decision.
The problem is not that I can't kill anything (or need a half hour to do it), or can't help my lowlevel friends. I know it would be a hard way, but I like it to be a heal. But I hate it, that I have to say everytime "I can't make damage. I'm FS. I can Holy Light them to death!" and then the people give me a feeling that I'm useless, and they are just so NOBLE to take me with them.
I hear things like that it's going to be hard to find groups now with FS. But... I went this way FOR groups.
What am I doing wrong? :p_sad:

Now I think I have to restatt everything.
I read this in a other thread:

To be frank, players have no reason pursuing a full support build on their priests -- you simply won't see an appreciable increase in your healing abilities compared to your hybrid/DPS peers, and they will have the added advantage of being able to lay down heavy DoT damage while having more than enough healing power to keep their parties alive. Not to mention that this game revolves around min/maxing one's offensive output, and priest's endgame gimmick revolves around having a significant investment in the DPS skill tree.

I recommend you consider using a hybrid build, at least to get you through the grind to ML35, at which point you can re-evaluate. A potential build can look something like the following: http://ro2base.com/b...1.1.1/

Your Osiris/Himmelmez/Cazar equipment and the respective Blue Seed runes will make up the vast majority of your stats, both offensive and defensive. For bonus stats, add either INT or VIT exclusively--one or the other, not both, up to a maximum of 350 allocated points. Supplement your build by hunting 5x Requiem Cards (34 INT, 29 VIT, 36 Cast Speed each). Once you've reached around ML30, focus on doing daily Bind Rune quests in order to craft +50 INT runes for your costumes and armor slots. They will dramatically improve your maximum magic attack, thereby raising both your damage and healing output.

I think that is a little helpfull, but the link is not working. So i want to ask you guys, if you can help me to get a Heal-Build. I really not know where to go with my skillpoints.
I just see, that THIS is what I really need to heal my groups.

And what happens over Level 35? Need someone there FS-Priests?

Thank you for any help.
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#2 kkusagami


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Posted 24 December 2015 - 06:35 AM

FS Priest is useless after the Master Level was being introduced,it was for pre-AOV which for raid dungeons.

Most Priest are going full DPS ,or semi DPS/Tank if you manage to +20 everything and have good hones.

This is my recommend skill build,I was able to solo in Osiris Tomb with full +0 osiris gear set about a year ago for farming cards.

 I am at ML35 and i didnt login the game for at least 4-5months now.

Stat is max VIT,because i am semi Tank/DPS type for recently.


You only use Renovatio to heal your party members,you dont use Highness Heal for grinding,only concentrate on Assumptio for the Tanker>Reno/Coluseo Heal ,and healing pet support like Assasin Elder is recommended.

You grind your way from ML24 to ML30 at DWU and then FP after reaching ML30,
Remember to not use HH when grinding,it can cause aggro to monsters and they will come to attack you,only use HH if you are a semi Tank Priest.


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#3 nelsky27


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Posted 05 January 2016 - 01:27 PM

Hi Nelsky here, I appreciate you passion for a FS priests, I once went on that same path but never successfully made it on end game content, so basically I can share with you my end game skill build here it is  http://www.roguard.n...35011153011505/

If you have any question feel free to reply here or message me or even pm me ingame  :no1:



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