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CR Radiant Suggestions as of 9/29/15

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#1 Dami


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Posted 30 September 2015 - 05:15 AM

I have suggested to remove several useless buffs, such as Ion Shield (defense buff), Blessed Revelation and Invigoration (these last 2 only work if you sit). I have suggested the complete removal of Ion Shield, as it is a wasted skill point we could use elsewhere, especially since it is a Templar level buff, and we get Radiant level divine protection with DNA. It would also save a skill point for Tempests as well, who use the Templar level Divine Protection.


Which brings me to the Templar level Divine Protection, which gets no DNA option. I feel it should be moved the the Tempest only skill tree, and have Survival Instinct (passive defense) moved down to the Templar level. This would allow a defense on the Templar level, without it actually having to be on the buff bar, and afford the player a bit of stand alone ability, before choosing a second class.



Blessed Revelation and Invigoration are essentially useless. No one takes these, unless they plan on spending a LOT of time on their proverbial butt. Unless they like a tank to sit in the middle of a raid. They are wasted skill points, no matter if you are PvP or PvE. My suggestion for them, is a complete removal OR, make them useful, as an HP/MP % buff. What I mean is, on level 10 Blessed Revelation, maybe have it be 20% MP buff cast on target, this would help out Protectors and Defilers who are heavy use on MP for skills. Invigoration, on level 10 could be 10% HP buff, like Elementalists HP buff. If you add DNA on both of these, max to level 5 DNA, add 5% to each.



I also put in that Radiants should have Holy Light back. Some of our DPS skills just are not enough for much solo farming, and without and actual Light damaging AoE, our sleep is useless, unless in PvP. Healers are not meant to be a CC player, so having sleep without the ability to inflict damage does nothing for a Radiant. Electric Twister, does not an AoE make.


Yes, I am aware some of these changes affect Tempests, but my suggestions on the official form went in to details about percentages on skills crit and max damage. These are just initial suggestions. I welcome the feedback of all players as to what you would do. Radiants don't require much work to make them a bit more balanced out, they just need to have the ability to stand alone on PvE a bit more, my PvP experience is more or less, i just stand there and let people kill me, I don't much care for PvP, but that's me. I would LOVE to have a PvP Radiant to join on the poll so I have someone to debate ideas with and make suggestions with, if you know someone, please, hold the proverbial gun to their head until they apply. I begged other Radiants to apply, and they didn't. If you don't want to harass them, tell me who they are, and I will hound them until they apply, lol.

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#2 NorrinRadd


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Posted 30 September 2015 - 05:49 AM

I have to disagree on 3 buffs
Ion shield, yes as a high level it is quite useless, except to protect from sin soccer kick. At lower levels, especially 49 foc, ion shield is absolutely amazing. With dna it gives a huge amount of defense and allows Templar to be quite a tank.
Single target dp, again as a high level it's not that great except for protecting against soccer kick. But for lvl 49 it's quite useful.
Now as for br. I find it to be an absolutely amazing skill for mana tank rads. My rad using br can restore enough mp to ignore non scad whored commies.
Combining it with invig, well doesn't make much difference. However, if you combined it with concentration, that would be quite powerful.
Don't forget about sins sk. That's 10 buffs
5 you can get from armor. 5 from Templar and then you manage to save ms and aoe dp.
Hp on invig sounds fun.
As for holy light, idk, don't really want to steal it from tempests. How about lvl 40 Templar skill like bms bugs
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#3 NorrinRadd


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Posted 02 October 2015 - 07:14 AM

There are 2 skills I'm interested in seeing for radiant
Maybe even 3
So the first
Final Heal - uses all mana to heal allies in a huge range equality to a % of mana burned. Increasing levels would increase the ratio of mana burned to heal, would increase range, would increase targets, decrease cooldown. Example, rad has 20k mana and lvl 8 skill, you would heal 20k in a relatively large radius. Lvl 10 would be 110 % heal to mana ratio.
Life link - creates a bond between a player and the radiant. All damage is split 50/50 between the 2 players. Players must stay a certain distance from each other. Increase levels would increase range and decrease the damage the radiant takes from the link. The initial split would still be 50/50, but the radiant would only take 75% of the damage.
Dieing breaths heal - on death heal a certain amount of life to all nearby players. Increased levels would increase the heal and decrease cooldown. So you can't spam suicide to promote heals.
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#4 Sandyman


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Posted 02 October 2015 - 08:51 PM

Divine Protection (second Job) has DNA Option




Giving Radiant more Attack Skills is just the opposite Way it should be.


At the Moment the first Job Healer is no Healer at all. He is just a DMG Dealer like many other.


If you have a Party with 3-4 People doing some AT than your not able to heal the full Party or even the Tank.


Factors like Defense or to 2-3 Hit the Mobs has more weight. 


Why Heal, if you can simply kill the Mob before he is able to inflict DMG. So the First Job is just a farce.


In the Past where Deff. Buffs like Divine Protection (first Job) made a Different the Templar was needed.


Same for his Blessed Revelation. The MP System is broken and Def Stats became minor in regards of DPS.


So giving this Class more DPS will just undermine his status as a first Job Healer complete.


I would rather see his current DPS Potential lowered. For that his Heals should be improved. 


Something like; using a Heal will activate the CD for each of his Attack Skills. So you either Heal or DPS but not both at the same Time.


That`s just like all the other Classes with a Heal Skill.

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#5 NorrinRadd


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Posted 06 October 2015 - 06:23 AM

Agreed with sandy on not increasing dps strength
However, I don't like that idea of either dps or heal, not both. As an avid rad pvp player, I can say that there have been quite a lot of time when my throwing a few shots was very important. For example when a sin scuds a team mate. Drop a heal, hit the sin, drop another heal and the sin usually runs away.
Or using that aoe slow skill, endless benefits using mid heal spam.
But that's just my play style maybe. I don't like to spam only heals. I like getting a little action in there lol
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