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Incomplete Scary Story~

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Posted 05 October 2015 - 06:44 PM




        There was no time, me and Nick had to move fast. We paid little attention to the ground as our knees were being damaged by ripe-thorny patches, that were once yellowing flowers; and now bright orange pumpkins grew throughout. I don’t know why we didn’t speak a word. We just had to run away from that green haired guy who had a silver collar around his neck. His red blazing eyes. . .

Nick and I made it safely to our cabin. We opened the lamp and lighted some candles just in case the power went out.

        “Looks like nothing is wandering outside,” said Nick, as he dusted the window. “Whatever he is, we are safe in here since the wizards of Prontera had set-up a barrier that protect against minor beasts.”

        I couldn’t stop thinking about what would occur. What if that strange guy wasn’t a minor monster. Instead of panicking, I decided to look inside my backpack for four band-aids, “Our luck sure is rotten. For one why did we save our home location here,” said I, in a  raspy tone. I handed Nick two band-aid. My hands clutched. “This fishing pole serve no purpose now.”  To my eyes, the guy level says fifty. At this very moment, I’m level twenty training under the provision suited for Knight. Nick not much a Priest, his skill tree is more of damage type, but he’s twenty-five levels higher than me. The only problem is that Nick was the only one who bought his battle gears.

        “Probably that guy just a trickster. Halloween is in three days,” said Nick, who now sat on the tall wooden black-painted chair. He stretched his hands and yawned. “Mary, I will keep watch for the night. In the morning our party will come, I’ve planned for a breakfast at our cabin -- knowing them they are rowdy enough to frighten scare-crows.”

        About some hours passed and the moon was fully out. Nick and I both were still awake. It was decided that we both needed to use the bathroom. Before we could brave the midnight air a knock came at our cabin door, I asked Nick to open it as I reached for my fishing rod. Maybe it could serve as a poking instrument.



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