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Totalidade's Sura Guide - The Various Ways of Me Punching Your Face

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Posted 11 October 2015 - 06:13 PM

Totalidade's Sura Guide

The Various Ways of Me Punching Your Face






Sura is a very powerful class. Some of you already know that. They are focused on WoE and PvP scenarios, using their skills to disable and eliminate specific targets while keeping a high mobility. They can level up fast too, if built correctly. This guide will show you these possibilities and some other too.



The Stats Builds


Your stats build can change a lot depending on your gears and goals, but won’t be so different from each other. Basically it’s based on STR, VIT, DEX and INT.

The builds here aren’t recipes. I’ll give you options to build your own stats.

The stats here are the BASE ones.



Gates of Hell


This build do pretty well on PvM with Tiger Cannon or Flash Combo, but they really shine on PvP and WoE. They’re a wrecking ball in these maps.


STR 100~120

AGI 30~80

VIT 94~120

INT 30~100

DEX 80~100

LUK 30~60


Since Gates of Hell’s damage is based on remaining HP, max SP, damage and base level, the high amount of STR is for the attack boost and high VIT and decent/high INT for high HP/SP purpose. VIT at least 94 (Sura’s have +6 VIT from job level 60) for stun immunity.

Looking for higher DPS instead of burst damage? Consider put points in AGI: ASPD reduces the animation delay of Gates of Hell and Snap.

If you want a more specialized setup for Gates of Hell, try with a lower INT. This means more point for you to distribute on AGI and LUK and get a little extra ASPD and some resistances, but keep in mind that means lower SP bar (less damage on G. Fist and a reduced times for snap and SP gain by Power Absorb).



Tiger Cannon / Flash Combo


Since both skills share similarities (well, they’re almost the same thing), I’ll place them together.

Given the AoE aspect of Tiger Cannon, this build does pretty well everywhere. The high damage can kill some players in WoE and PvP, when they got low reductions, and the AoE helps you at PvM.


STR 90~120

AGI 1~70

VIT 94~120

INT 80~100

DEX 80~100

LUK 30~60


Tiger Cannon is based on the attack and the HP/SP consumed by the skill. Each use consumes 30% HP and 15% SP at max level. High STR, VIT and INT are for better damage in this skill. DEX for cast (if not used in a combo) and accuracy.

Flash Combo autocast Dragon Combo, Fallen Empire, Tiger Cannon and Sky Blow with bonus attack. This skill bypass the HP/SP consume of Tiger Cannon, so it’s better for levelling in general. You can’t act during the execution of the combo, so a high VIT allows you to tank easier the mob. The bonus damage of Tiger Cannon and Sky Blow aren’t applied by this skill, unfortunately.



Sky Blow


It fits very well on PvM. You can try to go WoE and PvP with this one, but the results are worse than the previous builds.


STR 80~100

AGI 70~100

VIT 94~100

INT 30~90

DEX 70~90

LUK 30~60


Sky Blow is based on AGI and attack, pushes targets back 3 cells and gets a damage bonus after Dragon Combo. High STR and AGI for damage purpose, while VIT for high HP amounts. Nothing more to explain in this build.



Mental Strength / Autocast


This is a very good build for pre-Suras. They do very well on almost every map that have a huge amount of aggressive monsters. The stats here are up to level 99.


STR 1~50


VIT 50~99

INT 60~99

DEX 40~60

LUK 1~30


Mental Strength grants you 90% of damage reduction plus your normal reductions, so this makes you an immovable object (literally). This build need some specific equipment: a High Orc card on the shield and a Ifrit Mask or Lion Model Hat and CD in Mouth to be effective. If you have money, a Dark Lord card.



The Skill Builds


The skill build is as important as stats build. A good point distribution makes wonders on your levelling. Here I’ll present some variations of good skill builds. First of all, a brief explanation of all skills.



Dragon_Combo.png Dragon Combo

No need to put extra points here. Leave 3 as your next skills deal more damage.


Earth_Shaker.png Earth Shaker

As Dragon Combo, no need for more than the necessary. 2 points and that’s it.

It have its uses on WoE and PvP scenarios to detect invisible players.


Rampage_Blaster.png Rampage Blast

A big AoE with high damage when used with Raising Dragon. Deals lots of damage when you have many spirit spheres. If not using for levelling, leave it 3.


Rising_Dragon.png Rising Dragon

A “must have” skill in almost every build. Grants 12% of extra HP/SP and allows you to have 15 spirit spheres at max level.


Fallen_Empire.png Fallen Empire

The immobility can help you sometimes, but don’t put extra points here. Used only after Dragon Combo.


Tiger_Cannon.png Tiger Cannon

Nice damage and AoE. When used in a combo (after Fallen Empire), the damage is greater (something around 2x the original damage). The damage is calculated on the main target of the skill, but it’s applied to all enemies in the area of effect. Also drains SP (10% of the damage done). I consider maxing this skill for levelling and WoE/PvP purpose.


Hell_Gate.png Gates of Hell

The iconic skill of Suras. Great DPS and burst damage. Consumes 30% SP (10% when used after Fallen Empire). Damage is based on number of spirit spheres consumed and the caster’s remaining HP (less HP = more damage). When used in level 1~4, the damage is considered melee, while in 5~10, ranged. Main focus in PvP and WoE.


Sky_Blow.png Sky Blow

Constant damage, pushes back 3 cells and the low SP cost makes it a perfect skill for levelling. AGI increases the damage. When used after Dragon Combo, also boosts it.


Flash_Combo.png Flash Combo

The pro part: don’t consume the HP/SP of Tiger Cannon and grants attack until the end of the skill. The con part: the damage of Tiger Cannon and Sky Blow are the normal damage (non-comboed), there’s a delay between Tiger Cannon and Sky Blow and you can’t act while performing the combo. This means no potions and skills. The aim of this skill is PvM. The seconds of no action are quite long in a fight.


Crescent_Elbow.png Crescent Elbow

That's the strongest reflect skill in game. It's very useful in WoE and PvP against high damage classes like Rune Knights and other Suras.


Cursed_Circle.png Cursed Circle

Your opponents can only use potions when caught by this skill. When you use any other skill, the effect is canceled. This one is annoying. Perfect for WoE.


Windmill.png Windmill

Deals little damage and forces the enemies to sit (stun if monsters). A very good skill. The sit effect is something that no one expects. Great for PvP and WoE like Cursed Circle.


Lightning_Walk.png Lightning Walk

Not the best skill for PvP, but has it’s uses. The teleport effect don't work in WoE scenarios. Good against Rangers. Also Pneuma.


Knuckle_Arrow.png Knuckle Arrow

Not useful nowadays. There are lots of better skills to put your precious points. The damage is rather low compared with the other skills.


Gentle_Touch-Cure.png Gentle Touch: Cure

Removes all pre-renewal conditions except for the goddamn bleeding. Can also be used when the caster is frozen, stone cursed or stunned. Also heals a little independent of the target situation. Level 1 is just the necessary.


Gentle_Touch-Convert.png Gentle Touch: Convert

Increases attack and ASPD while reduces the max HP. Cannot be used with GT: Revitalize and GT: Energy Gain. Has it’s uses mainly in PvM scenarios.


Gentle_Touch-Revitalize.png Gentle Touch: Revitalize

Extra HP, HP regen and damage mitigation for the target. Good for everything, specially for tanking. Cannot be used with GT: Convert and GT: Energy Gain.


Gentle_Touch-Silence.png Gentle Touch: Silence

Deals little damage and silences the target. Not that useful. Skip if possible.


Gentle_Touch-Energy_Gain.png Gentle Touch: Energy Gain

Allows you to gain spirit spheres when deal or receives damage. Cannot be used with GT: Convert and GT: Revitalize. Like GT: Convert, has it’s uses, but in PvM scenarios.


Power_Implantation.png Power Implantation

Like Spiritual Bestowment, but gives all spirit spheres to the target. Max of 5 spheres for those who don’t have Rising Dragon on. Gunslingers cannot be implanted. Skill needed for the next one. Useful for some tricks.


Power_Absorb.png Power Absorb

Like Spiritual Sphere Absorption, but in a 5x5 area. Good for WoE. Restores 1% SP for each sphere absorbed.


Lightning_Ride.png Lightning Ride

A former levelling skill. The delay between the activations makes it impossible to be a good DPS skill nowadays, but still has a good damage.


Lion_Howling.png Lion Howling

Deals decent damage and the fear status is good, but there are better skills for us to have.


Once all skills explained, let’s move to the builds itself.



Gates of Hell / Tiger Cannon


Both builds have the same skill build. There’s 10 points left. Take the skills of your preference.

For levelling, Tiger Cannon. Damage on single targets, Gates of Hell. Simple as that.


Job 15: Tiger Cannon 10

Job 17: Power Absorb 1

Job 22: GT: Energy Gain 3

Job 23: GT: Cure 1

Job 25: Windmill 1

Job 35: Rising Dragon 5

Job 40: Gates of Hell 5

Job 45: Rising Dragon 10

Job 50: Gates of Hell 10


While you don’t have the Gates of Hell, consider using Tiger Cannon for WoE and PvP purpose, with or without the main combo.



Flash Combo


Flash Combo is a good skill in any game mode, so no need to rush Gates of Hell. 11 points left for customization.

Plus, this skill have 2 variations in the first 10 level jobs.


Tiger Cannon variation


Job 6: Tiger Cannon 1

Job 10: Flash Combo 1


Sky Blow variation


Job 5: Sky Blow 1

Job 10: Flash Combo 1


From now on, the build is the same


Job 19: Tiger Cannon 10

Job 23: Flash Combo 5

Job 25: Power Absorb 1

Job 31: GT: Energy Gain 3

Job 32: GT: Cure 1

Job 34: Windmill 1

Job 49: Rising Dragon 10


The main goal is to have Flash Combo as fast as you can, so rush it. Sky Blow or Tiger Cannon is up to you to choose what’s the better.



Sky Blow


This one is rather simple and have 26 points left for customization.

If you want fast levelling, this is good one.


Job 9: Sky Blow 5

Job 11: Power Absorb 1

Job 17: GT: Energy Gain

Job 19: Windmill 1

Job 34: Rising Dragon 10



Mental Strength / Autocast


Only for Monks and Champs. Have one variation for each.


Monk variation


Job 32: Mental Strength 5

Job 50: Snap 1


Champion variation


Job 30: Mental Strength 3

Job 37: Zen 1

Job 39: Mental Strength 5

Job 53: Snap 1


Zen for faster spirit spheres and snap for pulling and scaping.



The Gear


This is where everyone cries about their precious zeny. Sura isn’t a cheap class, specially Tiger Cannon.

We’ll start from the head and finish on the shoes, then the shields and weapons.



Upper Headgear


5208.png Rideword Hat [1]

The regen effect is a must for any Sura build. Ride is useful mainly for his HP regen better than Vanargand Helm, but Vana procs more times.


5778.png Turkey On Your Head

Grants extra HP/SP per refine. Good for Tiger Cannon when not levelling and for tanking.


18931.png Lion Model Hat [1]

Enables autocast of Meteor Storm level 5 when hit. Good for autocast build.


5420.png Ifrit Mask

Like Lion Model, but better chance of proc. Uses all headgear slots.


18652.png Vanargand Helm [1]

The best levelling headgear at the moment. Regenerates HP/SP like Ride, but better. You you have money, buy +9.


18600.png Cat Ear Beret

The best PvP/WoE headgear at the moment. The demi-human damage amplification and reduction make wonders.


18656.pngWitch's Pumpkin Hat

When equipped with Alarm Mask, grants lots of HP restore with Pumpkins. For levelling only.



Middle Headgear


2204.pngGlasses [1]

Simple eye slot slotted. Good for Incubus or Dark Pinguicula card while not compromising the top headgear.


18599.pngBlack Devil’s Mask [0]

+2 all stats. Nothing special about that.


18603.pngBlack Devil's Mask [1]

+1 all stats. The slotted version on the previous mask. Here you can place your Maya Purple card.


18611.pngBlack Frame Glasses [1]

Like regular Glasses, but grants +1 INT and +2 DEFM. Another holder for Maya Purple.


5086.pngAlarm Mask

Combo with Witch's Pumpkin Hat.



Lower Headgear


5305.pngPirate Dagger

Bonus to attack. Just like that.


5361.png Gangster Scarf

Same as Pirate Dagger


18670.pngHandkerchief in Mouth

Reduces demi-human damage. Good for WoE and PvP.


18918.pngLong Octopus Balloon

VIT, INT and SP bonus. A good levelling option.





2365.pngOrleans’s Gown [1]

Uninterrupted cast for 15% of extra cast time. Good for levelling. Can be enchanted.


2357.pngValkyrian Armor [1]

Unbreakable, slotted and can be enchanted too. All stats +1 and silence resistance +50%. One of the best armors available.


15048.pngWoE Robe [1]

Another one of the best armors for us. The demi-human reductions are welcome in PvP and WoE. Part of WoE set.





2576.pngHeroic Backpack [1]

A good garment, useful in any class. Enables Greed.


2589.pngFallen Angel Wings [1]

One of the best garments available. The enchantments aren’t very good for you, by the way, but the spell enchants help.

About FAW enchants, click here.


20718.pngGiant Faceworm Snake Skin [1]

Can be enchanted with more VIT. When equipped with any Temporal Boots, grants +15% HP and +5% SP. That’s a huge boost to HP/SP.


2554.pngNidhoggur’s Shadow Garb [1]

Extra SP, extra reductions and SP leech. Good for PvM.


2587.pngWoE Muffler [1]

Part of WoE set for max demi-human reductions.





2423.pngVariant Shoes [0]

Extra HP/SP for our skills. Do not refine these boots.


22014.pngEnchanced Variant Shoes [1]

Better version of the previous item. The most common card for these boots is Firelock Soldier. This one you can upgrade.


22007.pngTemporal Vit Boots [1]

The combo with the Faceworm Skin makes this beauty here one of the best footgear for Tiger Cannon and Gates of Hell.


22006.png Temporal Str Boots [1]

Useful for maximize damage of Tiger Cannon and Flash Combo with 120 STR.


2485.pngWoE Shoes [1]

The last part of WoE set. Nothing special about it, just more demi-human reduction.






Slotted accessory. SP +10 and that’s it.


2873.pngCat Hand Glove [1]

Give nice stats and have a slot. All around equipment.


2772.pngGlorious Ring

Reductions for the 4 base elements (water, fire, wind, earth). Combo with the Medal of Honor.


2722.pngMedal of Honor (Acolyte)

HP, attack and that's it! Greater attack bonus when equipped with Glorious Ring


2660.pngVesper Core 02

Few bonuses to STR and attack.


2967.pngChambered RWC 2012 Ring [1]

Can be enchanted and have a slot. One of the best accessories nowadays. When equipped with RWC Pendant, gives +4% attack, but the most common is 2 rings for damage or 2 pendants for cast time reduction.


2969.pngChambered RWC 2012 Pendant [1]

Same as RWC Ring.


2789.pngBradium Ring [1]

STR, VIT and attack. Regular accessory.


2678.pngRing of Flame Lord

STR, VIT and attack bonus too, but autocasts many abilities when you attack. Good for autocast builds.





2168.pngImmune Shield [1]

Neutral resistance bonus per refine over 4. Good for everything.


2115.pngValkyrja’s Shield [1]

Resistance to shadow, undead, fire and water properties. Good for PvP and WoE.


2114.pngStone Buckler [1]

Resistance to large sized enemies. A good choice in the beginning.





16003.pngCarga Mace [2]

High attack, level 3 weapon. Good for MvP and PvM while carded.


1546.pngGlorious Morning Star

The best weapon for damage against demi-humans and that’s it. Nothing else here.


1832.pngBellum Claw

The utility weapon. Grants Zen when Fury is used and G. Fist is instacast.


1525.pngLong Mace

Grants reduction for ranged damage. Useful for tanking.


16028.pngThanatos Hammer [1]

Grants better HP leech than Carga [2x Hunter Fly] SP leech and more damage too.


1539.pngGolden Mace [2]

A good weapon for MvP hunts when fully upgraded and enchanted.


16000.pngErde [2]

Same as Golden Mace.


16024.pngQuadrille [2]

One of the best weapons at the moment. Grants bonus damage on demi-human race and earth and undead elements.



The Cards


Another expensive, but important, part of a Sura. I’ll present the cards in the same order of the gears.





Carat Card 

Bonus INT and, when +9, 150 SP.


Bungisngis Card

Max HP every 2 refines. Good for tanking and more  damage for Tiger Cannon and Gates of Hell.


Kathryne Keyron Card

Cast reduction every refine. Lower cast for Tiger Cannon and Gates of Hell.


Maya Purple Card

You can see those sneaky Guillotines and Shadow Chasers. Most commonly used on middle headgear.





Marc Card

Freeze immunity. WoE and PvP usage. Most commonly used in WoE Robe.


Pecopeco Card

Grants HP and that’s all.


Pasana, Dokebi, Sandman, Swordfish, Argiope, Evil Druid, Bathory, Ghostring and Angeling Cards

In some situations, elemental armor is useful, but you don’t need them all. The more important here are Ghostring, Angeling and Pasana.


Loli Ruri Card

Heal when hit at a chance. Good for autocast builds.





Raydric Card

The most common card used since ever. Neutral reduction.


Noxious Card

Useful in WoE. Ranged and neutral reduction.


Deviling Card

Commonly used in PvP against specific classes.


Aliot Card

Useful for extra SP for Tiger Cannon, G. Fist and Gates of Hell.


Giant Whisper Card

Bonus for attack and HP when enought STR and VIT. Good for increase the damage output.


Wakwak Card

For max damage on Tiger Cannon and Flash Combo.


Randel Card

Switch to recast Guard.


Flamel Card

Switch to use potions (just the condensed ones).





Firelock Soldier Card

STR extra and, when +9, bonus HP/SP. Commonly found in Variant Shoes and Temporal Vit.


Green Ferus Card

VIT and HP bonus. A good substitute for Firelock.


Verit Card

Same as Green Ferus.


Sohee Card

Best card for max damage on G. Fist.




Phen Card

Uninterruptable cast at cost of higher cast time.


Kafra Blossom Card

Extra reductions for WoE and PvP.


Gold Scaraba Card

Extra damage for Flash Combo and G. Fist.





Thara Card

Demi-human reduction for PvP and WoE.


Hodremlin Card

Reduces all damages from monsters and have a chance to gain 20 perfect dodge. Good for pulling and tanking.


Alice Card

For MvP purpose.


High Orc Card

Reflect damage. Good for tank MvP and levelling with Mental Strength.


Ogretooth, Mysteltainn and Executioner Cards

Reductions for specific sizes. It really don’t worth to have each one of them.





Abysmal Knight

More damage on MvP and boss monsters.


Hunter Fly Card

Leech HP from monsters.


Hydra, Goblin, Camarel, Pecopeco Egg, Strouf, Flora, Scorpion and Earth Petite Cards

Extra racial damage.


Vadon, Drainliar, Mandragora, Kaho, Orc Skeleton, Santa Poring, Anacondaq and Mao Guai Cards

Extra elemental damage.


Desert Wolf, Skeleton Worker and Minorous Cards

Extra size damage.



Levelling Guide


The idea behind this is: level up as fast as you can. BM x3 are welcome.

While Monk, the combo build is a good one. AGI/STR/DEX and that’s enough, but while Champion, the playstyle changes: you’ll need to adapt to your Sura build or use one free reset.



Level 1 ~ Acolyte: Prontera Field 08


Take the quests in Izlude Academy and go for level job 10.


Acolyte ~ Level 15: Payon Forest 08 and 02

pay_fild08 and pay_fild02

Spores and boas. Take the bounty board (full if you want to) and hunt them down.


Level 15 ~ 30: Payon Forest 07


Bigfoots are your best bet in this level. Look out for the stun and the earth attack.


Level 21 ~ 40: Payon Forest 09, Prontera Field 10 and Mt. Mjolnir 02

pay_fild07, prt_fild10 and mjolnir_02

Levelling tip: take 4 bounty boards: Horn in Payon, Elder Willow in Prontera and Horn and Elder Willow in Geffen. Kill 150 monsters and take 4 rewards.


Level 40 ~ 60: Papuchika Forest 01


Groves are the best monster to hunt in this level. High exp and lots of potions are earned here.


Level 60 ~ 85: Kiel Khayr's Academy and Yuno Field 11

yuno_fild08 and yuno_fild11

Grand Pecos and Goats. You can one-shot them with Throw Spirit Sphere. Nice exp and loots.


Level 61 ~ 85: Mt. Mjolnir 03 and 04

mjolnir_03 and mjolnir_04

Side Winders, Drillers and Mantises bounties are found in Prontera. Here you can loot lots of yellow and red gems. Be careful with mobs.


Level 70 ~ 85: Glast Heim St. Abbey


Evil Druids and Wraiths are your main target here. Some red gems and fabrics are the most common loot. With some luck, a bunch of Yggdrasil Leaves.


Level 80 ~ 95: Lighthalzen Field 03


Breezes are fast both on movement and attack while have low HP. Great place for Mental Strength. Sometimes you may be blessed with a Rough Wind.


Level 70 ~ 100

Low TI

No comments here since monsters change a lot. Pull with Snap or do it solo with Mental Strength and Ifrit Mask.

Do not forget the bounty boards when in specific TIs, such as Dead Priests and Harpies.


Level 95 ~ 110: Nogg Road F2


Big mobs and massive exp. The floor is constantly covered by the loots. You can solo here with Flash Combo, Tiger Cannon or Sky Blow, but not with Mental Strength.


Level 101 ~ 120: Juperos Ruins F1 and Juperos Core

juperos_01 / jupe_core

Expect heavy damage but a huge exp. The second map we found the MvP Vesper, but need a little quest to get access. Formless reduction equipment highly recommended.








This topic is for the not very experienced players who don’t know about this magical mechanic: the combos. Combo, in Ragnarok Online, is unique for Monks and evolutions. This mechanic is based on pressing the right button after a certain skill.

The very first skill of the combos is presented to us as the Raging Trifecta Blow. It’s similar to Thief’s Double Attack, but we “shout” the skill name. This skill is passive, so we’ll need a good ASPD for it to be effective. After the usage, the character will stop for a moment before returning to the normal attacks. This time window is when we need to press the key to Raging Quadruple Blow.

After Raging Quadruple Blow, if the user have at least one spirit sphere, we can move forward to Raging Thrust. It deals good damage at the cost of a single Spirit Sphere. After this, the last skill for Monks to use in a combo is the Guillotine Fist. If the user have at least 4 spirit spheres and it’s in a Fury state, G. Fist can be used. No cast time is needed when used this way.

This finishes the Monk combos, but Champions have another two skills for it: Glacier Fist and Chain Crush Combo.

Glacier Fist can only be used after Raging Thrust and have a chance to immobilizes the target. It needs one spirit sphere to be used. Chain Crush Combo can follow up the sequence. But the Champion combo isn't very common because they don't use it much (need to reset for the Sura regular build).

The last combo skill for Champions is Chain Crush Combo. It deals massive damage and needs two spirit spheres to be used. It can be used after two skills: Raging Thrust or Glacier Fist. When it finishes, the player is allowed to use G. Fist if they have at least one spirit sphere and Fury state.

The time window for you to hit the key of the combo has a formula: 1.3 - (AGI x 0.004) - (DEX x 0.002). This means: the greater your AGI and DEX, the shorter is the time to perform the combo. This formula also applies to the Sura combos, but in the most Sura builds, we don't use very high AGI.


The Sura combos are slightly different of Monk and Champ combos: they no need AGI at all. The first skill of the combo, Dragon Combo, is a single-target spell, not a passive. This allows more VIT-oriented builds.

Suras have three combo variations, each one have it’s usefulness:

Dragon Combo > Fallen Empire > Tiger Cannon

Dragon Combo > Fallen Empire > Gates of Hell

Dragon Combo > Sky Blow

The Tiger Cannon combo is good for WoE scenarios, where there are many players near each other.

Gates of Hell combo is meant for PvP, since it’s the highest damage on a single target.

And the Sky Blow combo is mainly used in PvM, but the damage difference isn’t very high, so many people skip that and use just Sky Blow.



About the author


Thank you all, lads! This is my very first complete guide of a class, plus, english isn’t my first language, so if you see any spelling mistakes here, please, tell me.

I play Sure since, well, some weeks and i needed a guide to Flash Combo build. I searched the forums, but found nothing, so I decided to do it myself and I’m pretty proud of the result. I’ll update it while I discover new tricks and tips.




Dreimdal’s Tiger Cannon Sura Guide





10/12/2015 - Guide creation

10/12/2015 - Several updates. Thanks ka10.

10/15/2015 - Added RoFL and Loli Ruri cards for autocast builds. Tanzanito request.


- - -


No mais, muito obrigado a comunidade brasileira. Força, Brasil!


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Posted 11 October 2015 - 11:16 PM

very nice; helpful to get players new to this class started


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Posted 12 October 2015 - 03:50 AM

Thank's for the feedback. I'll add your info soon.

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KVM fist does not grant instan casr gfist. Only it's cast time reduced.

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Is the auto-cast build not viable at 100+ then?


Shame as I think it looks quite fun!

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You should add the Quadrille[2] mace: http://www.divine-pr...024/quadrille-2

Its better than Carga and it has had added damage to undead, earth, and demi human monsters.

I think it's one of the best maces out there for mvp/pvm at max level.

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Can you add some more info to auto-cast card combos? I know there's some cards that even heal the user.

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you are welcome
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Posted 13 February 2016 - 12:36 AM

Thanks for the guide, It's really helped me after coming back after a few years. Thought I'm still having some trouble deciding were to go at Level 132. I've tried a few places but I can't seem to get into a solid rhythm. Using the Flash Combo build


STR 100


VIT 98

INT 80

DEX 80



Have a Double Malicious Carga Mace, Resistant Valkyrja Shield, Variant Shoes & Immune Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb + Phen Accessory.


I actually have a question regarding the Rideword Hat. Is it worth getting one from the cash shop if I can't get a +9 Rideword Hat?


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#11 4853121207141913140


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Posted 13 February 2016 - 01:26 AM

its cheaper to buy the alternative hat (Cursed Book[1]) and refine it to +7 to get at least a decent effect


at +9 rideword hat wins vs this item, but since there's currently no enriched, i think this is a better alternative.


its also a good idea to get the thanatos hammer[1] as suggested on the guide.

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#12 hotel


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Posted 13 February 2016 - 02:23 AM

If you still have your free reset/can afford to reset I'd suggest you reset to something like this:


Str 80-90

Agi 1

Vit 120

Int 1+

Dex 80+

Luk 1


This will let you wear the Temporal Vit Boots + Giant Faceworm Snake Skin combo, which will boost your hp and damage significantly. Int is virtually useless for leveling, since you will have leech gear and eventually RD + PA to solve all your sp issues. SP adds negligible damage to the Tiger Cannon formula and is really only useful for gfist, which is more of an endgame focus.


A rideword/cursed book hat, thanatos hammer and incubus pet will cut down hugely on the cost of consumables. Also make sure you're wearing an appropriate racial reduction card for whatever monster you're fighting. They're much better than a hodremlin card and they don't all have to be in valk shields.

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#13 Ashuckel


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Posted 13 February 2016 - 02:37 AM

If u are going for a Hodremlin shield, save yourself money and just get a platinum shield :)

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#14 Jerdomax


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Posted 13 February 2016 - 09:11 AM

Thanks. I have to say it was weird seeing Flash Combo after returning to the game. But I like the idea. You have a convenient way of dealing out damage (Flash Combo). While doing the combo manually does more damage. Or at least that's how it looks.

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#15 SOS101


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Posted 13 February 2016 - 03:18 PM


This is my flash combo build based on what you said, how does it look i get everything okay?

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#16 DarkOrinus


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Posted 15 February 2017 - 10:26 AM

Would like to ask if using Owl Baron Card is great for tanking? Like if you were able to lex the boss while gene is spamming acid bomb/cart cannon

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#17 Ashuckel


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Posted 15 February 2017 - 10:29 AM

Its not.
The proc chance is too low. And you might consume it yourself and not the gene.

Edited by Ashuckel, 15 February 2017 - 10:30 AM.

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#18 Schizzler


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Posted 24 February 2017 - 12:45 AM

Plus wouldn't it be hard to waste the Lex because it procs on melee? Like I mean wouldn't it be better for skill use on a Monk character...
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#19 jrabdo


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Posted 02 September 2017 - 08:50 AM

can you guys update this with the new accessories like keraunos and new ocp gears. I'm curious if it OCP gears changed the way it's built, including the skills being relocated. I used to have no skill points on lightning ride, now I'm thinking about getting it
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#20 MoyuZ777


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Posted 02 September 2017 - 09:31 AM

I heard that Lightning ride is like CartCannon for Genetic. That instantly got me interested in Sura. I overall like the class but don't like it does have ranged aoe.
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#21 jrabdo


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Posted 02 September 2017 - 09:46 AM

so u interest in resetting your build too right? I also want to reset my skills and stats but i dont wanna mess it up. I have genetic gears too and dr etran and vit boots on my sura.. but resetting it would mean should have 120 dex for menblatt faw and should i switch to dex boots?
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#22 naruto1989


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Posted 13 March 2018 - 08:52 PM

Can I have question if I'm going tu 120 Agi shura so can be good or not
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#23 Newbi001


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Posted 04 January 2019 - 05:42 PM

Is it somebody already discovery how to built a sura that able 1 hit ko/killed bio5 MVp? Any guideline for this?<w>
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