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[Guide] How to Move Substats

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#1 HoneyBunz


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Posted 30 October 2015 - 03:07 PM

Even tho this was added to the game over a year ago, the concept is still confusing especially for new or returning players. I hope this little guide helps clear things up. Everything is in reference to stats on gear only (weapons, armor, accessories etc)


First, some terms to get familiar with.

BASE STAT- These are always in bold blue text. Sometimes an item will have one base stat, sometimes two and sometimes no base stats. The base stats of an item can not be removed. In example A, the base stat is Max HP 30




SUBSTATS – These are in lighter blue text. They will be directly under the base stats of the item. Equipment drops will sometimes have hidden stats. To have the substats revealed, bring the item to a NPC that does appraising. In Junon, that NPC is [Gypsy Merchant] Bellia.

For a list of all of the NPC's that appraise, check here under Appraisal https://forums.warpp...bies/?p=2221278

There will often be substats on items that are crafted by an artisan.


In example B, there are two base stats, Accuracy 37 and Critical 22. There are also substats that are hidden under the red words Item Appraisal Required




ITEM GRADE – Every item in the game now has an item grade. The item grade does not reflect the type of item (hat, wing, etc) but it has a big effect on the ability to move substats. You will find the item grade under the durability and type of item and above any base stats or substats.

Here are examples of the different item grades.

Numeric can be from grade 1 – grade 9. This example is item grade 9






Item Mall







These red scrolls are available in the Valor Shop, the Item Mall, or from player's shops. You need one blank enchantment scroll for every substat that you want to move



When a substat is moved from an item to a Blank Enchantment Scroll, it turns the scroll into an Imbued Enchantment Scroll. You will sometimes find Imbued Scrolls for sale in player's shops.


There is one very important thing to remember. 


The substats must come from an item that has the same item grade as the item you want to put the substats on.


What that means is- if you want to put a substat on an event item, the substats must come from another event item. Same thing is true for a unique or an IM item. In the case of the numeric item grades, you can put substats from a grade 1 item onto a grade 9 item, but not the other way around.


So now finally the process to actually move the substats.


You need an item that has the substats you want (be sure it's the correct item grade). You also need a Blank Enchantment Scroll. I always move the item with the substats to the first space in my inventory and move other items out of the way. I also always change to the costume tab so I don't accidentally click on my accessories instead of the item.


1. Double click on the blank scroll in the consumables tab.

2. Move to the equipment tab and double click on the item with the substats. A message box will pop up, telling you that the item will be destroyed. Accept that and the item that had the substats disappears The substats are now on the imbued scroll in the consumables tab.

3. Double click on the imbued scroll in consumables

4. Move to the equipment tab and double click on the item you want the substats put on.

That's all there is to it.


If you are starting with an Imbued Enchanted Scroll that you bought from another player, you can just do steps 3 and 4. Please be extra careful when buying Imbued scrolls that you make sure the substats are from an item of the correct item grade for what you need.


If you have any questions, feel free to post here, pm me or poke me in-game on HoneyBuns

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#2 pdfisher


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Posted 31 October 2015 - 06:32 AM

What a wonderful idea! I do tend to get questions from noobies about this. +1 Honey!

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#3 DrunkinMonkey


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Posted 14 August 2016 - 02:35 PM

Thank you HoneyBunz this answers the question i have about getting stats onto the new exalted eq :D

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