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selling bunch of items!

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Posted 14 November 2015 - 02:32 AM


I've not played in a very long time, so I'm unsure on prices these days of items.

I have quite a messy invo, so I decided to just type the items out!

yeah sorry for the mess lol my invo items are just everywhere!!


moldie - mount 
sleeping cat white 
blue koala backpack
faceboo 'like' t-shirt
falling leaf wooden shoes
black santa gloves
oro's present
amazing carrot
monarch headband
black power suit gloves
green monarch butterfly clothes
shattered hope [15] ench aries stone, dura 100.
ikaness mech 
black cadet hat
vintage autumn gloves 
special ops goggles
sleeping cap pink
military backpack
vinage autumn set
star glasses - attackpower 50
sub stat -     attack power 30, crit 50
sleeping cap green
monarch headband 
green monarch butterfly clothes 
black cadet shoes
x3 premium box re-roll hammer
ashura mask 
stre 15
con 15 
attack power 30
critical 50
herban set
attack power [ 45 ]
critical [ 50 ] 
sub stat 
attack power -[ 30 ]
critical [ 50 ]
bow of talons x2
crit 44
attack power 75
substat - con 2
substat - stre 15 max hp 200
salvation [15]
beryl 7, dura 89.
typhoon set - attack speed 5.1%, mvmnt speed 50,
substat - dodgerate 75, mvmnt speed 50.
qpid's bow
reaper attack power 75, acc 89, substat, max hp 75
cute school suit set
gray kitten backpack
rat tail mustache 
moldie set / with BP
white ninja set
prisoner set 
devil set
red monarch butterfly shoes
white power suit shoes
pink ribbon x2
christmas cheer suit
riftboomer [15] S7, DURA100
white astarot wings [ mini ] 
white tuxedo shoes
noble koi wooden shoes
white formal wear
red knit cap x5
white angelic wing
cherry blossom glasses
blue knit cap x3
tradional black chinese outfit [13]
narwhal fins
eudy fairy wings [15]
green knitcap x2
black kitten backpack
doctor coat
narwhal head
angelic wingx2
headphones teal
purple flower x2 
sleeping cap black
gold seraph wing
sleeping cap blue
headphones purple
santa suit [red]
plain white T
pink santa sweater, hat, coat.
white magic school set
explorer rascal helmet
ushanka cap
green panda backpack
white kitten backpack
black cross shield
scented butterfly wing
black ribbon
pink seraph wings
little angelic wing
brown kitten backpack
krawfy mount
succubus wing hat
S7 x2
x2 neptune
x5 enchanted capricon stone
x1 cancer stone
if needed feel free to PM me, or I'm near saki account = tehee  
tyvm ;3

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Posted 19 January 2016 - 10:17 AM

Ill buy all the +15 send pm in my inbox
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