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Event Ideas #2

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#26 earthminion


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Posted 25 April 2017 - 02:23 AM

Event name : WANTED!!!


Type : PVE


Change the reward of the wanted quest that its reward isn't the card to gold or silver coin.


Reward : Gold , Silver coin or Event enchant scroll. 

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#27 emrezafrak


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Posted 28 June 2017 - 03:39 PM

daily dungeons&events&wars would be good.. for an example:


forgotten temple 12:00

lost island 15:00

castle siege war 20:00 etc.


when the time comes a join button appears on the top of the screen and all players (depends on lvl) can be able to use that button to join to these events in like 5-10mins


also you can add some features for afk players to get some prizes like fishing or mining so the game can be more crowded then before



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#28 cartouche


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Posted 26 July 2017 - 01:38 PM

Event Name : Invasion Hour


Event type : PVE


Purpose : motivating players to utilise under-used and already existing in-game content.


description : The monsters of dragon saga are tired, and want revenge. They all had a secret meeting, and decided to all meet together and hunt unassuming adventurers every Tuesday night in one of their lairs.


Event mechanics : In an effort to encourage players to run never-used dungeons, every specific day of the week, one single under-used dungeon gets boosted for a couple hours, once in the morning and once in the evening. That dungeon gets the expert dungeon mechanics applied, and upon completion players receive random loot among the summer event loot-tables (or random IM consumables with a very small drop chance). The Boss in that dungeon could also be replaced with a boss rarely seen for a nice change. This event would make players utilise ingame content which is rarely used (cemetery ? farrell ? wolf cavern ? spectre tower ? you name it), or even possibly an f5 mode of an arcade mode mission (expert vegas anyone?), and reward players accordingly with enticing loot. This would avoid having to generate new content as the loot-table items are already coded into the frame of the game. as well as the expert dungeon mechanics, all on already existing maps. It would also help populate the servers on days when they feel more empty.


I am not sure however whether there is a possibility to add such an event which would tick automatically every week, this would not be viable if it required a maintenance every time, but just an idea.

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#29 allerulz


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Posted 11 September 2017 - 07:05 AM

Event. Arcadia backback/wings. Let's you fly to arcadia instead of having to use the puff towers all the time. Must have completed the biome quests. It is too expensive to have to keep going there all the time to do hunter, monster, guild quests. There is no monster NPC there so you have to leave each day.


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#30 allerulz


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Posted 11 September 2017 - 07:10 AM

Bring back O/X quizzes. Not everyone likes to do those off-game side stuff. If it doesn't happen in the game itself, it's not really part of the game. Stick to IM items such as insurance scrolls for prizes. Please don't keep creating new items to take up more space. It is hard enough to have space to do all the things needed even with full expansion on character and vaults.

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#31 Kalipu


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Posted 10 January 2018 - 06:33 AM

Event name: Hunting season


Event type: PvE


Goal: Hunt as many rare mobs / hidden map bosses as possible.


Possible rewards: heirloom item drops of these mobs

Addition: There could be a ranking among the top players where 1st place can choose first among certain items for example.


Purpose: motivate players to explore all kind of maps; chance for new players (many came because other servers had closed) to get heirloom items without buying from high end players



- Lots of maps are completely unused these days (like swamp area).

- Rare mobs have once been special, but they don't drop anything useful anymore.

- Their drop got completely removed when ppl could farm it in F7 (like skeleton bandage).

- Hidden maps were important to gather devil's stones to make a chaos map shield and to buy scrolls - this feature has been removed and there is no chaos area map anymore.

- There are no hidden map boss drops anymore so there is no reason to go there.




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#32 Brian26


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Posted 17 January 2018 - 01:28 PM

Event Name: Freeze Tag


Event type: PVP


Goal: Freeze all players, or kill the person who is "it"


The person who is "it" has half cool down on all their skills and is not affected by any stuns/ freezes, and freezes other players every 5 hits. For the other player to unfreeze, their team mates have to hit them (lets say 50 times?) and they will unfreeze. Give it a time limit or possibly give the person who is "it" a whole ton of life, and game ends when "it" freezes everyone or they kill him. Not really an event idea, just a game mode idea haha. And this i think would actually put some of the other pvp maps to use.

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#33 zirothos


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Posted 22 January 2018 - 11:39 AM

Event Name:Metro City


-Event Type PvE


-Event Description: Enter the metro city and take it back from the Jojo Brother gangs.


Reward: the Medal : Defeat Gangs / Main Enemy of Jojo brothers / Hero of Metro City (you chose)


PS: It was an old event from 2013 maybe 2014 and it should still be somewhere in the Data base



Edited by Dragonlark, 22 January 2018 - 12:27 PM.

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#34 Dragonlark


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Posted 22 January 2018 - 12:29 PM

Thank you for the suggestion Zirothos, however please remember we do not allow any videos from illegal servers, or outside servers, on the forums. I have removed the video at this time. 

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#35 2829180421224205750


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Posted 21 May 2018 - 06:33 PM

Event Name: The Tower - Meeting friends


-Event Type: PvE

-Event time: Weekend

-Event time limit: 2 hours

-Event Description: Many dungeon bosses from beginning game to the end game have a meeting at a Tower to discussion how to destroys world of human-dragonkin.

You must go and prevent it. But unfortunately, they know human-dragonkin will attack them, so they prepared.


Bosses in Dungeons monsters now will wait for intruders at each floor in the Tower, with boosted DMG, HP


1 Floor have 1 boss, Highest floor is Elga.


Top of the tower is Paris with HUGE boost HP and DMG (Why Paris? Because I love her :Emo_15: , and I don't like a black dragon wait to meet me on a top of a tower, romantic broken :Emo_14: ) (If possible, plz make her as hard to defeat as possible   :Emo_15: )


Only party with 2~4 members (maybe more depend on how strong bosses 's boosted).

Party's member have only 1 time try to challenge the tower.

Party can go next floor after kill boss.

Each party's member have 1 time only, can revive by use "Feather" (only sell in IM shop). If whole party is defeated, event end with all members in party (as I said: "1 time try").



  • Defeated bosses will drop random (or from chest) but follow these type, and Silver coin/gada coin and heirloom items. As higher floor, as HUGE rewards. Ex: Ryvius will drop Ryvius's set part, and some silver coin/gada coin, heirloom, and trash  :Emo_13: 
  • Boss that have Hero/Expert mode in dungeon will drop only Hero/Expert rewards, and have a little higher chance to drop rare item (like lavalon's heart, paris's wing red/blue). Because bosses'll get HUGE boost that far stronger than same boss in Hero/Expert Mode
  • Party that defeat Paris on top of the tower will get Medal: "She is MINE" with useful options (Maybe same options with medal "Hero Wind Walker", but have 1 more useful option)
  • Party that meet but can NOT defeat Paris on top of the tower (mean get killed by Paris :Emo_13: ) will get Medal: "She ISN'T mine" with all useless options

P/s: Plz don't make difficult level depend on party lvl or something like that  :Emo_14: 

​Thanks for your time.

Edited by 2829180421224205750, 21 May 2018 - 06:34 PM.

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#36 Timymi


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Posted 10 June 2018 - 12:49 PM

Event Name: Star collector


Event Type:  PVE


Event Background:  The summer is come, and the star is feel hot and drop to the ground so that this will cause fire disaster. Then someone need the people to collect stars back and send stars to return sky.


Event rules: Defeat your level range monsters to get 5-angles stars and trade stars to npc.


There are 6 kinds of stars drop by monsters. 5-angle stars drop rate is twice as drop rate of silver coins. 6-angle stars drop is half as 5-angle stars and so on until to 10-angle stars.


Stars can be trade, cod. But if you trade stars to npc and get that box which is not allowed trade and cod, also, gain item from box is soul-bound.


Q: So which item should I get from box?

A: No level allowed POS Sets, but those are costume, need equip level is at least level 40. The sets do not have stats but have half set effect as true level 81 sets.


Q:How many stars should I trade for box?

A:For POS weapon is 300 5-angle stars, cape is 230 5-angle stars, others are 130 5-angle stars.


Q: But how about other stars? How can I do with 6-angle and 7-angle stars?

A:Trade for other things like star-force scrolls which can make no soul-force equipment been a soul-force one. 50 6-angle stars get green star-force scroll which can make equipment immediately turn green. 50 7-angle stars get blue scroll which can make equipment immediately turn blue. 50 8-angle stars get orange scroll which can make equipment immediately turn orange. 50 9-angle stars get purple scroll which can make equipment immediately turn purple. 50 10-angle stars get purple scroll which can make equipment immediately turn purple with the best 3 options of your choice.


Q: But how to get that 6-angle or 7 angle stars?

A:What? You do not look above? Farm monster get stars. Since that drop rate is so low. ( Because 10-angle stars drop is 1/16 as silver coins.) Therefore, the cash shop will sell those stars. 100IM for 100 5-angle stars. 500IM for 100 6-angle stars. 1200IM for 100 7-angles stars. 2500IM for 100 8-angle stars...But all the price only advice.


Q: Finally, which is my level range monsters?

A: If you are level 50, from level 45 to 55 is your level range.


Q: Where should I trade stars?

A: At main city of game, the vending machine.


Q: Is there any specific set effect of each set?

A: Again... You do not even look above right? Half of true level 81 of POS sets.


Q: How to deal with useless equipments?

A: You can disassemble those and get x% of trade amount. For example, trade weapon is used 300 5-angle stars. But if you do not need that, you can disassemble that and gain back 30 5-angle stars. Therefore, the x% for weapon is 10%, for cape is 8%, for others is 5%.


Q: What is event POS set look like?

A: Like true form of the real one.


Q: Hope this event come at August.

A: Yea, that is real season of stars can cause fire disaster. LOL :ok:




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#37 Yadin2


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Posted 12 June 2018 - 01:27 PM

not a NEW event idea but its been a while since we got an SP event, could be good chance now that there are many end game players that are still trying to finish their chars. thanks :D!!

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