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Class Balance Feedback

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#1 Idun


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Posted 07 January 2016 - 04:17 PM

Class Balance Feedback


To access the current Class Feedback board for Monk: Click Here

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Welcome to the Monk class balance feedback thread! The purpose of this thread is to collect information about the skills, stats, and specific features of this class that might need improvement for the sake of balance between classes.
In this thread you may:
Make suggestions for class balance.
Comment on existing topics of class balance.
To make a new suggestion for class balance, please use the following format:


Please keep all feedback civil, and do not comment on this forum unless you are reporting a balance idea or providing feedback for an existing topic.

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#2 Ariosto


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Posted 13 April 2016 - 06:41 PM

All the cool-downs times, all the damages, put two knuckles instead of one hand, a good AoE skill... I mean he is not the best tank, not the best damage, doesn't has a good buff for party, doesn't has a great critic as well as the threat is low than other classes. What is he? I saw like 4 or 5 monks in the whole game, that is not enoght for the size of the game.

He was supposed to be a tank but all the other tanks are better, all the other damages too. So just make it more compatible with the other classes. Even the combos are a joke. We can play good with it in PvP or PvE. So? I really love the class, used to play with it in RO1, but it is a joke to play in RO2. Some people don't even invite you for parties. So guys and gals just make it better to play with.


Thanks for listening or reading

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#3 Ariosto


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Posted 13 April 2016 - 06:53 PM

Just to add something, I think the defense and critic  of the gears and weapons are too low. And what I meant with the two knuckles one and not one hand was that nobody fights with just one hand, right?


Sorry about the format didn't see the suggestion.

Edited by Ariosto, 13 April 2016 - 08:31 PM.

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#4 freakygin


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Posted 23 May 2016 - 06:54 PM

Topic Title
Monk need to get better
There are currently 3 tank classes,
Knights are very versatile, Good defense with great DPS capability. Free to spam AoE
BeastMaster with their amazing max HP. Also free to spam AoE
And there's Monk, Strong defense, but.... Pretty much everything is on cooldown
compared to Brutal Strike / Shield Canon + Shield Bash, Monk's skill took forever
Yes, we can do it twice.. But after that, we're pretty much useless.
Steps to Reproduce:
Monk lameness are really easy to reproduce
- Lower or Remove Lightning Crush cooldown
- Lower Guillotine Fist cooldown, this skill needs to be more PvE friendly
  Maybe Lower the damage % to compensate?
- No need to raise Monk base damage, they're a tanking class.
  Maybe raise Heavy tackle damage (If Guillotine Fist are considered fine as it is now)
- Internal Would from Heavy Tackle need better % chance.
I often play my monk doing DWU daily quest. And boy, do i feel sorry for myself..
Monster #1
Throw Spirit Sphere - Lightning Walk - Raging Blow
Fury Explosion - Guillotine Fist - Summon Spirit Sphere
Back up few steps - Lightning Walk - Guillotine Fist
Raging Blow & Heavy Tackle till the monster is dead
OK, next monster...
Monster #2
Throw spirit sphere - Lightning walk - Raging Blow & Heavy Tackle till the monster is dead.
(Everything still on cooldown)
Monster #3
Throw Spirit Sphere - Lightning Walk - Raging Blow
Fury Explosion - Guillotine Fist - Nope, summon spirit sphere still on cooldown
Raging Blow & Heavy Tackle till the monster is dead.
This.. Is pathetic...
Some might say, Monk are already doing great in PvP, these changes would make them OP
Nope, in colosseum, even a Thief can do well.
I'll even settle for weaker Guillotine Fist (In exchange for lower cooldown)

Edited by freakygin, 23 May 2016 - 10:39 PM.

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#5 Lexarte


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Posted 30 December 2017 - 05:05 AM

Topic Title
[Monk] Skill and Class balance

- Tweak: This is a suggested change to improve a skill or stat

This class had great balance for Ro2 Legend of the Second version of game. But with the last updates, skills need to be rebuild. 

If monks goes full vigor, cooldown of skills is still awesome compare to other classes? Skill Protection Ki has basic 120 seconds cooldown compare to Assassin skill shadow armor - 40 seconds. Who is more tank class?

Second problem is iron Skin skill. Defence doesn`t defence. Hello Jawaii. You can try it by yourself



Decrease cooldown of Protection ki and Evasion.

Iron Skin skill  -   3-5% damage reduction per skill point, Is it tank or not?

Second weapon for a monk class, like Bible, Shield, Doll, Quiver.

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#6 Aohisa


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Posted 06 December 2018 - 06:46 PM

Topic Title
Monk's Skills and Buffs


Although the defense seems good, If you compare it to knight, monk is still lame as a tank. monk can't keep multiple enemies away from other ppl, no aoe provoke, and the aoe skill has 3s cd. if you compare it to warrior as an offtank/dps, monk is not good either. warrior can aoe provoke, can hit multiple enemies with 4 skills (3 for knight), can buff others. monk has no party buff at all. Warrior's aoe has 0s cooldown (Brandish Storm). Monk's aoe is 3s cd or less. That's the same as SWORDSMAN's and THIEF's aoe.

Monk used to have another aoe which was Heavy Tackle. it could hit 3 enemies in total. it's similar to warrior's rage strike. but it was removed after the balance update. why tho? If warrior's Rage Strike is an aoe, then why can't monk's Heavy tackle or Guillotine Fist be the same? this class needs a 0s cooldown aoe skill to compesate the lack of aoe provoke.


1. Make Evasion a party buff.


2. Give back Heavy Tackle's aoe with the same damage. or just make a new aoe skill similar to warrior's brandish strom or knight's grand cross with 0s cooldown.


3. Make Lightning Crush deal more than 3 enemies since the beginning. 3s cooldown is fine if monk has another aoe skill.


4. If no.3 won't work, make Lightning Crush into a similar skill to grimtooth which deals damage to 10 enemies and recover some hp. and then make Heavy Tackle's aoe deals 6-10 enemies instead of 3.

Edited by Aohisa, 10 December 2018 - 08:20 AM.

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