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Battle Grounds idea

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Posted 15 January 2016 - 02:55 AM

Well, there has been talks about how there should be a more pvp based Battle grounds map, sort of like kvm used to be. 

Another problem I have seen talked about is the lack of ability to get elemental armor slotted. 

Finally, we do need a place to practice WoE tactics or damage with WoE reductions on because its a major thing for the server and many guilds woudl like to practice in a WoE environment outside of WoE.


I think we should have a emp room sized room, with the same reduction as WoE. 

One team, spawns to attack a "emperium/food storage" and other to defend, if all offensive team members are dead, defensive team wins. This should not take so long to wipe a group of 5 to 10 member team. Offensive team wins if Emperium is broken.


Then the team reverses so offense goes defense, and defense goes to offense. 


Scoring:if draw everyone gets 6 or vip 10  (new type of medal, or hugel medal)


winning both round = 10 or vip 12 medals

losing both rounds =3 or vip 5 medal. 


Everyone hates waiting, so maybe a Queue system may be set up that opens a Quest to join battle, and gets completed with a certain amount of people joining the quest, so a person may go out and hunt or gather and come back when its time.


Thus u can get 1000 medals (adjustable to increase or decrease rarity) in a few weeks by actually fighting people, because voerall hugel's monster races and bingo goes against the gameplay of ragnarok overall. with the main features is killing monsters, fighting other characters, and collecting items, this feeds towards fighting others and collecting items, using acutal ragnarok gameplay. 

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