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Metal Assault Zombie Guide(Co-op Mode)

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Posted 04 March 2016 - 01:16 PM

Quick Guide Video

Zombie Guide for Metal Assault






Written Version:

Recommendation: Maps For grinding Boxes --> Best Dolor Valley [H], Outfoxed(H), Outfoxed II(H) (10 Players minimum recommended)

Weapons: Tier 1- Rocket Launcher/Grenades[Highest Damage and most effective for Zombie Grouping] Tier-2 Rifle[Good for Early Rounds and Easy Mode] Tier 3- Shotgun/Sniper/Pistol Not really effective in Hard but can be useful if you run out of Ammo and want to help

Titles: Anything that gives + for Co-op

Armor: Mostly Purple Gear (Full Sets) Ex: Red Zombie Set, Fast Zombie Set, Fatso Zombie Set, Elite Vehicle Set etc


Accessories: Any Purple accessory that offers Speed, MP, sp, and def %+.


Machines: The machines offered in the zombie maps (Dolor Valley) are useful in early levels. Robot[Effective for early rounds and mobility] Helicopter[Good for Early Rounds, Not Dieing, and can Carry multiple people] Launcher(Machine at bottom of Map on Dolor Valley)[Effective Majority of the rounds offers high damage but requires precise aim and timing for constant group kills]


Items Gained: Zombie Box- Zombie Sets Elite Vehicle Set Box-Elite Vehicle Gear  etc.


Build Paths: Damage- Rifle/Rocket Launcher building path in Co-op(Zombies) Invest your points into rapid fire and Damage(Rifle) or All Damage if your going Rocket Launcher

SSP- Invest points into SSP (Carpet Bombing) When your bar hits level 3 save points to get it back after use.

Tank- Invest points into Defense  and possibly Some Damage

Speed Fun?- All speed gotta go fast  :P

Advice: Keep hand grenades on you for maps like Outfoxed and the other maps that there are they are extremely useful. Save your purple items for full sets and they look cool. Pick accessories with MP SP endurance  and [DEFENSE] if it doesn't have %+ defense its not useful.





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