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Need some serious advice.

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#1 DelivasSantoro


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Posted 13 March 2016 - 08:08 AM

As I'm typing this my head is spinning from all the information that's been pumped into it from the endless amounts of guides and forum topics I've read, and yet I still have yet to understand what stats I should go with on my warrior for strictly dps. Right now I'm sitting at 45STR, 15AGI, and 15VIT. I'm not too sure if that's the best way to go for dps since my expertise comes from playing an assassin on RO1 haha. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks! :D

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#2 Emilizzard


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Posted 24 March 2016 - 06:26 PM

First, you'll want to put 2 points in the Skill "Battle Tactics". It's the third skill down on the left side.

Second, put all your stat points into INT.


Why? With 2 points in Battle Tactics, each point of INT you have increases the damage your crits do. I know, it doesn't make much sense, but that's the way it is.


You can also invest in STR for your base damage, and AGI for increased crit rate (how often you land a crit), but most of your damage will come from Battle Tactics + INT. You may also want to consider Aura Blade vs Aura Armor - the first is DPS skill, but using Aura Armor gives you more HP and doesn't take off much DPS. Just be aware that Aura Armor also gives you increased threat, so you're more likely to be targeted when in a group.


As an additional note, just be aware that WP just acquired the development of RO2, and this is a major balance concern, so it's probably going to change at some point.


Good luck!

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