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[Feedback] Keep the game from dying

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Posted 02 May 2016 - 03:39 AM

I am worried about the game cause im seeing the game slowly die an amazing game like this doesnt deserve that so i was hoping if you guys could do something to keep the game alive. The biggest reason the game died imo was the really bad steam launch the game wasnt ready for steam it was crashing, servers were crappy at that time and the game wasnt beginner friendly at all i do have 2 say that the MA community played a role in the game dying 2 with all the laggers, noobs getting kicked from coop rooms, noobs getting rekt in pvp and flamethrower spam on all the poor noobs(item mall was updated 2 soon) so new players had no reason 2 stay with so many other games out there 2 play even if it was me i wouldve went meh and quit but its because i know how good this game is that im still playing. I know you guys put hard work into bringing the game back and i appreciate that and thank you but the game isnt gonna survive long at this rate i dont see any new players joining the game when its in a better state now cause the damage has been done it got so many unnecessary negative reviews and i know that if i look for a new game 2 play and i see alot of negative reviews i skip it cause there's so much more 2 play. Anyways my point is do something maybe get a popular streamer 2 play it and give him good gear and a high lvl character so people can see what it can be or idk im just worried about the game thats why im complaining. Oh and btw tomorrow the eu version launches and your gonna lose more players so the game will die even more.





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