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A way to reduce repair cost when co-op alot

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Posted 09 May 2016 - 08:18 PM

As you know, co-op mode is hard sometimes,
You kinda die alot there and your stuff gets rekt and then you have to pay more than your gaining
So, There are probably people already that thought about that, But I'll say it here for those who didn't come
up with it yet, basically you just take off your gear except your weapons
Cause you need the weapons of course, you do need cloths but not really at co-op
It really takes price of repair cost alot, I'll give you an example
I've been doing co-op mode alot and I used to pay so many on the repair, that I didn't had a chance
To get benefits for the farming and money I get from completing the co-op mode
But when I came up with this, I tried it, and it really worked, had 10k end up with 25k which could go up on repairing stufff every sec, Now the most highest repair cost I had is, around 90-300 coins
So yea that's really worth trying, I don't really think that cloths helps you at co-op
Even if it gives you defense and give you more hp and sp and stuff, Still you die fast and it doesn't worth the repair cost. So that's it guys, I hope it'll help newbis or even veteran players who didn't came up with this.
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