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Posted 15 May 2016 - 12:11 AM

Hello all,


now before i go on with my thread, let me make a little disclaimer. i'm not complaining, i'm asking. lets begin.


so, i get we were left without a GM but now we have a new one (well, that's the rumor anyway) and i get that it takes time for the new one to get set up and start business as usual. the poor guy/girl probably has a mountain of stuff to go through. but my question here is, why are hackers not being banned? shortage of staff? no banning system from in game? simply no one knows and no one cares? as a long time player of MA and big fan of the game i think it's insulting for dedicated players who actually try to play legit, build company communication systems and also play their butts off, to come into game and see a new number 1 spot being taken by well, an unknown company/person that literally popped up over night. I mean i know it's just a bragging right in a game but the top 2 companies valor and alternative cb more then maybe 150+ times to get the points they got, and then i see this asian company only play 55 games and have number 1 spot? i mean 53-2 is definitely an achievable score for an experienced and well dedicated new company, shoot i'm pretty sure top 3 companies probably had equal to if not better score than that. but how do u get most games played star like that? how do u get 43k points off of 55 games?


 new point system with update that happened last week that maybe forgot to be mentioned?


don't know. but personally it bothers me. i can only speak for myself so warportal don't think everyone thinks like i do and also i'm pretty sure you're well aware of this issue since i'm pretty sure you've gotten hundreds of comments on it, and it probably attributes to some of the server lag (the glitchers/hackers), but, what's the plan? how can the community help u guys? i mean besides reporting.

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Posted 15 May 2016 - 12:43 PM

Just to clarify, it's not really hacking, it's more like the asain company is exploiting the lack of structure the game has on company battles. I'll provide some screenshots later but basically what happens is they create a brand new company to afk during the company battles so pretty much they get free kills. If you are wondering why their k.d.a is so crazy, it is because they ususally only get kills and no death in their company battles (well afk people can't really kill you...). The reason their points is so high is that they usually rack up about 100 kills in a match (from killing afks) and thus increase their points a ton. As much as I despise this 'boosting' method to get ranks, I actually rather put the hate on the developers for not introducing a system where you can only battle companies with ranks similar rather then against newly created ones.

So summed up, they are not really good at pvp, neither are they hackers, they just have a lot of time on their hands (and computers) to kill afks.
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Posted 15 May 2016 - 03:36 PM

I edited the first post to remove the link because calling out other players is not allowed at the forum.


Please make a ticket regarding this issue. Use "bug report" as the ticket department. Whether or not there is a hack involved too, the bug still needs to be addressed and corrected.  Include that picture and any others that you feel are pertinent. Here is the link to create a ticket https://support.warp...in/Default.aspx  You should also make a support account so you can view and reply to the ticket online. Click on "register" on that same page to make a support account.


Since this will not be resolved here at the forum, I am closing this thread. Feel free to pm me if you have any questions.

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