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Dungeon Change Suggestion.

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Posted 16 June 2016 - 12:42 PM

This suggestion will benefit many players, those who want to make Zulies and those who want to level and it will especially make new players feel welcome.


The suggestion;


Changing the dungeons so that you have to clear an entire zone before moving on I believe would improve the game play and feel of dungeons, dungeons are meant to feel like an accomplishment, not something that a 230 can clear in 5 minutes flat even though that is everyone's choice of going through the dungeon.


Lets take Cave of Ulverick the most favourable dungeon;


Spawning zone; Clear all enemies before you can get to first boss

First boss; Clear all enemies and soss before you can get to second zone

Second zone; Clear all enemies in second zone before being able to kill second boss

Second Boss; Clear all enemies and boss before you can get to the third zone

Third zone; Clear all enemies in third zone before being able to kill Ulverick

Kill Ulverick



Now the people who like to speed run with 230s.


This shouldn't affect your speed running at all, for example; Let's say the average time of speed running with three 230s is 8 minutes, having to clear the zones before being able to move on will most likely only add 4 minutes due to how quick monster can die (3-6 hits).


Benefits of this change.


1. Zulies; Most of you have a lot better ways of making Zulies but to those who are new and struggling for money will benefit off the drops essences etc.

2. Experience; Although this doesn't benefit maxed level characters, it will certainly benefit those trying to get the highest they can in-game since being max level is an accomplishment itself. I would like to add that there is a lot of new players joining recently and their time will be rough when it comes to 200+ so this should ease on them a little.

3. Team play; There isn't much team play in dungeons as it goes by so quick like Santa coming to drop off your presents then Christmas is over, so making these changes gives people the chance to experience and enjoy the dungeon.

4. Grouping; I'm not sure if this will add as a benefit but let's say you had a good clearing run, you liked the people you are with so you decide to message them and ask if they would like to group. Now you could have a permanent grouping squad.


The only downside I can think of is those who simply want to kill bosses and move on into the next queue.

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