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Fate (Arua Vs Hebarn)

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Posted 18 June 2016 - 12:50 AM

I would like to propose a WEEKLY ACTIVITY on PVP Battle which the players become Active/Online in the same DAY and TIME



-A Union War between Arua Fate and Hebarn Fate which is a Game Battle of a Planetary fight.





The God of Arua and Hebarn has Agreement of a Battle about the UNIVERSE and Each planet; Junon, Luna, Eldeon and Orlo. It has a Game Battle whose GOD will become parenting of that Planet.


The REPRESENTATIVE of both sides is their FATE disciples and will become the decision making who will be the parent of that PLANET.


They message Pharaoh Queen ALANA to conduct a Game Battle, she will confront a Leaders of VASSALS and SERVANTS of GODS and they tell to the FATE disciples







•The time of the fight, they will formed of CIRCLE to open a PORTAL where the passage through the GAME ARENA

•Preparing an Hour for opening the Portal and it will GLOW when it ready (on orlo has a circle on the ground)


Instead of clicking on GAME ARENA ( Alt+G) it must be good to see all participants will waiting until the Game ready






•The Legendary behind, they believe the stone came from the slacks of Gods Armor will fall in Land of Orlo after the war

•The Entire disciples have been own Faith





•they will transform into one of their SERVANTs and VASSALs (LOCATED AT OBLVION TEMPLE B1)

•Through the Power of Stone they will create a Armor of it 






•Arua Armor will have a color BLUISH WHITE and;

•Hebarn Armor will have a color REDISH BLACK

•it has a simple designed which is represents their JOB and FATE (The battle master NPC it has a nice costume designed)





The Fate requirement is level 180 above, that level has no ability to join battle because of a Big Gap by level and Gear.

(The wants of JOIN but was not of Joy)



•Lessen the Gap

•Encourage them and be the big part of the game

•By distributing of a CAPE and GEAR (Likely to HONOR)



• Higher than 220 stats

• Armor Refine will be FIXED ( Base stats on +15) Refining lvl influence the glow of Armor (Jupeterune)

•Gem slotted or Substats Slotted (Event)

•PVP Offense +35% and Resistance +35% of the total (Head, Body, Gloves, Boots, and Cape) is PVP Offense +7% and Resistance +7% Each

•PVM Offense +30% and Resistance +30% (Head, Body, Gloves, Boots, and Cape) is PVM Offense +6% and Resistance +6%


Additional Details

•PVP Offense and Resistance will be adjusted by Diabled Clan Passives

•PVM Offense and Resistance will be Adjusted by Futuristics Ideas about Crystals can Attack


My Perception:

The Interesting about the Fate Armor is how will COMPETE the Players; Pro vs Un-Pro and High Level vs Low Level. The Armor will become Equal; how they will play with superiority and how will compete the lowbie to high level.

Difference- Skill amount and Stats Amount


THE FATE BATTLE will disabled the;

•Clan Passives

•Premium Points Rewards

•Honor Points Rewards

•Costumes Tab except Masks/Glass





• Overall Score the TOP Received it


-Arua/Hebarn Blessing (4PCS)

-Fairy Box (2 PCS) (Account Lock)

(by the Aruas Fairy in Adventure Plain will help to open the box and receive a Fairy Dust to permission to call a Fairy)


TOKEN COIN (account lock)

•All Partcipants will received it converted by Battle Master

-For the winning team Contain 500 Honor

-For the Lose team Contain 100 Honor


FATE ARMOR (account locked) ( Expiry Date 5Days)

•Top Three of Arua and Hebarn Team will Received


Costumes Bonuses:

Cleric ( +Int, Def % and Mdef %)

Mage ( +Int, Attk Pw % and Accu %)

Scout ( +Dex, Accu % and Dodge %)

Raider (+Dex, Crit % and Dodge %)

Champ ( +Str, Def % and Attk Pw %)

Knight (+ Str, Def % and Attk PW %)

Bourg (+Con, Attk Pw % and Accu %)

Arti ( +Con, Attk Pw and Accu %)


Faith Blessing


The Faith won on that Planet

-Extra Drop Rate Chances %

-a PVM offense +3% and Resistance +3%


-The disciples has a Arua/Hebarns Bless in a Certain Planet

The experience gain +%

The PVM Offense +3% and Ressistance +3%

(The Arua/Hebarn Blessing will available to Un-Faith and Faith'd Lose)


The Faith Lose on that planet

-will Minus the PVM offense and resistance by 3%




The Dungeon:

The Sea of Dawn is on Luna

The Halls of Oblivion is on Orlo

The Sikuku Catacombs is on Ruins

The Cave of Ulverick is on Junon


About Un-Fate

The Un-Faith will not influence the negative edfect of the Faith changes




The Game Play

It has a game battle of each planet; Junon, Luna, Eldeon, and Orlo. The Portal made by of the servants and vassals is responsible to teleport the participants on the Game Arena and when the games will end the entire participants will respawn on the city where games did. The estimated team balance is 80vs80.


Day One

Planet of Luna the First Game

Planet of Eldeon the Second Game

Day Two

Planet of Junon the Third Game

Planet of Orlo the Fourth game


(the many players online is Friday and Saturday night philippine time)




Respawn Area team



The Portal

-it has ability to teleport the team by planetary Crystals


The Fire of God

 -It will give a Blessing to the Servant/Vassals of God

-Which is has ability to give BUFFS


Boosted Buffs


The Charmed Stated Buffs of Each Class

-MVSPD, ATK SPD, ATK PW, ADD DMG, and All stats


The Mains Stats are Exceptional (STR, DEX, INT, CON, and SEN)

-It is given by the different classes


The ideas of Flames

By the Guidance of God, the flames will summoned for their disciples to give them a Blessing and Power to continue the Fight


The Perception of Buffs

-The thinking of the Game will be Maximum amount of 80vs80 PPL on the play

-In instances of the target lock of a Seven People against one person it has a mini-second for that character

-The Defensive buffs will be boosted to maximize the lifespan of the character



Kinds of Crystals


The Arua/Hebarn Crystals

-The main crystals of Fate


The Arua/Hebarn Crystals Defender

-It has ability to Heal of Area effect per seconds (30 HP and 40 mp)

-It has a Two Guardian



-It has ability to Attack and Skills of Aoe damage


The Spirit Crystals (Junon, Luna, Eldeon, Orlo)

-It has ability to Skill of AOE's De-Buffs (Crit down % and Mvs down % )

It has Four Guardian




-It has ability to Attack and Skills of Aoe damage


The Planetary Crystals

-It is Teleported respawn by portal

-It has two Guardian



-It has ability to Attack and Skills of Aoe damage


Addtional Information

  • When the crystals and guardian are destroyed it will automatically build-up and become team crystals of whom defeat it. (planetary crystals and spirit crystals)
  • the crystals are invulnerable for attacking when the guardian already stands
  • the spirit crystals two guardian will defeat it will become vulnerable
  • the crystals build-up is 30 seconds and the guardian is 1minutes



Mechanics of the Game


-and destroy the Arua/Hebarn Crystals


The main goals of both sides is to destroy the Arua/Hebarn Crystals


The game is estimated by 45mins,


the map is wide by the portal teleported in planetary crystals it will make the run-shortest 


The team has a barier which is the enemy can't do to go inside


when the Arua/hebarn crystals defender were fall the sides of barier will down


when fail the team destroy of arua/hebarn crystals is make decision by how many crystals they invade

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