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GvG Tournament

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Posted 12 July 2016 - 03:05 PM

I posted by mistake in Renewall suggestions, but my main plan is have something like this in Classic.
This idea came from bRO (Brasil Ragnarok Online) and was a success. I'll post here how it worked translating the rules and how it run so well in bRO.


About Tournament:


In Level Up Games official website we had this table:

Containing: Position          Guild Name          Guild Leader            Points                                        Counting Start            Last Update 


The Clans Ranking determines the best clans on each server in a period of 3 months. Points are given by Economy values ​​and the castles held by each clan by the end of the War Period. The Ranking is updated at 23:45 after each WoE. The score follows the following standard:
- End the war with a castle = 50 points for each castle
- Ending the war with the same castle that started the period = 70 points for each castle
- Reaching Economy 50 within 3 months ranking (point granted only once) = 200 points for each castle
- Reaching Economics 100 in the three months ranking (point granted only once) = 400 points for each castle
--> If a clan already started the competition with the economy 50 or 100, the points will be given immediately. In case of a tie, the following tiebreakers will be applied:
-Total number of castles conquered during the 3 months.
-If there is still a tie, they will receive different classification according to the clan level (the lowest level of clan will have the highest rating).


-If again there is a tie, the criterion will be the average level of the clan members (the higher, the higher the ranking).
Divulgation and Rewards:
Level Up Games announced this tournament in all official medias, 2 months before it starts, recalling old guilds and players to back to bRO using banners, sending e-mails to old Gleaders, heavily promoting this event.
As Rewards:
The first place won 10x "+9 Guild Name Mystic Goat" + 1b. 
      -Gleader receive all items and distributes/sell to the players according to the interests of the guild.
      -Mystic goat is like Gigantic Majestic Goat, but instead of give 12% damage to humans, it reduces 12% damage from humans.
2nd place: 10x "+7 Guild Name Mystic Goat" +500m.
3rd place: 10x "+5 Guild Name Mystic Goat" +250m.
4 and 5th place: 5x "+4 Guild Name Mystic Goat"
Since WP had the amazing idea to prohibe godlies and MvP/GR/DR cards from WoEs (even if it was only for a month), a "balanced" Tournament could bring back lots of old guilds (and new ones too if WP puts 2~3x XP event before this tournament). Rewards should be different too, in 2008 Mystic Goat was the best helmet, WP can use another good items as reward.
I'll list some problems that angered players:
1st and most annoying problem - Intense lag and DCs inside castles (Bad servers just made some alliances break, because strike some castles with 2~3 guilds at the same time was impossible).
2nd - Bug exploits, like recalling inside 2.0 clastle 2s before WoE, so players could hold the RO Window until the war period starts and spawn near Emperium.
3rd - Corruption from GMs, in bRO we have the sad, but true legend of a +10 clip with Maya Purple.
4th - Cheats like no-delay, AHK, WPE and others.
If Level Up Games (A publisher that everyone hates, with a dirty name in Brazil) could bring back RO new/old guilds and players with this tournament, WP that is a little better (just kidding, its much muuuuuch better), can do a wonderful event that bring back RO to good days with a lot of fun.

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