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[Leveling] Global help and advice

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Posted 25 August 2016 - 09:24 PM

Hi all,


do you think that making daily quests and khara give more XP than joining a party and killing mobs (w/ correct lvl)?

I can play the game for 4-5 hours a day, and I'm currently ML Priest 6 (around 800 Mastery Points left).

If I'm not mistaken, my skill tree is the following: http://roguard.net/t...1500005300a000/

Gear: drops from Sand Scorpions, Dark Sandman, ... (ML 1 ascetic lvl)


I noticed some numbers:

  • Currently the best for me is farming Condors. Condor killing in a party of 4 members give around 4 points --> Kill 25 condors for 100 MP.
  • Quests reward points go from 20 to 300 MP (w/ some at 200 or 100), including the MP given from the mobs to kill for the quest.



  • Pros
    • Does not depend on other members (the more the best)
    • Quite big rewards regarding mob killing
  • Cons
    • Slower than killing condors
    • Once the daily quests are done, nothing left (or dungeons quests)

Mob killing party

  • Pros
    • Fast
    • No need to go from place to place
  • Cons
    • Need party

What about you? What did you do when you were ML 6? (not now you're ML 30 or higher^^)



Bonus question: why isn't there any flying transportation service in Dayr Desert?



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