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January Maint and Item Mall

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Posted 04 January 2017 - 09:27 AM

Happy New Year everyone! Let's make 2017 the best year yet!
Our team is tirelessly working to train new staff and get more support in game. We are working with the developers to help address issues and appreciate you reporting problems when you find them. We are reviewing new items, new maps, new missions and a host of other features to potentially bring to Metal Assault! As always, we appreciate any feedback you can give us.






So much colour! Check out our new RAINBOW LUCKY BOX which includes chances to get the following items.



  • 20 Gold Tokens
  • Golden Modification Box
  • 10 Weapon Paint Card(Yellow)
  • 10 Weapon Paint Card(Green)
  • 10 Weapon Paint Card(Blue)
  • 10 Weapon Paint Card(Purple)
  • 10 Weapon Paint Card(Pink)
  • 10 Weapon Paint Card(Red)


  • DEDT Desert Camouflage Armor RandomBox
  • D-TX Trooper Armor RandomBox
  • SG Sniper Armor RandomBox
  • Red Zombie Armor RandomBox


  • Bareknuckle Blackbelt Set (Permanent)
  • Navy Set (Permanent)


  • M13 Lightning(White)
  • Savior(White)


Retiring Items

These items are now gone! Get them next time around!

  • Hug-a-bear Bundle(15D)
  • Operator Bundle(15D)
  • Prestigious Academy Bundle (15D)
  • Wings of Seraph
  • Red Weapon Paint Card
  • Green Weapon Paint Card
  • Blue Weapon Paint Card


New Items

Let's see some colours out there. Get these items while you can!

  • (Black)Ranger Set(15-day)

  • (Blue)Ranger Set(15-day)

  • (Green)Ranger Set(15-day)

  • (Pink)Ranger Set(15-day)

  • (Red)Ranger Set(15-day)

  • (Yellow)Ranger Set(15-day)



Take a look at these awesome events going on until the end of the month!

  • EXP RUSH! 25% increased EXP every Saturday and Sunday all month long!

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